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  1. Some of you may have seen it already, but the stickers for this awesome creation are available on my website! (This sticker set differs to the ones seen on the pictures during the release, which was not made by me) Really looking forward to see the first pictures of the model equipped with the stickers!
  2. Ford GT - Sticker set Available at the JaapTechnic Design Studio
  3. @technic_addict There are 2 different sticker styles in the instruction. Both versions are on the sheet. For option A there are some black stickers + ford logo to finish the front bumper properly. For option B there are the same black stickers with an orange line in the middle + a lot of orange stripes to cover the rest of the car with. We will post a photo of the set soon!
  4. By reading the title you may thought - Yeah i know this model, you designed it 4 years ago... Yes... but nope. This is an entire new version relying on the same real truck but this time in 2 different colours. The previous version designed in December 2012 used Technic beams and liftarms. Since brick build models can be way more detailled - I chose that technique to build the new model with. Also i discovered the truck could use some more power so there are now 2 PF XL motors in it. There are a lot of improvements on this new 2016 version. All features, included by the fact its SBrick controlled, are listed below: Powerful 8x4 drive train by 2 Power Functions XL motors 2 axle steering by Power Functions servo motor 2 Power Functions front LED lights Sbrick Controlled Openable cabin doors with realistic hinge design Openable storage doors with realistic placed lever behind the seats Tilt able cabin with easy acces to the V8 fake engine Fully adjustable seats and steering column Fifth wheel suited for automatic steered trailers Front and rear tow bars Easy accessible Rechargeable battery box on top of the cooler behind the cabin Improved playability with sturdy overall build quality Off course there is a building instruction available for these new models. Compared to all my other instruction this one goes again one step further in quality. With all stickers implemented in the instruction you can't make a mistake anymore regarding their position. Check out my website for more information about the building instructions: JaapTechnic Website Check out the entire photoshoot on Flickr LEGO - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4165 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 & 4165 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 & 4165 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO - Mercedes-Benz Actros 4165 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr
  5. Thanks all for the nice comments! Last month the truck was presented at LEGO World Copenhagen DK. For this event i build a large extension on the Nooteboom semi trailer which then could be loaded with a huge concrete bridge part. This resulted in a combination length of 3 meters! See them in action in the short video below. Thanks to @2LegoOrNot2Lego... for driving the truck around Last but not least i am working on an alternative for the Dark Grey Arches #6060. Since these trucks drained the world supply of these arches. OR build the truck with black fenders and your problem is solved More information about that soon
  6. During the first days many sets where sold which resulted in an empty stock as bruno said before. Just when i was able to restock them all i had te depart to Denmark for LEGO World, which was great fun. The DTM cars seems to be well known in Denmark Bruno All Orders should be shipped yesterday except for those who have forgotten to pay the shipping costs. Please take in mind these have to be added manually since the system doesn't support it to link it automatically to your country. Shipping of the sticker sets is back to normal now, If you order today, it will be send within 24h. Thanks Bruno for letting me design the stickers again, it was a nice challenge to measure and fit it all on the car. If there is anybody which already applied the stickers let me know some feedback! I would like to know what can be improved on the next sheet. If there is somebody with questions about the stickers don't hesitate to contact me.
  7. Two trucks - one trailer... you can do the math Not sure which one though. Something with a lot of wheels for sure. Thanks all for being confused - Its really nothing more than 3400 stacked bricks guys allright maybe some stickers.
  8. Beneath the stickers there are just bricks and some more bricks - As you would expect from a LEGO model But i don't have a proper foto of it at this time. I used some brackets and slopes to make the lines from the grille continue in the bumper. When you are a little bit creative you can build an IR receiver on the place of the Sbrick. I am sure it can be done easily. - reply on your edit: The only hard to find thing in this MOC are the Dark Grey arches. But you can decide to build it with black fenders instead. Almost guessed it right - Its a rail bridge located at Zwolle which reaches over the Ijssel (the local river here) Yes i will! but not anytime soon. When i have a new trailer i will make a new video. Thanks everyone for the nice reactions!
  9. @djm We tried exactly that. Not once, but 3 times on 3 different android phones and all Sbricks which i normally use with my iPhone are unable to be read by the android app. Even the simplified app on android couldn't see the bricks. The only thing i know is that my iPhone can connect to Sbricks which have the newest firmware and the IOS app works with those bricks without any problems. (Hardware V4 or V5 doesn't matter) But getting the bricks updated is a bit like mission impossible. Maybe the new IOS app will repair this issue and let me update the firmware on those Sbricks using my iPhone. Let just wait for that IOS app and hope for the best. But if it ain't gonna help.... We have to stand on the show with dead models and drinking coffee instead of driving around and let our models bring us the coffee
  10. Together with @2LegoOrNot2Lego... @Davekuhh and Non-Eurobricks member Huib van der Hart we are attending LEGO world next week. And we all run the IOS version of the app. What @2LegoOrNot2Lego... says... We are having huge stability problems. It's is not possible to control more than just one SBrick in 1 Profile otherwise the app crashes on launch of the profile We have to set the the Max output on 99% otherwise the slider's and buttons won't work The app crashes randomly And if you are able to control something it rests for a few seconds or minutes and the app crashes. All our Sbricks display Firmware version 0 and hardware version 0 We are unable to update firmware versions. The iPhone says it has the newest firmware version which could never be possible because we even tested a brand new one out of the box. If we try to connect our SBricks to an Android based phone their app crashes too and we are not able to update the firmware trough an Android device So, pretty unstable.
  11. I was asked to design a sticker set for the awesome Terex excavator. The sticker sheet will turn the Terex into a North American construction group version with Lego red coloured stripes around which perfectly fit on the technic bodywork. There are also some small details included like engine stickers and excavator number. Because the popularity of this MOC these stickers are now available for everyone. They are available at the JaapTechnic website: http://bit.ly/1U3Xfvb Here are some pictures with the stickers photoshopped on them. Some real photos will be place here soon i think Terex RH 400 - Sticker set by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr Terex RH 400 - Sticker set by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr Terex RH 400 - Sticker set by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr
  12. Thanks for promoting this Brunojj1! My work is done at this point. It was a pleasure designing these sheets! Anyone interested in this nice BMW can now complete their build with some high quality stickers just like official LEGO sets. Keep on building
  13. About steering axles on trailers: You really need an system which is based on the rotation of the fifth wheel compared to the trailer. If you hook the steering of the trailer on the same port as the steering for the truck you will end up with a combination which will be impossible to reverse in a proper way. The 8 axle Nooteboom which i have designed uses fully automated electronic steering with 100% LEGO bricks. It's a piece of cake to reverse the Nooteboom into tight parking spots for example. I will show a video of the trailer in action. As you can see it works totally smooth behind the truck. For those who are interested in building such a system i can only say, have a look at my instructions which are available on my website. 1 tip for your trailer which i base on the pictures is see here. The differences between the angles of the steered axles are way to big for a trailer this long. Your turning point will be around the middle of the trailer so when you put an non steering axle on the middle of the trailer you can clearly think about the steering angles on the rear axles. Hopefully that will help you out with the angles.
  14. LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr After years making prototypes of steered trailers, we, JaapTechnic and LiftingBricks, finally made it to create a system to make a semi trailer with automated steering axles. This system uses the angular displacement of the fifth wheel to steer the axles. This all happens with pure LEGO powerfunctions. In the following video you can watch this system in action. In the video are the following models presented: Nooteboom MCO 121 semi trailer Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT Volkswagen Transporter T5 escort van Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 build by LiftingBricks For the Nooteboom and Mercedes are building instructions available. The Volkswagen van will be digitalised for instructions end 2015, begin 2016. Nooteboom 8 axle semi trailer Functions: Lights 7 automatic steered axles by PF servos Length: 113cm (153cm extended) Parts: 2768 Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT Functions: Lights; front bumper and warning lights 2 steered axles by PF servo 2 driven axles by XL motor SBrick Length: 46cm Parts: 2722 Volkswagen Transporter T5 Functions: Lights; 24 LifeLites LEDs with customised circuitboard Frontwheel steering by PF servo Rear wheel driven by L motor SBrick Length: 32,5cm Parts: unknown Volkswagen Transporter T5 stuck in the sand by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr Lego volkswagen transporter t5 interior (WIP) by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr LEGO Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT With Nooteboom MCO 121 by Jaap Kroon, on Flickr
  15. @ Technicbuilder, Looks great! Thanks for sharing! You managed to build the trailer exactly as displayed in the building instructions Off course the new SLT will be better then every model I build before. Currently you can clearly see the level of detail difference between the truck and trailer. At the moment i am recreating all my sticker sheets. The Nooteboom is already done. This year i invested a lot in machinery to create these sticker sheets, and if i am allowed to say, they are currently the same quality as the ones from TLG. (Also pre-cut) On my Facebook page i posted a picture of the new sticker sheets. https://www.facebook.com/jaaptechnic/posts/421654138031588 All the other sticker sheets will follow this technique and will be available from the beginning of 2016
  16. Nice to see some members building my models The Mercedes-Benz Actros as seen in the video is not the version how the new upcoming model will look like. It wil be even better than the version you can see in the video. But your request about the rims... I think it is a nice challenge to find out how it's made, So it's up to you all I can tell; it's 100% lego without glue or any other modification. Let's be creative, who brings the answer?
  17. A few months after release, Liftingbricks (the crane builder) and i decided to release a second extended video of the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 at an realistic constructions site. So here is the just released new video part 2! In this video the other models like the Mercedes-Benz, Nooteboom and Volkswagen are again driving around to supply the crane with heavy windmill parts. Enjoy!
  18. Thanks for the compliments about my work The custom sticker sheet I made really did the final touch! It looks awesome. Even the silver M Power is almost just as shiny as the rims, way better compared to the old one And thanks for putting the "JaapTechnic" sticker on the rear window Enjoy!
  19. For every dutchie who want to see the models on a show: There is one chance every year. "Modelshow Europe at Ede" http://www.modelshow-europe.com So no Legoworld for me As you can see on my website i will update the current SLT (the one in the video) to have more details. The model will be kept the same. The new SLT (Yellow one) will be yellow when done. It's up to your creativity to transform it in a Mammoet version. The reason i didn't make a Mammoet again and instead the yellow one is because of the fact Mammoet doesn't have the new SLT For those who didn't know where i am talking about: http://www.jaaptechnic.com (see right sidebar) Yeah it's a heavy duty fifth wheel but i think you want a coupling and decoupling mechanism in it? Something mine doesn't have. Just a axle hole because of the steering functionality of the Nooteboom.
  20. here is your anwer The free instruction for the extension and fifth wheel of the Mercedes-Benz is almost done. Lego fans who bought the Nooteboom will receive this little update very very soon!
  21. Don't be afraid! There is nothing wrong with the old truck, It does function without problems. I just thought that i could make it even better For people who bought the Mercedes truck between "1 September 2015" and "the date the new Mercedes will launch" There will be a compensation. More information about that will follow when the update on the truck is done.
  22. The Mercedes-Benz truck needs an update because of multiple reasons: The actual real truck isn't running anymore. Mammoet bought a new one with the panels behind the cab and some more small changes. (as you can see in the Youtube video) The current truck with building instructions doesn't have these panels. The new truck will look like the one in the video but with more detail. The old truck with instructions isn't very solid around his chassis. So that will be improved too. The new version will have a lot more detail than the old one.
  23. The part list for the nooteboom will be unchanged. The extension and the needed parts for it will not be included in the part list on rebrickable. For that i will make a pdf part list with part numbers which should be done in 2 weeks. The mercedes will have an update too. A big one actually! I think the part list for that one will change a bit. Currently the mercedes is a sort of technic studless truck. This will be changed in the same style as the nooteboom, studless and studded technic for the frame and bricks "creator style" on for the rest.
  24. If you ordered the instruction for the Nooteboom on my website you can see in the building instructions how the system works for a non-extended trailer. Within 2 weeks i will deliver an extra pdf to show how to extend the trailer. This file will be send to all, new and old, customers which are building the Nooteboom.
  25. I would love to see the Nooteboom in yellow! Don't think it is a big problem to change the colours of it. Most of the red parts are also available in yellow. Btw, to think ahead, it would perfect match the new yellow Mercedes-Benz SLT which will be hopefully released next year on my website!