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  1. Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper

    It looks great, I want it!
  2. [MOC] Zastava 101

    Awesome! Beautiful details, congratulation I like it!
  3. This is amazing MOC! The details are very cool.
  4. Set 42006 - C Model

    Thanks the link! I have the 42006 too and I did not know that it has a C model.
  5. ERF E12 Skip Loader

    Awesome and beautiful MOC. I like it!
  6. 10244 Fairground Mixer

    Very cool set! I would like to own this.
  7. Peterbilt 362 Space Truck

    Awesome and beautiful MOC!
  8. Beautiful! Congratulation to this amazing MOC!
  9. Amazing Ferrari! Congratulation!
  10. Great idea and the design is very cool!
  11. Nice review with a lot of good pictures.
  12. Grat review! I think this is a good set with few new parts.
  13. Review: 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Good review about a great set!
  14. Big Mobile Crane mark II

    Fantastic creation, amazing! Congratulation!
  15. Yes the Zala Volán is a hungarian travel company. Here we traveling often with Ikarus 260. Real retro feeling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikarus_Bus
  16. Scania R560 V8 'Black Pearl'

    It's simply amazinig. I like it!