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    [MOC] RX-02 Jackal

    It looked beter in the initial colouring i did for it, and the way the render came out doesn't exactly make it pop as much as i'd like.
  2. AzMiLion

    [MOC] RX-02 Jackal

    Inspired by various ships from the R-type series, but of my own design. So mostly new craft.
  3. AzMiLion

    [MOC] RX-02 Jackal

    Thanks for all the replies guys, i tend to go on binges when building so have the RX-02's Police brother. THe RX-03 Hydra RX-03 Hydra by AzMiLion, on Flickr
  4. AzMiLion

    Antali starfighter MOC

    Wow, amazing shape and colours. Reminds me of a WipeOut racer.
  5. AzMiLion

    [MOC] RX-02 Jackal

    Option type weapons are self-propelled to a degree and hover in front of the ship. as for the rear booster attachment there's a 1x1 with a vertical clip hidden in there. Jackal - Hyper R Cutthrough by AzMiLion, on Flickr basically thats how it attaches for now, still working on a bit more of a sturdy connection.
  6. AzMiLion

    [MOC] RX-02 Jackal

    RX-02 Jackal by AzMiLion, on Flickr The Jackal is a R-type fighter craft, powered by twin T-Viper Engines and armed with two dual Plasma flak cannons. The additional Jackal option weapon provides a beam weaponry capability to this fearsome fighter, as well as being capable of being used as a auxilliary hyperdrive. More spaceships with the Turbo philosophy applied to them, this one is for the May R-Type month challenge on the starfighters group on flickr! As usual, feedback is appreciated.
  7. AzMiLion

    [MOC] SF-36 Aethon

    The shape and flow of the fighter is really good.Is the use of the older grey/worn bricks a concious choice? Makes the ship look more worn and gives it a lot of personality.
  8. AzMiLion

    [MOC]Second Wave of Turbo Vipers

    Thanks for all the replies guys!, I was working on a minifig scale viper but i axed it since i couldn't get it to flow right. Have some ideas on how to fix it though.
  9. AzMiLion

    [MOC]Second Wave of Turbo Vipers

    Wreckless - Turbo Viper by AzMiLion, on Flickr Finally had some time to work out a design that i had in my head for quite a while now, Changing up the standard engines i used on all vipers for something a bit more complicated and interesting visually, as well as recycling some elements from older vipers. This one is very much a evolution of the Hypersled.
  10. AzMiLion

    [MOC]Second Wave of Turbo Vipers

    Thanks for all the comments guys! I'd love to do a minifig scale build but i am terrible at building at big scales, i might get started on one and post some progress shots in the WIP thread.
  11. AzMiLion

    [MOC]Second Wave of Turbo Vipers

    I was wondering why a certain TV was missing from the list, turns out that i forgot to render it. Centurion - Turbo Viper by AzMiLion, on Flickr I went and fixed that. I made a composite image so it rendered faster, but the shadows are a bit off on this one.
  12. AzMiLion

    MOC: The Unlikely Flying Machine

    I love the shape of this, It looks like it flies like a dream, and a brick at the same time.
  13. after a bit of a hiatus from posting things on public forums, I've decided to share the second wave of Turbo Vipers that I've made. Feedback would be appreciated. Infernal by AzMiLion, on Flickr Hypersled by AzMiLion, on Flickr Primal - Turbo Viper by AzMiLion, on Flickr Jetstream - Turbo Fighter by AzMiLion, on Flickr Justicar by AzMiLion, on Flickr Hazzard by AzMiLion, on Flickr If there's interest in the LXF files or pics from different angles post here or PM me.
  14. Thanks for making this great tool, Makes it easier to display LDD models in a good-looking way, i have one question though. How do i get the metallic materials to render as proper metallic looking bricks. they currently all look matte or flat. Hypersled - Turbo Viper by AzMiLion, on Flickr The dark grey and brown bits are supposed to be metallic. or does the metallic only show up on the highest quality render?
  15. AzMiLion

    [MOC] Turbo Vipers - novvember

    Thanks for all the replies, i finished work on the fourth vehicle in the set. This one is more of a mix between smooth lines and hard edges, using more constructed parts instead of prebuilt bits, combing them with Hero Factory to get larger smooth areas on the model. Justicar by AzMiLion, on Flickr It's not quite done yet considering I still need to remodel the engines into different bits entirely but this give a decent idea of where i'm going with this design. The colourscheme is not final yet but it probably won't change radically.