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  1. Capt. Bluebeard

    Lego Polar Xxpress 2013 this sneak peek doesn't mean anything? I'm confused... Bluebeard, out-
  2. Capt. Bluebeard

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    As I've just received a LEGO Store voucher in the post, I'm planning to head up to Sheffield in October to go the LEGO Store there. Just so I don't go mad with spending, I'm planning out what I buy, and I was just wondering: how much does the Build-A-Mini cost? I saw "£3.50" and "£4.99" at the beginning of the thread, but the cost could easily have changed or vary by store, so I thought I'd ask. Bluebeard, out-
  3. Capt. Bluebeard

    SoF: Spinel Fox - The Pink Faerie Fox

    As a huge fan of Okami, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I adore this thing. The flame-like aesthetic of the tails, the usage of the S6 Space Girl's torso for the eyes, the way you've used pink elements without it ending up looking gaudy or excessive; everything is simply beautiful. In fact, I almost feel ashamed to be in it's presence, and I'm only looking at a computer screen! Bluebeard, out-
  4. Capt. Bluebeard

    10228 Haunted House

    Just to clarify, I bought Vampyre Castle (well, actually it was a birthday present) with full knowledge of the Haunted House, and I don't love it any less than I would've done if the Haunted House did not exist. Personally, I prefer the Gothic style of the Vampyre Castle over the style (I'm not sure what you'd call that style...) that the Haunted House has. To be honest, I'm not too bothered about getting the Haunted House in a hurry; if I don't get it in October, I'll probably end up getting it for Christmas. Bluebeard, out-
  5. Capt. Bluebeard

    Review: 40076 Zombie Car

    Agreed. I'd much rather have the coffin car or, even better, the ghost as a promotional freebie. Oh well, at least this set has a few somewhat useful pieces, like the SNOT plates and the vertical clip bricks. Bluebeard, out-
  6. Capt. Bluebeard

    Double VIP Points in October?

    If there is no free shipping, I may get my dad to buy the Haunted House (with my money of course) at the newly opened Sheffield store, as he is about to start a job there. Bluebeard, out-
  7. Capt. Bluebeard

    10228 Haunted House

    Well, I wasn't going to get this set at first, as I was perfectly content with the Vampyre Castle. However, now, as I've got some money to burn, I may just do so. I'll probably wait 'til double VIP points though. One detail I find amusing about the Haunted House is that there is a portrait of Lord Vampyre in it. I thought vampires were unable to be painted. Bluebeard, out-
  8. Capt. Bluebeard

    Monster Fighters 2012

    @Krulis: I bet they're gonna be really rare though. Hope not, 'cause I wanna to stock up on some ol'-school skellies. Bluebeard, out-
  9. Capt. Bluebeard

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Brave the other day with my sister. Quite funny and, as should be expected from Pixar, beautifully animated. I'm not sure if I like it more than Up or The Incredibles though. I'd have to watch it again to be sure. Bluebeard, out-
  10. Capt. Bluebeard

    Coolest Castle Figures

    Interesting (and very addictive) idea! I've uploaded a minifig too, just for fun. EDIT: Just realised that the pictures have to be exactly 300x300 Have sorted it out now of course, and have even added some new ones too! Bluebeard, out-
  11. Capt. Bluebeard

    Which set should I buy?

    @Oky: I'd say the Bite Cycle, definitely. The pieces in that set just seem more useful than those in the Brickmaster, especially those SNOT bricks. Bluebeard, out-
  12. Capt. Bluebeard

    Minifigures Series 9 Guessing Game

    1)Kabuki Actor 2)Ballerina 3)Venetian Gondolier 4)Male Ice Skater 5)Female Vet w/ cat (similar to Zookeeper's monkey) 6)British Policeman 7)Roman Emporer 8)Sports Fan (with vuvuzela and #1 glove hand) 9) Pastry Chef (with rolling pin and pie w/ pastry cover) 10) Wizard (with new staff mold and hat mold with a tip that folds downwards: like this) 11)Good Knight 12)Violin player 13)Tiger Suit Guy 14)Medusa 15)Princess 16)Blue Coat Bluebeard, out-
  13. Capt. Bluebeard

    Ninjago 2012

    @bkctsang: O.O Great Scott... I haven't really been paying attention to Ninjago as of late, but you can bet I'll be keeping an eye on it now! Anyone know when that book comes out? Bluebeard, out-
  14. Capt. Bluebeard

    If LEGO wasn't draining your wallet....

    Probably anime boxsets, manga volumes, and perhaps some Mojibakeru. Oh, and video games! Bluebeard, out-
  15. Capt. Bluebeard

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 8 poll

    I chose the Lederhosen Guy, with the Diver a close second. I just love Robin Hood hats! Bluebeard, out-