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  1. Yay, I remembered to get an entry in this year! Lego has been on the back burner for a bit, but I was able to grab a handful of pieces this morning and put together this little guy on the carpool ride into work, and now he will decorate my desk for the season :) Thank you CopMike for running this once again and happy holidays everyone!
  2. Emma

    Winter Village: Dance Hall

    Here's my entry into this years Expand the Winter Village contest: The Dance Hall of the Sugar Plum Fairy Each year, everyone in the village dress up in their finery and gather together at Sugar Plum's dance hall for the annual New Year's Gala. Drinks and canapés are in plenty and enjoyed by all. Mr. and Mrs. Clause take a turn around the dance floor. (Turning the knob on the lower right spins the minifigures around.) Press down on the chandelier to light the room with a soft glow. Thanks for having a look - comments/critiques are always appreciated. Also, there are a few more pictures over on flickr.
  3. 13 24 37 55 55 Wow! There are a lot of really good builds, great stuff everyone
  4. Emma

    Winter Village: Creamery

    ~ The Winter Village Creamery ~ This local creamery has all your dairy needs. Milk, a wide variety of cheeses, butter, and... ice cream! Grandpa takes Sam and Suzy in for a treat and there are seven delicious flavours to choose from: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint, bubble gum, gold medal ribbon (my favourite ) and the flavour of the month: peppermint swirl. The stable houses the cow and goats that produce the milk. And of course, delivery is available. Here's a final look of the inside. Downstairs you'll find a stove, butter churn, shelve of cheeses, ice cream, a crate of milk bottles, and the cash register. The light brick lights up the selection of ice cream. Upstairs is a shelve for aging cheeses, an ice box for cold storage, and the milk manual with all the super secret recipes for making the best dairy products. There's a few more pictures over on my flickr. Thanks for having a look
  5. Emma

    Winter Village: Undertakers

    What a unique concept, and well done The hearse is really nicely crafted - it it my favorite part of this build. I feel a bit sorry for the fellow who has to dig the grave in the frozen ground. The only thing that I'm too fond of is the large black chimney, it seems almost too prominent and very ominous...
  6. Emma

    Winter Village: Town Hall

    Good work Wally I like the exterior facade with the inset walls, and also that there are stairs to the second level!. I think perhaps a bit of tiling on the floors would have been nice to give the interior a bit more character.
  7. Emma

    Winter Village: Weihnachtspyramide

    Beautiful work Gunman The pyramid structure and colour scheme are really exceptional, but I am especially fond of the snow-scaping and the Christmas decorations around the bottom.
  8. Emma

    Winter Village: Creamery

    Thank you everyone for the comments! I'm so glad the milk truck seems to be going over well - that was definitely a challenge for me. Goodness! No, we don't want to overwork the animals. The rest of the goats and cows are back at the larger barn and these three are taking their turn at the small stable near the store so customers can visit them... Thank you for your comment. I was very fortunate to get back into Lego very close to when the Mill Village Raid set had just retired, and was able to get it at a decent price. Chickens, goats, and a pig - I couldn't resist. I think we all hold out hope that the goats will make a come back one of these days.
  9. Yay! a prize, and my tree on the calendar - Thanks CopMike!
  10. A great big spruce, still outdoors and covered in snow, is my ideal Christmas tree Thanks for doing this again CopMike!
  11. Emma

    Canadian Eh?

    Best Buy has a few interesting sets on sale right now - some of the Elves sets are about 20% off - didn't expect to see them on sale so soon.
  12. River Gate The Second Battle of Queenscross (WZ7:E8) For the Desert King! In the seizing of Queenscross, a detachment of Desert King troops is sent to secure the docks along the Arkbri. Near one of the river gates, they quickly overcome a group of High Council soldiers. It is vitally important that trade and travel along the river remain safe, and, in spite of the increasing conflict in the area, the Desert King will do just that. Overall shot:
  13. The Oil Road The Battle for the Bloody Lane(WZ9:G7) For the Desert King! Mummy soldiers have been posted along the Oil Road to ensure the interests of the Desert King are preserved along its winding way. The mummies maintain order, and protect traders along the route from trouble rousers… such as these two Ulandians harassing an elderly merchant on the way to Mophet. “We are hungry and he carries pastries! We will not let some dead rags stop us from taking what we want! Aaarrgh!” The first Ulandian charges towards the mummy soldiers whilst the second was preparing to slink away. Hearing his comrade’s cry (and his own grumbling stomach), spurns him to action as well. Snick The first Ulandian’s head is sliced cleanly from his body, and the remaining soldier drops his spear. “I surrender – the Desert King is the best king ever! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be good!” And here's just the road:
  14. Emma

    [WZ7:E8, Desert King]

    Many, many thanks guys - I really appreciate the comments. Oh and I totally forgot to give it a title whoops! (The title should be 'River Gate' if anyone who reads this has ability to change it for me, that would be awesome... but I don't think to matters too much...I hope)
  15. The Old Oak The Battle for Cresentthorn's Favor (WZ11:C4) For the Desert King! Deep in the Wither Woods there is an ancient oak, so thick and gnarled that the elves have named it the Father of the Trees, believing it to have witnessed the dawn of the forest. The warrior Kauket had lived her entire life in the hot, sandy, desert lands – she had never seen any trees such as what was now before her. A voice called down from the ancient limbs, “The duel may now commence.” There would be time later to admire the forest, Kauket had a High Councilman to defeat. At the base of the ancient tree, Kauket swung her khopesh at the enemy and let the thrill of the fight carry her to victory. Thanks for having a look :)
  16. Whoops, almost forgot to put this here: The Old Oak, for the Desert King.
  17. Manticore Last Stand of the Salamanders (WZ6:B7) For the Desert King! Having been summoned by the Desert King, the Great Manitcore travels north to help with securing the Northern corridor. The Salamanders are no longer safe behind the gates of Northwall with the manticore easily scaling the battlements and tossing down the cowering Ulandians to the Desert King’s troupes waiting below. The whole thing: The manticore didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped - his face is certainly a little odd, but I was running low on time and started smushing pieces together hoping that they would stay in place, lol. Thanks for looking, comments/critiques are always appreciated :) WZ pick: C7
  18. Emma

    [WZ6:B7, Desert King] Manticore

    Thank you so much everyone . ooh - you should do a manticore. It would be neat to see another builder's interpretation of the beast, and you would do an amazing job with it. (Besides this is just the 'Great Manticore' odds are there are at least 'Greater' and 'Greatest' somewhere in Kaliphlin as well... I always thought the Kaliphlinites seemed quite fond of pretty structures . And yes, this fellow definitely has a terrible case of bedhead, lol.
  19. Best Wall: Robin Creations - I think he used both texture and colour to great effect
  20. Seeking Out Ancient Allies Battle of the Deep Sands (WZ5:I10) For the Desert King! Charged with seeking out some of the Desert King's ancient allies, Nimue and Dark travel to the heart of the Dune Sea to the den of the great Manticore, where he has been slumbering for several hundred years. Nimueh: "I was assured he is fiercely loyal to the ancient king and would not eat us... Let us hope he wakes from his lengthy rest in a good mood." A renewed alliance with the Manticore would ensure the region's fealty to the Desert King, and lend a powerful friend to fight in the battles to come. With this in mind, Nimueh and Dark approach the beast's lair. The whole build: Thanks for having a look All comments/critiques are always appreciated. Oh, and for the next warzone I'd pick E12...
  21. Thanks everyone for the comments & feedback . I hadn't originally set out to do a FP effect with this, but as I glanced at my pile of tan pieces, I realized that this den was going to end up kind of small - so I built what I could and convinced the camera do the rest, thankfully it seems to have turned out ok. I wanted to jazz up the boarder a bit with a contrasting colour strip that still matched the build, so I went with tan... but I think your right, and keeping it all black would have definitely looked sharper
  22. I too can't vote (it says I haven't cast my vote in each question) - perhaps the great poll making machine thingy didn't appreciate having question removed, lol. Best sand vote: blufiji - I love how effectively he captured the undulating sand look