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  1. You guys are Great Thanks. I did grab the whole model and brought it down, then leveled it off, but you can still tell it's crocked.... Lousy landing I guess. Fingers cross you can see this. Sounds like then a trip to of to Brickshelf is in order. ..500H.lxf
  2. First, I'd like to aploigize for my english grammer, even though it is my lanagage, I take it for granted (via forum chat edicut ) I'll do better ;) lets hope. Back on topic THANKS! guys, I found it. What is intersting is I had looked at that part, but had it in my mind what I was looking for. and it didn't fit the mold. Again thank you for your input and asistants, what a great site. :) Love this program, it is going to be a lot of fun, all though it does have a large learning curve. I did figure out the LDD extened vs. standard, I didn't notice it was how it loads from the main screen, (oh brother) I was working in the extented version all a long, :) Oh, while I'm here, hope it's ok to ask vs looking it up... I do have another situation, seems as though My Helicopter now is off the grid, like it is hovering, any thoughts to why that might be? As far as I know I did not move it up, but me being new I might have done a move that brought it up like this. Hmm, how do I attch my LDD work here to be seen?
  3. awe.. found the answers to some of my gliches, what a learning curve, love it! All thouigh I'm still not finding the hinge piece for the canopy say's it's actully a cockpit 6x4x3 #45406 Grrr. still?
  4. Awe ha, found it. Thanks. which now has me asking a another ? As I seem to be in a diffent mode in LDD. The extend version is not highligted as to be able to use this fuction. maybe this is the reason all my bricks are the same color, which again has me going WT? I need a control pannel thats painted as such, but mine are all red (frustrated in the learning curve) I can see this is going to be a fun place ;) On the matter of the companion hinge piece the ones (there's two) I believe should work like whats in the real world won't a closer loo shows my the tabs on the canopy are larger than what would be able to work on the hinge pieces I find. scratching head here, in the real world these work. any ideas on why this is or the correct piece would be great... now back to the drawing board.
  5. What!? there's a LDD topic line? Newbies I tell ya.. Hmm didn't see that My bad, thanks, LOL now where is it?
  6. Hi all, I'm a new LDD person here. lol where was this 20 years ago.. that said I have a hicup here in trying my hands on creating a helicopter I find a canopy #45406 but not the compaion hinge piece? HELP! What a great sight.