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  1. GandalfofHoth

    MST3K Revival

    Yeah, totally agree there, I hadn't even heard about this until I saw this post, guess that shows how good of a fan I am. I hope they get a full season out of Kickstarter, but I don't think they will, but maybe I'm just being a pessimist. I hope this makes it back on TV somehow, but I'm happy enough we're getting 3 more episodes.
  2. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

  3. GandalfofHoth

    [MOC] BB-8

    Wow, very nice MOC, reminds me of the 2002 Jedi Master Yoda sculpture a little bit, but maybe that's just me. I agree with others that this should be an actual set.
  4. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

  5. GandalfofHoth

    Mini MOC - Death Star Trench Run

    Me too. I like the "floor" it has neat textures, I agree the wall could use some more texture though. The turret and X-Wing are nice as well, but maybe a TIE Fighter or two could improve this. Overall nice work.
  6. GandalfofHoth

    MOC: Darth Vader's Lightsaber

    Nicely done! The hilt looks very sturdy and well made, hope your set does well.
  7. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

  8. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

  9. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

  10. GandalfofHoth

    EPVII - Rey`s Desert Speeder

    Great MOC, it has a really clean minimalistic vibe that I love. The slope work is fantastic as well, makes the desert look so much more believable.
  11. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

  12. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

    Leonard Nimoy
  13. GandalfofHoth

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Well, I hope the big reveal at NYCC isn't Angry Birds, because I for one will be avoiding that theme. Maybe we could see some DC Super Heroes BvS sets there, but DW I think will have a stand there. DW, I would suspect, will be officially revealed beforehand because I would suspect Lego would draw a bigger crowd (ignoring AFOLers) from a established theme, than DW, a theme that, if you aren't following Lego closely, you may not know exists. I think they want to make this a big deal in the UK as well as the US, and NYCC, though it would definitely have a response from the UK market, I would guess they'd get a bigger response from the UK audience if they released it with DW itself, but that's just my guess. The NYCC reveal is a possibility, but I sure hope it's not what Lego does.
  14. GandalfofHoth

    One Word At A Time Story

  15. GandalfofHoth

    LEGO Ideas Doctor Who

    Burn him at the stake! It's fine, like I said earlier, I think it's most likely to be revealed with DW, so when you said the 1st I was a little surprised. Now if the set isn't revealed with DW, then I'll start getting impatient, let's hope that doesn't happen.