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  1. Technic flagships, Model Team, Train and (classic) Town.
  2. Interceptor

    Model Team Definition

    Thank you Jim. But regarding the functions: beside the steering there are usually many openable parts on MT models: doors, trunk (5541) hood (5571, 5580, 5591) motorcover (5540, 5542, 5581) adjustable engines (5521, 5581) and I could play with 5591 jet carrier for hours considering the functions packed in the trailer to launch the small jet. Adjustable windscreen wipers, rearview mirrors, moon roofs. Turnable steering wheels (sometimes direct connection to rack and pinion steering). Even Technic Unimog from 2011 lacks some of these...but of course that one has other great functions. Adjustable rear wing on 5561. Suspension imitation on 5580. But thats just perhaps my enthusiasm. My LEGO passion started with 5580 and MT has a special place in my collection. MT and Creator are different lines with different purposes and Creator is not equal to MT by many aspects. Fortunately, because that is why I have no intention to expand my MT collection.
  3. Interceptor

    Model Team Definition

    Very well said Allanp. For me Model Team is superior to the Creator line (not Creator Expert subline) because of lifelike feeling, very high detail and expensive and rare parts (chrome elements) therefore MT has more collectible value. Model Team had basically two scales for vehicles and sets are shown well together (see my collection picture http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=6107518) while Creator line has many scales and different building technic standards. T1 and Mini Cooper from Creator Expert come close to what Model Team was about in the golden age but these sets lack the steering and therefore have major fault IMO (not playable ones).
  4. Interceptor

    41999 problem

    My 8043 motorized excavator had faulty BB right out of the box and I was so angry that my 2.0 edition expensive excavator didn't work well. First I thought that problem came from M motors and I rebuilt it several times but nothing changed. Finally I tried BB change and that was it. LEGO customer service sent me a new one and now everyting is fine. LEGO has one of the best customer services. And PF BB is one of LEGOs worst products according to the feedbacks.
  5. Thank you for the information. I've just ordered mine from the same shop.
  6. Updated collection:
  7. Interceptor

    Is there a better set than 8880?

    Well spoken
  8. Interceptor

    Technic 2H2014 Reviews

    Outstanding video review Sariel (even with minor mistake regarding 8110). I enjoyed every moment of it, thank you.
  9. Probably agree but still waiting for my own copy to make final judgment on this. It can be outstanding in may ways...
  10. I agree, servo has nothing to do with reality. But on the other hand LAs have also nothing to do with reality. (Pneumatics + compressor could have been a good compromise IMO because a new hydraulic system for such a LEGO set would cost too much). But as for the reasons my thougths are: we live in the age of Power Functions, and the designer of 42030 simply wanted to give us an almost full assortment of PF and I think it was a nice thing doing so. The other main reason IMO was profitability and thrift regarding the servo mold and I'm sure this helps LEGO to produce a Technic flagship every year for us. I hope, with using train control, the steering will perform better.
  11. Excellent review, thank you! I want this set even more now but will not open it before Christmas Eve this year.
  12. Interceptor

    Technic 2H2014 Reviews

    +1 waiting for your review Sariel very much. I'm into big yellow machnies and I'm sure at the end the 42030 will be considered a true and remarkable LEGO Technic flagship.
  13. Interceptor

    How long will it be around?

    LOL. I'm sure of that. LEGO Technic dosen't go anywhere but on our shelves and placements of work. Or there will be sweeping demonstrations.
  14. As a Technic flagship collector IMO 8110 and 42009 were also true flagships according to my standards (9398 is a bit less what I would expect from a flagship but 41999 corrected it the right way). My standards are: innovation, authenticity, functionality, great design, and good value also in a long term.
  15. I opened my copy today and plate number is 16134.
  16. Interceptor

    [REVIEW] 8275 Bulldozer

    I agree with every words you said. It has its own place in LEGO Technic history, it brought new level of enjoyment to children and adults as well, it is a brutal Technic construction machine which needs to be handled carefully. And don't forget the small red sticker on the original box, it is like "Toy Fair Winner of Innovation category 2007". This is quite something in my opinion.
  17. Interceptor

    Flagships 2000-2012

    @Kumbbl: totally agree with you
  18. Interceptor

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    Totally agree with Lundgren, buy them all. Then you will want even more. And if you ask me, 8043 is the best studless set so far.
  19. Interceptor

    [C-MODEL] 8110 Jeep

    Thank you for the info, you are right, 8258 C-model is a beauty monster as well and I consider building it in the future. :) Although I would likeTLG to bring back more valuable alternative B-models as they did in the past with some of their flagships especially in the studded era (8480, 8880, 8862, 8868) where B-models where totally different but similar complex vehicles than A-models. From studless era 8258 and also new 42030 have good official B-models IMO.
  20. Interceptor

    [C-MODEL] 8110 Jeep

    I like this alternative model very much, congratulations to the creator! I think LEGO should come out with better alternative models in the future...
  21. Interceptor


    Dear Blakbird, I would like to ask that is "Technicopedia" still an ongoing project? Is there any plan for future revisions? Thanks and Happy Easter!
  22. Interceptor

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    Well, I would like to see a proper successor supercar to 8880 and 8448 incorporating new designed elements and rare colour. Second whish is an orange european style garbage truck as a flagship with compressor & pneumatic. White container truck with lots of pneumatic as a flagship. Yellow grader with many functions either PF or pneumatic. And of course hauler and backhoe as flagship with proper functions.
  23. Interceptor

    42028 Bulldozer Replica by D3K

    @D3K Your enanched model is actually better than the original one and much more authentic. Nice job!
  24. Totally agree, another missed opportunity. I will skip this one and buy the Volvo this year only. Thank you LEGO for sparing some money.
  25. Interceptor

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    Who knows? Seriously, I think it can happen. And many procurtement managers will buy this to their children and probably end with "how cool it is" "why our construction company doesn't use Volvos?" On the other hand it can be part of a brand development action and very good advertisement. Like JCVD splitting over the trucks.