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    Non Kid-Friendly sets

    The point was made just fine: What counts as ‘kid-friendly’ is variable. We know this because you are arguing about should and shouldn't be in kids' toys. The rest was simply example: Some people say that LEGO sets with figures which represent characters who in other media are found to be LGBT, are not kid-friendly. Other people disagree. As for ‘this stuff should be kept out of media and toys’ - what’s ‘this stuff’? Toys and media are never neutral; they are one of the primary ways in which children learn about the world and what’s normal, possible, and what's good and what's bad. The fact that children can hypothetically imagine anything avoids finding out how specific toys influence children's play, and about the assumptions that children are or aren't likely to make about their toys. Are the characters in a wedding set getting married? How do children understand the figures in a valentine's set? What about characters who live together (e.g. Friends' parents)? This can only be answered by studying how children play with these toys, not by saying 'children can imagine anything no matter what, therefore the nature of a toy is irrelevant (but also it shouldn't have two dads)'.
  2. GregoryBrick

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    I was tempted to agree (that the Rexplorer set is the feasible version of what's depicted), but that picture shows a ship in the shape of a fist, which the set itself doesn't even approximate.
  3. GregoryBrick

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    The Juniors Pirate set came out the same year they had a regular Pirates theme! The Junior Castle set came out the same time as the regular Castle theme! Surely there are plenty of themes which can currently house an idea as unique as 'a horse stable'. I've scrolled through the Juniors sets on Brickset. Where are people getting this idea that Juniors was some incubator for out-of-the-norm sets? I feel like I'm in a parallel universe.
  4. GregoryBrick

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    There aren't fewer options. Changing the words on the box from 'Juniors / 4+' to 'City / 4+' didn't do anything. The product mix for 2019 is still similar to that of 2018 in terms of the numbers of age-specific sets. How is it a downgrade? They can still make whatever 'Juniors' sets they want, just that this time around they'll have the words '4+' on the box instead of 'Juniors'. It's no more or less specific than before.
  5. The issue is that there is far more to a set's value than 'more ABS' = 'better than'. AFOLs aren't trying to extract as much undifferentiated ABS from TLG as economically as possible (or maybe they are ) - 1/2 kg. of multiple elements seems far more valuable than one element that weighs 1 kg. Anyway, great review Jim, both in photography and details on construction and parts. Nice catch on the linear actuator issue discussed above. I usually focus on System sets but this year's Technic offerings are really attractive. I find this model quite impressive.
  6. GregoryBrick

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    That trailer is fun and I look forward to the film. As for the “post-apocalyptic” environment, that could take up as much screen time as The Old West did in the first movie (i.e. not very much). Two hours of “Mad Max Lego sets” strikes me as wishful thinking on the part of other people (I certainly hope there is more to the film than that).
  7. GregoryBrick

    What's going wrong with my Lego geometry?

    That's a real puzzler! Two questions: Are your vertical brown supports aligned properly? It looks like the ones at the top right of the castle mosaic are slightly rotated, which would push your blue/white/grey elements over the way they are shown. Does the top row of blue plates fit properly along the bottom brown plate? Just to check. Otherwise, beyond what others have said, all I can figure is that there is some sort of stacking error (the minute variations of those bricks are individually within tolerances but, by chance, this combination adds them up in this way?).
  8. GregoryBrick

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    I don't really cultivate pet peeves, but this itself probably fits the bill. If you would like to follow the company's official usage, then 'LEGO' is the plural form in the same way 'Sony' is, that is to say, not at all. You would not say "I bought a bunch of Sony at a garage sale". The official stance is that LEGO usually requires a specifier, e.g. 'LEGO bricks', or 'LEGO employees' or 'LEGO products' or 'LEGO history'. If you instead prefer a usage-based definition, then LEGOs is just as valid as LEGO is, since that is how people speak the language.
  9. GregoryBrick

    Lack of original themes

    Yes, so you agree that evidence matters when it comes to understanding these things (as does anybody doing research into play). When it comes to the question of whether a Nexo Knights figure takes 'more work' to animate than Mr. Classic Spaceman, and whether this supposed effort is significant in limiting children's play, I'm not committed to any conclusion, just that we should both (1) consult the evidence, and (2) according to your report of the evidence, the answer is 'it depends', not 'it's undeniably true' (which I grant you did not assert).
  10. GregoryBrick

    Lack of original themes

    I asked for facts about how kids play, instead of restating the conclusion as though that were proof ('established narratives impede imaginative play'). And I get accused of denying the existence of facts! Oh well. I still think it's entirely possible that an established story enables further imaginative play as much as it limits it, and that it would be worth checking. Maybe I should say "this is true because everybody knows it and if you deny it you are silly, and people should just concede my point".
  11. GregoryBrick

    Lack of original themes

    Speculation about how children use established narratives in their play doesn’t tell us much without actually checking how children play in practice. You can’t just deduce the facts from your intuitions.
  12. GregoryBrick

    Lack of original themes

    Anyone who doesn't agree with your statements is 'pretending' and willfully misunderstanding? That's unfair. For what it's worth, no, I have zero trouble reimagining any figure, Star Wars or otherwise, as something else. I think many other useful comments on the matter have already been made by other posters.
  13. GregoryBrick

    Lack of original themes

    Extra work by who? I have a bunch of Ninjago and Nexo Knights sets - as far as I'm concerned, there's a bunch of (different?) ninjas in red outfits, some in blue, etc. I don't know much or really care about who is who and it didn't take any 'work'. As for children, the ones i've seen playing with LEGO might not know the names to begin with either, and/or they have have zero problem renaming and reframing the characters (and shields, etc.) they are playing with. I'd like some evidence that the provision of a narrative structure does what people here speculate it does.
  14. GregoryBrick

    Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    Well, they were going to have water in the bottle regardless (it's a staple of ships-in-bottles and was part of the original submission), so some pieces would be used for that regardless. And even if they omitted the blue water 1x1 parts, I imagine the cost of those parts is fairly low, which means their elimination wouldn't really give much room for any parts needed to build up the ship. And then, if they made the ship taller at all with that extra detail, it would require a larger bottle, which would cost more for them and for the buyer, and may have led to a build which didn't meet their standards for their sets (structurally sound, enjoyable, accessible, etc.). Even when omitting the blue 1x1 pieces the price is still quite good, especially considering the large elements used for the bottle.
  15. GregoryBrick

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    It happens with every modular, if I recall correctly, so take that for what it's worth. This is a distinctive build with lots of nice details, colours, and parts, as usual. There's all kinds of good things about it, such as the overhang and the stairs which would bring a good bit of depth/relief to a street front.
  16. GregoryBrick


    Just right! Nice economy of parts - it's not overdone with details or fiddly bits, very cool.
  17. I checked the math, it's in System. LDD can permit connections which 'go against' the geometry and proportions of the bricks in some cases, if I can put it that way, and I suspect it can display connections which would be aligned in real life but do not appear so in LDD, as in your example (I couldn't replicate the gap you show, but I had outlines on bricks turned off).
  18. GregoryBrick

    CREATOR 2017

    I just built some modules and haven't found anything 'fragile' about it. I think Technic pins would be unsightly when those sides of the 'cubes' are exposed, and wouldn't really work for the inserts themselves.
  19. GregoryBrick

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    While price-per-piece is not an iron law, neither is it a myth. PPP is consistent and predictable across most sets, especially if you control for theme (e.g. Star Wars vs. Classic boxes). The surprise is warranted. I agree that it looks fantastic!
  20. GregoryBrick

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    "It's not the designers' fault, it's the theme that's bad" - not according to the negative (and frankly mean-spirited) comments I've read. And changing the target that way doesn't make the comments any less disappointing, it just means you're redirecting the barbs to someone else. I think very highly of Nexo Knights but I don't bother putting in my two cents every time someone grouches about it; it's not very productive. Maybe I should start though, so that the naysayers stop assuming their opinions are so widely-shared. It might make them a little more humble, at least.
  21. GregoryBrick

    LEGO Nexo Knights 2017 Discussion

    What then would show you that the rumour was completely false? If it's not ending early, then it's ending when it was planned to and there's nothing left to figure out. 'A planned end earlier than everyone expected - probably' is trying to draw meaning out of nothing.
  22. GregoryBrick

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The other proposals were on their own merits unable to pass review, so there's no reason for LEGO to change a successful proposal into something it isn't.
  23. GregoryBrick

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I can't find mention of that anywhere on the Ideas site, but they do mention 'playability, safety, and brand fit' as some important criteria. Also, there is a build - while not the usual AFOL 20,000 element monster, it is sufficiently clever and charming to fit with other sets LEGO has done themselves. Congratulations to 20tauri on getting the 10,000 votes and passing the review process. Well done. I'll be looking for the set when it hits the shelves.
  24. GregoryBrick

    Is LEGO promoting non-purist thinking?

    Considering "purist" often means "building in ways similar to official LEGO sets" then it's difficult (impossible) for TLG to not be purist, that is, for them to make a set they won't make. Whether TLG incorporates balloons into YouTube idea-videos or whether R&D cuts and paints bricks doesn't really change things for people who like to build according to the above definition, and I don't think the videos above reflect any attitude about that.
  25. GregoryBrick

    Best Minifigures Of All Time

    If you don't know any mini figures you want what makes you want to collect them?