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  1. QFT Definitely he's a trustworthy source among the AFOL community. The box size is definitely not big enough to accommodate an ISD. Also there haven't usually been any $100 plus ship sets for a new SW movie in it's second wave. I would love a new ISD because I missed the last one and it would go nicely with the FO star destroyer (FOSD?) I have on the shelf. I believe it's highly likely that Vos is Nemesis but we can't confirm yet with certainty. The Lego set mentions Nemesis and Gang so if Bettany is the suited guy he is at least codenamed Nemesis.
  2. Thanks for the reply. This is somewhat disappointing considering how nice the location sets can be and help break up just starships and vehicles.
  3. With Nemesis Gang Chariot, we will have 4 speeders for Han Solo movie! That's a lot of speeders for 2 waves. I like your thinking with Chimera. If it's supposed to be Williams/Bettany character maybe it's a location like his club? For Gorgon, I think those tentacle beasts are too large considering they dwarfed the Falcon. It could be based on a female character like Val maybe she double crosses Han? Also Medusa was a gorgon so petrifying something could be related to Mining because of the rocks/spice? Just some guesses.
  4. Sir Von Lego can you say if we get any more playset style Ep8 from what you saw? Don't have to say anything about planet/scene/character. Just that basic distinction of playset vs vehicle please.
  5. *Sigh* Hurts to let the peasants have same special access. I'm sure everyone who missed it will see it in January!
  6. Not from a Jedi.... Seriously, these pics seem non-existent.
  7. Sadly, I felt this exact sentiment last week. It feels reminiscent of last wave where we expected more reveals and it was already over before we knew it. I was hoping for a Praetorian or something at least. I have been wondering for a while now if the Ach-to build would be the Force tree or one of the stone huts and basically mirror the Yoda set for later in 2018. A caretaker would be great since it's an alien but it seems most likely we won't get even a single alien this wave. It may be because Lego didn't want to make a Canto Bight set while simultaneously reducing Ach-to to Dagobah status in the theme. In reality I should have expected one of the most important planets and at least 1/3 of the movie takes place would get a cheap set. Originally, I had hoped for a bigger set and then adjusted my expectations to at least a Takodana priced one. I just hope whatever build we get, it captures some semblance of the wonder and mystery of Ach-to.
  8. I believe they were just Han Solo (anh), Wuhler the Cantina patron/bartender which led to speculation about a Han Solo movie Lego set or a new cantina. Honestly, there was nothing to indicate the figures were new or exclusive.
  9. Mace Windu has interesting leg print which makes him look like he's wearing boots. I appreciate TLG using a poorman's version of dual molding. Hopefully there's more to comment on when more pics emerge.
  10. Oh I see. I am sure we will have to come back to discuss that when we finally see the sets. :)
  11. Which sets are we discussing? I don't recall any set pics. If you are referring to Luke, the entire world saw his appearance in December 2015. That gave Lego plenty of time to get the colors corrected. Even if we go by concept art, in the TFA book his outfit is still light tan with white, not white with light tan. Now the explanation regarding issues with printing on tan makes some sense and I'm willing to accept it. However if white is the ideal mold, I wonder why Rey wasn't printed on it considering her outfit in TFA has white undershirt and all. Also the Jedi minifigures have been printed on light tan and so have hobbits in the Hobbit theme.
  12. This argument doesn't work due to the fact that Lego had since 2015 to work on a TFA/TLJ Luke minifigure. Certainly time constraints in the past and changing movie designs has caused color and accuracy issues. The case does not excuse Luke. Considering even the Lego banner that showed him in proper tan and other easily available materials the question and cause lies elsewhere. Somewhere in the final design process, Lego decided that a base white mold was the better choice. The real question is what was their rationale, hopefully a designer can provide input at some point in the future. Edit: I wanted to clarify on Luke specifically when stating TFA material and time allotted to Lego for the design process.
  13. Exactly. It is that kind of reasoning that dismisses the premium quality we have come to expect. No one is demanding dual molding or all side printing, however it's very odd that a pattern is emerging. Slipping up colors for main minifigures shouldn't be a big deal and it isn't. The problem now is that this is becoming a continuous issue. The original Jakku Rey was slightly off colors with more grey undershirt than white and then Resistance Rey was shown to have completely wrong colors as her vest should not be tan or beige at all and her pants are certainly not lighter than her vest. Now Luke, a highly desired and long awaited figure has glaring color problems which could have easily been fixed, there is no wow factor or detail everyone is excited to see. The problem some of us have is regarding a drop in perceived quality combined with an apparent disregard for color accuracy. The change between a white torso and leg mold versus tan or light tan shouldn't affect the price of production. Rather these are simple errors which were preventable due to a lapse of judgment in the design process. These are quality issues we would expect from another company but not Lego. Now all we can do is hope each time a minifigure emerges that Lego will not choose random or colors which are close enough. Lego has set numerous expectations over the years with their established quality, yet we see that SW minifigures are falling behind compared with other themes if we consider advanced production and design techniques found in other lines. Good enough or passing likeness should not be acceptable nor encouraged. When we consider Lego's price point, it is a premium item and with expected price increases there is hope they will not decrease or keep quality lower to offset cost.
  14. Check afro man news Instagram. ;)
  15. What about genuinely subpar instead? Kidding aside, unanimous decisions are nearly impossible on the internet. For one the human element is removed, without emotional presence in a social setting there's less need for cooperation. Look at any popular YouTube video, there will always exist dislikes despite universal appeal or neutrality. Regarding Lego, we should hold them to a basic standard, especially when the color choices are easily fixable and issues preventable.