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  1. I appreciate your (old type) reviews Jim very much, those are well thought-out, come with astonishing photos and you always come up with similar verdict I have in my mind after I build my own set. Therefore your reviews have good indication for me if I would like to have a set in my collection or not. I also like Blakbird written reviews a lot but unfortunately he is done with LEGO as far as I know.

    And IMO it is not necessary to come up with your review before the release date. Please continue great work, take your time, maybe concentrate on big sets only and these reviews will always be on the top of the list.

  2. 2 hours ago, kbalage said:

    Lol... apart from not being red and no scissor doors (which can be a fake leak anyway) I don't think TLG has interest in making a supercar from a 18 year old movie that only had a minor role in it.


    @kbalage really like your high quality video reviews because you always come up with thoughts I can fully agree with. The new one about the 3 Technic beasts is no exception. To be honest I miss such reviews when (real LEGO) models in the same category are compared at the end. Back in the good old days, when Balkbird had all the Technic models from the past, he could do such kind of thing but I know how space consumer is to keep built the official models and probably most of them just reused in different MOCs. :classic:  I've just planned to add these biggest Technic models into my collection gallery and now I can see how they will look next to each other. Thanks. :thumbup:

  3. Wow just wow! I rarely comment on Train forum but this MOC of TEE is incredible. Congratulations to HoMa and you, it looks stunning and really the crown jewel of this massive collection. TEE is one of my favourite trains and someday I will try to build a similar one. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Bartybum said:

    I think I just had an aneurysm reading that in one sentence lmao. But god damn yes that would be beautiful. I wonder whether that would require an XL to run the compressor fast? Also I imagine it would be hella expensíf, so I could go without a flashing light.

    OH and before I forget, I wanna see Lego announce a partnership with Nooteboom or Scheuerle.

    Hahaha, you are right, it was too much in one sentence...anyway, they can skip the flashing orange light if they elaborate all other backhoe functions properly. :classic: I just thought children (including me) would love such a new thing on a construction machine. They managed to implement that in some 80s Town sets, so why not? Imagine it at night supplemented by some normal PF lights. It would look awesome. Good question about the motor though, I would use L and two small pumps to get enough air pressure.

  5. 6 hours ago, degenerate said:

    Some quick info about when the 2017 sets will discontinue, so you can get the sets you  want before they'll be gone.

    Thank you very much for this information sir.

    If this list is complete 42056 Porsche from 2016 will be still available in 2019 or probably for a longer period. In my opinion TLG wants to boost sales figures regarding the new super car hopefully coming out this summer and creating the new collectible series of ultimate Technic which was mentioned before by the company itself. And maybe they decided to keep production run much longer for these special Technic sets (similar to mudular buildings) in order to decrease profit of scalpers and Lepin. I would support this strategy.

    On the other hand TLG had very strange strategy regarding flagship 42070 last year which I do not support. RRP was insanely high and dropped right after the release date at many resellers with huge amount to keep planned sales figures I believe. And I agree with agrof at this point that it was not the best way to treat with long-term fans. If 42070 had been priced at EUR 175 (which for me is the right price for a MISB 42070 set) much less dislike would have come I think.

  6. If the cargo train is just a recoloured engine from 60052 with the same detail level plus the mentioned cars and tower it does not worth 250 EUR for sure. I hope there is something special in that set we don't know yet. I am also not interested in one piece nosed passenger train as well and agree that it could be made so interesting with some creativity. All in all  my hope goes for a new creator expert train set which probably will not happen in 2018 with these new city train releases...

  7. 7 minutes ago, Kumbbl said:

    better then the A-model - at least concerning functions.... one of the best B-models over the last few years...

    Agree with you, it is one of the very few B models I will assemble after the A. Functions are pretty awesome and finally a trash truck, although not as spetacular as 8479 Barcode Multi Set.

  8. ^Totally agree. It was also the set that got me hooked on Technic again after my dark ages in 2006. :sweet: I bought it second hand (with chrome faucets) and built it several times and I like it as much as my 8880. In the building process of Porsche after box 2 I sopped a bit and thought this could be the new LEGO auto chassis...

  9. @tohan Well spoken.

    9 minutes ago, tohan said:

    Do you remember 8860 gear box ? It was awful really, you could use only two gears out of the three for there was so much friction that you would just break everything if you tried to use the last one anyway.

    Regarding the 3rd gear in 8860: it was there only to use with the 4,5 volt motor available at that time (which was capable to handle the car only in that gear with its low torque) and not to use driving the model by hand. There was some indication regarding this in the instructions but not clear enough that is true.

  10. I got 42056 Porsche this Christmas and I really like it to be honest. I read many reviews beforehand including Jim's and I totally agree with his final conclusion: "if you are looking for the perfect set, you better look further". On the other hand this Porsche is a great model. It has a marvellous PDK shifting gear system never seen before in an official Technic set and it works perfectly after minor modification. I implemented Attika's change and fixed the wrong gear sequence only. It is beautifully designed and has all the proper functions a Technic supercar should (at least not crappy motorized functions). I also miss the HOG steering and do not understand the wrong gear sequence it has out of the box but I can easily fix it. I do think that LEGO has to put much more effort into user acceptance test before releasing such an exclusive set. And I also remember that some functions were turned down by the Porsche AG itself and not the designer (rear wheel steering comes to my mind but probably they dropped the HOG steering for some reason as well). All in all I see this set as a beautiful (and expensive) experiment step in creating the outstanding LEGO Technic supercar, a great successor to the original series (853, 8860, 8865, 8880, 8448) - and hopefully the first piece of a new series.

  11. I have PS, PC, PR, DO, BB, and AS. To be honest BB is my second favourite modular building after PR and the one which convinced me to start collecting this serie. I really don't like DO and DD with it's cartoonish look. PR and BB are two serios buildings that look great next to each other. I prefer the new era of modulars with more detailed inside and these two perfectly match my taste (I never really liked the first modulars). To me BB is like a small, discrete but very exclusive bank similar to those I saw in Switzerland.