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  1. boonc

    [MOC] batcave

    =) thanks.
  2. boonc

    [MOC] batcave

    yes that was supposed to suggest the RedHood. =)
  3. boonc

    [MOC] batcave

    Thank you all for the awesome comment. Appreciate it very much.
  4. boonc

    [MOC] batcave

    Hi all, would like to share my build that took me 2 yrs to complete. This is my first posting here so any feedback/comment is very much appreciated. Thanks for viewing, hope u guys like it. Overview by CowPotato, on Flickr Command Center by CowPotato, on Flickr Close up by CowPotato, on Flickr Entrance and batmobile by CowPotato, on Flickr Suit chamber by CowPotato, on Flickr My fav mechanic Mr.J by CowPotato, on Flickr thanks
  5. hi, i'm also interested in the R2D2. how can i get the instruction?
  6. interested in this: 7251 Darth Vader Transformation still available - pls PM me. thx
  7. interested in this: Stormtrooper (From 7667) Asking Price: 3$ still available? PM me pkls. thx
  8. boonc

    Polybags for sale

    do you still have stock for thor and hawkeye. can PM me price? thx
  9. boonc

    Newbie in the house.

    yes. sure will do. definately will check it out. thxxx
  10. hi newbie in the house, from malaysia. Thx in adv for the teaching and guidance. Finally back to collecting lego - Started off with some minifigs and cheap mini star wars lego. Absolutely love the star wars series - as im a big fan. and the mini modular set. Would love to learn more about LDD/MOC so i can create some mini lego. thx.