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  1. OK. Less confused now. Thanks. So, how do I get an LDD .lxf file into LDCad to mirror it, and then back out again to an .lxf?? What I have got done so far (8,225 pieces) - This is one of several phases the houses went through - 1919.
  2. And how would one go about do it that?? I downloaded and installed LDCad. But there is no option in LDD to export to that format, only LDraw. Different programs?? <confused> OK, I got the mass colour change to work. Yup - Wrong mode thing. You can NOT load a model into Extended, if it was saved in Regular. You need to Import the model once in Extended mode. Solved. Yay!! Now, to figure out how to mirror the thing. I was NOT aware that LDD's Regular mode was so broken. Well, that sucks. Are there any fixes for this?? Someone out there must have tried. Sure would be nice if it had a way to add/fix parts. It would also be great to get a lot of the classic parts - Like windows and doors. We need MORE window options!!! Oh well. Part of the fun of LEGO is figuring out how to make the "real word" out of clunky blocky things.
  3. I build in LDD in regular mode - As I want only legal parts. Part of the plan is to translate to real world builds. Extended allows illegal part/colour combos. I'll finish the build, and see what I can do from there. If need be, I can do the mirroring and colour change in a brute force way. More playing around with the setting/options and stuff, and maybe I can get it to work for me. Again, thanks for all the help.
  4. If ONLY it was as simple as your example. Guys, the colour change thing is a NOT working for me. I tried in Extended as well. As soon as I select the paint bucket, it deselects everything, and it greys out anything in groups.
  5. The mirroring is a little more complicated than that. The walls have an interior and exterior sides, and the sides are different. I'll work it out. But that colour change I guess is the bigger issue. And excuse me for being a bit dense at the moment, but, I tried what you described, and it doesn't work for me. So, obviously, I am missing something. I'm pretty sure I did that before. But right now, I'm as dense can be. Sorry. Select the bricks, make it a group. Got that. Select the bricks, make a copy. Got that. Select the group, then Paint... And it deselects the group. BTW Slegengr, thank you for the help.
  6. Hey all, My current MOC, once complete, needs to be mirrored for a different version.The thought of doing it manually is... Well, it's not good. :-) Is there a "Mirror" option?? It could be for the whole MOC, or just a selection. As well with the mirror, there also need to be a colour change. All the red bricks need to be green, and the green bricks need to be red. Obviously I'll need to do an intermediate colour change, but... Is there an option to select all bricks of one colour and change them to another colour?? Again, whole MOC, or just those selected?? Thanks in advance, all. :-) This is what I am working on.
  7. WOW!! That must have taken some time going one brick at a time from the Library.
  8. Well, that's too bad. I like the interface. It's easy to use, and, well, I now know it. Mine didn't connect either, but I upgraded to 4.3.11, and it's fine now. I think. So, what do you create parts in, and how do you add them?? I know I should know this, but it has been a long time since I used LDD. Getting back up to speed. Thanks.
  9. I left LDD running for 4 or 5 days - No issues. Now, my Firefox 56... UGH!! But here is the next question: Can you update the database of parts?? And if so, how?? I seem to be missing parts. What about classic parts, like windows and doors?? The current LDD selection is pitiful.
  10. Thanks guys. So, there seems to be NO limit as such, but performance will become an issues as the number climbs. I can live with that. I just didn't want the thing crashing when I hit 6400 or some such thing. Thanks.
  11. Hey all, I have done a search, but didn't find an answer. Hmm... Is there a maximum number of pieces a MOC can have in LDD?? I have one now that is at 6000 parts, and man, does it slow to a crawl. Is that a limit of the program, or my computer, or, as is most likely, a combo of the two?? Thanks all. :-)