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    DAF CF85 Crane Truck

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    Technic Cement Mixer

    Come on, you are awesome, haha
  3. Very innovative drive structure, learning
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    [THO] 4×4 ATV

    nxt motor is the greatest power of all motors, and power can be output directly, without going through the gear conversion As the four-wheel steering, the same as 9398, so the shift is no problem, do not know if you can see the video?
  5. ATV , Lego official turned out a lot , however, are small , this time , for everyone to bring a large ATV. Chassis or follow some of the basic cross-country driving the car , but this time both before and after steering, positive means shall not return , so artificially limits the steering angle , or else can not walk a straight line , also considered adding a rubber band , but the effect is not good. Vehicle weight 1.5kg, pf parts, with the two m- motors, two nxt motors, a v2 receivers , cable number . As for appearance , but also the most satisfying part of my , ha ha, puff up . Orange is very beautiful, with dark gray , feeling very engaging. This car is the most difficult to design fender , should be , relatively large size , there is no suitable panel , and the upper and lower range of activities wheels too easy to run fenders, therefore , simply not equipped , but shelf directly triggered the fender lines, looked pretty good . There is also a place that is more helpless , orange parts selection is too small . Well, said so much , then cut to the chase , the picture This is the driving part , nxt motor is a core structure made ​​very strong, basically no distortions As the middle to put m steering motor, or else, in the middle can be tied together, the structure but also more robust, with Servo motor, then you can, but very pretty. Bottom, very smooth, not off-road when encountered. nxt motor power can be output directly to the wheel, no longer through the gears turning, this is unmatched by any other motor, and power is the greatest, so, nxt motors are ideally suited for a class of off-road car. Chassis, battery box becomes a part of the chassis, so that parts can be reduced, and the battery case will not feel becomes cumbersome. Rod, fixed from the outside parts are used to live, and not due to intense competition, and let the rod drop, especially when the vehicle dropped from a height such a bad situation, and I finally have a video segment from a height inside fall of the screen, the vehicle intact. However, this part of the shock absorber is not perfect, because only one point fixed, will lead to reverse, so the next step is to change fixed at two points. All the gear portion covered with parts, effectively avoiding the branches, weeds and other debris lines like involvement.。 This is not fitted cover parts of horrors, have not see it was a 8 tooth gear up. And then look at another angle, you can see a very serious wear and tear parts。 Closeup front drive assembly, rear drive and front drive exactly the same This is a battery box switch control structure, took the seat next pull, you can turn on the power, the video demo Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 7.4v, 1200 mAh, but they can not long no electricity. Battery compartment on both sides leaving a large gap, if it is used generally on the 5th battery, it can easily be replaced. Flat bottom Car shell, very simple, small parts, but all kinds of dark bluish gray with a lot of shaft Finally see the real capacity, a beautiful bar Look without processing the previous frame of mind which is nice。 On wheels look, I tried 8110 and 9398 of the wheels, the wheels are not pretty Blocking part does not affect the operation of the hub Without Servo motor Another reason is, Servo motor is prominent than wheels, thus affecting the efficiency of climbing, now, all the parts did not exceed the forefront of the front wheel, so to 90 degrees on the plane, such as a wall or something is not the problem, of course, I installed the bumper in front of a few is to be demolished。 8466 replaced the wheels, all of a sudden a lot of weight on the 8-tooth gear is not a small pressure, basically did not play long to sweep teeth, but using the old section of eight teeth, the new problem is not。 很厚重 Next, of course, is not the lack of field shooting, but the body and at home shooting some differences on the details This is my favorite part, too fascinating。(Narcissism) Again one of my favorite parts of the Very immersive viewing angle In the video shoot when suddenly an accident, bursts in a very cute puppy。 And then in to a favorite site, is not it a bit much Appearing in the video steep climb last year with a modified 9398, no climb, climb and finally this year, this slope is quite steep, and full of leaves and weeds, particularly easy to slip and wrapped。 Well, the picture up to it, then you look at me elaborate video, look forward to your reply, thank you watchhttp://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjE5MDUyNzYw.html http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XNjE5MDUyNzYw/v.swf
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    41999 Top 100 Winner

    I was received on August 7 I was received on August 7,Without notice
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    8110 moc

    http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9547.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9548.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9549.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9551.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9552.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9554.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9555.jpg http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/haiout/8110/imgp9557.jpg
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    Crawler----blue monday

    the nxt motor is ideal for off-road
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    Crawler----blue monday

    No acceleration,Big fast wheels Is high, but the track width Photos recovery
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    Crawler----blue monday