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    What I got for Christmas

    Got a 42009 for Christmas , I have to say I really like it, but it is not successor to 8421 in every way IMO.
  2. Interceptor

    What Technic sets did you get this year ?

    This year I bought 9397, 42009 and 8285 metallic version. Next year I will purchase 41999.
  3. Interceptor


    I experienced the same yesterday. Something has happened...
  4. 8880 And not getting it in my childhood made my passion stronger to collect all the best Technic flagships from the beginning to this day.
  5. 2: 1 10: 1 13: 1 14: 2 22: 2 23: 3 So many fantastic models.
  6. Interceptor


    I would like to see 1996 update as this year's Christmas present from you Blakbird.
  7. My last Technic set was 8868 in my childhood and the set that brought me out of dark ages was the 8455 Backhoe back in late 2006. At that time it was no longer available in my country but I managed to purchase it MISB from Germany at retail price. I still consider it one of the best Technic sets. Not much later I bought 8421...
  8. Interceptor

    Favorite Lego Technic sets ?

    8868 Air Tech Claw Rig. For aesthetics (clear and beatiful design, looks like the real thing, even sounds like the real thing), mechanics (compressor and pneumatic system for the first time), authenticity (pneumatic design comes closest to real one's hidraulic), complexity (tubing is quite challenging). In my opinion it is an all time classic and still impressive.
  9. Interceptor

    [MOD] 8466 Offroader

    First I thought the same but then I put it on the 8466 and changed my mind. I always thought that something is missing from the back (too empty) now I find it perfect but probably that is only my taste. More complicate and more packed - the more I like it.
  10. Interceptor

    [MOD] 8466 Offroader

    @Chilly You can use it for creating a nice service truck from 8466. It gives life to the back of this monster. :)
  11. Interceptor

    [MOD] 8466 Offroader

    Totally agree with the recommended modifications, they improve the model's performance a lot. I suggest the new springs 95292c01 to hold the chassis up properly. I also like the ingenious door mechanism the best. And in my opinion what really completes this set is the 5218 Pneumatic Pack. Unfortunately it is really expensive nowdays. I managed to find a MISB one not long ago, I had to purchase it as a collector and it gave compelling new functions to 8466.
  12. Interceptor

    Sets that you keep for display !

    From my collection ( I keep the yellow construction vehicles and the trucks on display permanently, they look very impressive. I have no room for the others yet. And I always put my MOC on display when I have one.
  13. Interceptor


    hihi little dream came true...for a moment
  14. Congratulations to rm8 and TLG. The final model is fascinating. I will buy one.
  15. @francisalmario: thank you :)
  16. Updated collection:
  17. Good question. I asked the same about the 8868 some weeks before and there was no answer at all. But the same question goes for 8480 and 8880. Do we know anything about the designers of these marvellous (classic) sets? Maybe an interview somewhere? Any info would be appreciated.
  18. @davidmull "The Boss" crawler is the winner model of last years Technic Challenge, to be released later this year
  19. I have similar thoughts but admit that for a beginner/part collector these are very attractive sets. For experts/set collectors I'm not sure. I think I had too high expectations regarding 42008 and most likely will build a tow truck MOC in similar size instead of buying it. Although 42009 is a beast and has some interesting functions but I don't think it is a truly successor to 8421 (mind the unsynchronized boom and hook). I will definitely purchase it because I collect flagships. I hope that "The Boss" will be something cool... Great job Dokludi!
  20. Interceptor

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    Next years flagship will be a flying Space Shuttle with remote control.
  21. Interceptor

    The Enforcer Recharged: CUUSOO Project

    WOW, you get my support, fantastic redesign!
  22. Interceptor

    How much for a 8043

    Well, in my opinion it was much better sopisticated than its reincarnation last year (9397). BTW my bid is 31 EUR
  23. Interceptor

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    Totally agree with Davidmull on 8421, it is an icon, and hardly ever can be beaten in the era of LAs
  24. Interceptor


    Dear Blakbird, First of all I would like to say thank you for partly being the responsible for getting me hooked again on LEGO, especially on Technic, 7 years ago. This passion gave me lot of joy during the last years. My coming out from dark ages wouldn't have been the same without your glorious site: Technicopedia. I believe it is a kind of online compass for a lot of Technic enthusiast around the world. Regarding your dilemma I share Erik Leppen's opinion. I like your extensive text on the sets the most. Your texts are professional, point out the greatness of each set, mark out your adoration and your personal thoughts (which I also like very much to read, for example the one for 8868 ). Your texts help the beginners and also the experts a lot to find out which sets would suit their personal demand the most. Your texts create one of the greatest online source of Technic assays. Of course I like the high resolution pictures as well, they are indispensable on a modern site. But regarding pictures I like the most the pictures which compares the similar sets to each other (category pics). This is unique thing and probably you are the only one who can do these because of your complete collection. I would love to see pics about the original instructions and boxes as well (I mean photos about the cover only). Your animations are pretty attractive. Personally I care less about the renders (I can imagine how much work it can be to create these), but you could save effort on these I think. And I really don't care about videos. There are plenty of them on youtube in case I would like to watch one. The last two things would probably help to make your site complete but are not the ones that add the most value to your site in my opinion. But these are just my thoughts. Simply do, what you enjoy doing the most. Greetings from Hungary, Kari