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  1. mistic192


    That's too bad man, it looked really promising! I would have loved to have seen more of it!
  2. mistic192

    Redcoat on Vacations

    See? Redcoats are just a bunch of lazy b*st*rds! Bluecoats Forever! no, just kidding! Awesome build man! The waves and beach are very nicely done and look surprisingly natural, would be nice to put something like that one my desk at work :-)
  3. Wow man, that is one EPIC movie, very nicely done! I love the buildquality and how you did the various different scalings for different shots! Also some very nice videoediting and "camerawork" involved clearly! Thorougly enjoyed that!
  4. mistic192

    2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    I was lucky enought to get 2 lego-sets fromm my brother that are from the orignal Western-series, so I'm really glad that I'm getting a chance to add to that a little :-)
  5. mistic192

    "Goeiendag" ( Hello ) from Flanders!

    First of all, those are some EPIC buildings on your flickr, am I right that I saw them at FanWelt or am I mistaking them for another builder? Thanks for the welcome!
  6. mistic192

    "Goeiendag" ( Hello ) from Flanders!

    If I can make it, there's a good possibility I'll join them :-) I'm sure Strikeman will keep up to date regardless :-)
  7. mistic192

    "Goeiendag" ( Hello ) from Flanders!

    Yeah, THANKS A LOT! ( REALLY! ) :-D
  8. mistic192

    "Goeiendag" ( Hello ) from Flanders!

    Thanks! We host several 3-day-gaming events there each year, feel free to drop by ( follow @TehLair on twitter to stay up to date about the events hosted there ). The cat's name is Sonic, it was my cat at College, so he's about 10 years old now. He lives near "Teh Lair" and stays over the full 3 days everytime we host a EuroNARP :-) yeah, 3 days of sorting, washing and drying... I want to go back in time to kick my younger self in the balls for taking such bad care of my LEGO :-) ( And my 2 younger brothers too, though they did contribute some _fine_ sets ( like "Fort Legoredo" and "The Bandits Hideout" from the Western-serie ). Lol, thanks! And I didn't even mention her love of cars and racing yet ( you should see her on track, she's CRAZY ) ParadisA has some really nice pieces ( like the glass domes ), I hope she lets me incorporate them into my planned diorama :-) Thanks again! :-)
  9. Hello everybody! Like probably most of you I've been a fan of LEGO since my childhood ( 30 yo now ). For years it was an addiction that I had perfectly under control, no LEGO in the house, and all my LEGO ready and waiting for me at my parent's place ( where we use it during our ).Recently, "thanks" to Strikeman the addiction has reared it's beautiful head again... He took me to LEGO Fanwelt in Cologne last month and showed me the beauty of "The Official LEGO store" in the city centre... I bought a box of "BASIC" bricks, "just for fun". We returned home that night and while we're out smoking a cigarette, we notice that my wife is digging through the pieces and building a tiny car... it's now 2 weeks after that and as an introduction, I'll show you what happened... 2 days after LEGO Fanwelt, my wife drove to her parents' place to pick up "her" LEGO, which I built the next day "just to see if it was still complete"... A few days after that, our son went to bed a bit early, so we had a bit of 'free' time with the 2 of us, so we poured the "BASIC" box out on the table and had some fun: The past weekend, I drove to my parents' place to pick up the LEGO that was in "Teh Lair" ( see youtube video above ) and discovered that there had been a leak in the roof of "Teh Lair", thus requiring a thorough cleaning of all my LEGOs... First Load + most BURPs drying: 2nd & 3rd Load drying: Minifigstuff drying: Baseplate-stack: Various windows etc ( stuff I washed by hand ): Quick street-layout with my "best" plates: I've got a huuuuuuge idea for a diorama in my mind, and I've even installed MLCAD already and I'm designing the first part of the diorama in it already, I'll keep you all updated on the progress in the relevant places once I get to know the layout of this place a bit :-D Beside LEGO, my other passions are cars ( & anything related to them, from racing, over tuning to show-cars ) & video games ( see video above once again :p ) Finally, here's my Flickr photostream where you'll mostly find pics of cars, but since a few hours also the LEGO-pics included here and there will be more to come! Kind regards, mistic192