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  1. Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper

    It looks great, I want it!
  2. [MOC] Zastava 101

    Awesome! Beautiful details, congratulation I like it!
  3. This is amazing MOC! The details are very cool.
  4. Set 42006 - C Model

    Thanks the link! I have the 42006 too and I did not know that it has a C model.
  5. ERF E12 Skip Loader

    Awesome and beautiful MOC. I like it!
  6. 10244 Fairground Mixer

    Very cool set! I would like to own this.
  7. Peterbilt 362 Space Truck

    Awesome and beautiful MOC!
  8. Beautiful! Congratulation to this amazing MOC!
  9. Amazing Ferrari! Congratulation!