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  1. You definitely live up to your title - this is one of the most thorough reviews I have seen on the site. Brilliant, keep it up! Tom
  2. Vintage Minifig Collection

    A silly price for 5 figures I'm not interested in Thanks for notifying us of this though Tom
  3. 2008 Chess Set pre-order on S@H

    A lovely idea, but it's too expensive. I expect it will go on sale (eventually), which is when I may pick it up. Tom
  4. Double level bus MOC

    This. A very nice, detailed creation. Tom
  5. NEW Official Pirate Minifigure Pictures?

    If this turns out to be true, i'm interested to see all of the new figures. Tom
  6. Aztec Temple Attack

    Very nice set design, I could almost see this being sold on shelves. Tom
  7. The pirate ship Albatross

    I really like this, especially the cannons! Good job. Tom
  8. TLG wants your ideas & suggestions for City themes

    I would love to see either a zoo or farm theme, as then I could use the parts in my castle mocs. Also, the pitchfork piece could make a return! Tom
  9. Lego vs Photo

    Thanks for this - I'd only seen some of these pics, so its nice to see them all consolidated in one place. Tom
  10. Lego Smash Bros.

    I love this game, and I love your figs! Tom
  11. How to deal with this?

    I think she's sort of accepting that she wont be able to control my funds much longer. I also raised the idea of setting up a savings account, and I think she is keen for me to do that, as at least then she will know I am not frittering all my money away on lego. Also, she handed over my bank card, so it looks like I'm onto a winner. I think the current arrangement will be putting at least half my monthly wages into a savings account. I earn between 180-300 a month, so I will still have plenty of money left over to fund my hobby, as well as buy clothes and other needs/wants. I'd like to thank you for all your help and support. Perhaps people could continue adding to this thread, as there are others like me with similar issues - the thread could even be renamed (how to deal with pushy parents? ). Thanks, Tom
  12. Obi-"Swan" Kenobi vs. Django Feet

    Another cool castle wars vig Good job! Tom
  13. How to deal with this?

    I am forced to do choice B as it is - I have no choice but to do chores, but at the same time, I no longer get pocket money at the age of 16, as is custom in our house, which is part of the reason I have a job. I definitely will raise some of the more appropriate points with her, though as I have said she is often unreasonable. I think having my dad there as support will help too. Also, I have to wait for august for my exam grades, but I am reasonably confident I have done well. It looks like I may have to wait until then. Thanks for all your advice and support Tom
  14. How to deal with this?

    See she'll happily let me buy console games and such. I think part of the problem is space, but my lego collection is currently not that large that it takes up much room - I use a small 4-draw unit, plus a shelf for my current models. I definitely agree with the bank card idea, and will talk to her about that soon.
  15. How to deal with this?

    You raise some very interesting and valid points. I'm happy to let her hold onto my card, but from now on, I am going to insist on having it when I want it, and through this I will be able to spend as and when I like. Part of the reason she does this is because both my parents believe I should be saving for other things, such as a car - I will be driving at the end of the year, 17 in December. I'm not trying to defend her - I think it's just hard for her to accept I'm growing up, though at the same time, she doesn't exactly want me to retain a "childish" hobby. She wants to keep me somewhere in between, and I intend to talk to her about it. See now, I already drink and have an interest in women However, I am sensible about it - I don't binge drink, and she doesn't mind that I do drink. However, whilst she holds my bank card, she maintains a certain degree of control over me - I will probably raise this issue with my dad, as he is the fair one, and whilst strict, will hear me out, and undoubtedly take my side if I can present a good argument. Tom