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  1. 9398 - New Body

    cute shape&nice photos
  2. Crawler in Yellow

    Thanks~After done my previous crawlers (Red and Black), I started to figure that if I could design a better one with more power. The key point is to make the front and rear suspensions rotate in a wider angle. From studying the solution of RC trucks, I found out that better design of links could make this happens, but where is the best position, you need to test many times until you find it. In my video, you could find out the Crawler in yellow has good performance in different terrains.
  3. Crawler in Yellow

    Thanks for comments. These lovely photos were taken by one of my friends haiout. He is a good photographer with skills. Also these customized lights were made by himself. Very cute, aren't they.
  4. Hi~ this is my third Crawler in Yellow show picture Details as usual~
  5. Solar turntable

    Great idea with Solar energy ~ The details are beautiful
  6. Hi~ this is my second Crawler in Red show picture Details video site:
  7. Hi~ this is my first Crawler in black show picture Details:
  8. alsome! with Complete function&compact structure