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  1. Commander Tac

    The Prototype's Escaped!

    Thanks! All the guns, grenades and rockets are from BA, if you haven't got any I highly recommend them!
  2. Commander Tac

    The Prototype's Escaped!

    Soon after man had perfected the first robots it wasn't long before they were made into huge metal soldiers. Delta 3.0, a prototype war mecha, was one of the best. It excelled in every lab test it faced. But there was a catch. Like a certain trilogy it started developing much faster than the engineers could have imagined. It was November the 22nd, 2157 when it escaped. It rampaged through the streets, smashing through walls and killing anyone in it's path. It was November the 28th when the nuke was launched. A total of 560,284 people died. You can now see the wall with all it's details. "Hey, since when was firing at a robots big behind in the brochure?" How many times has Poor Charlie died now? I lost count. "James..." "Yes dear?" "I never liked your hair..." "Noooooo!" I apologize for the rubbish editing in the first two photos, this is the biggest MOC I've ever done and it wouldn't fit on the paper so I had to use the clone toll to extend it! The scene itself took me about 9 hours, about 4 was spent building and 5 desperately searching for pieces. Thanks for your time.
  3. Commander Tac

    Delta 3.0

    Updated with V2, now with 100% more badass!
  4. Commander Tac

    Delta 3.0

    It's finally done after months of procrastination! I love this sooo much and pictures really don't so it justice. It's my favourite MOC to date and is approximately 22cm tall. You can see the WIP photos here. :D
  5. Commander Tac

    Stomp! Stomp! Boom! Boom!

    "Lets go kill da squishy humies!"
  6. Commander Tac

    Red Light! GO! GO! GO!

    -Umm, Sir? -What now Rookie? -I think you forgot to give me my parachute. -Parachute?! Bah! Parachutes are for cowards. Real men jump, 'cept for Chuck Norris, he does a backflip. A simple paratrooper and and my first attempt at lighting. I know it's green light, but A) I didn't have any transparent green things and B) Red looks better in my opinion.
  7. Commander Tac

    Indiana Jones theme discussion & speculations

    Sorry for the bump, this was the only Indy thread I could find (I probably missed one somewhere!). Did anyone else notice the policeman's head?
  8. Commander Tac

    Viva La Empire!

    My version of what Episodes 4-6 should have been like! Timeline: -19: Luke and Leia born. 0: Han and Leia get engaged. 0: Alliance steals Death Star plans and give them to R2. 0: R2 crashes on Tatooine and gets bought by Luke. 0: Luke blows R2 up by accident. 0: Episode VI: A lost Hope 0: Luke and Ben meet Han and Chewie 0: Han smuggles them to Dantooine. 0: Battle of Dantooine. 0: Death on Ben Kenobi. 0: Han Solo gets captured and taken to Bespin. 0.5: Imperials destroy Dantooine and sell asteroids on Ebay. 1: Luke and Chewie go in search of Han. 2: Alliance builds new base on Hoth. 3: Episode V: Here We Go Again. 3: Battle of Hoth. 3: Luke, Chewie and Leia arrive at Cloud City. 3: Chewie and Leia Rescue Han. 3: Luke Duels Vader. 3: Death of Luke Skywalker. 4: Episode VI: The Rebels Strike Back (And Fail Epically) 4: Battle of Endor. 4: Battle over Endor. 4: Fall of the Rebel Alliance. 4.5: The bastard child of Vader and the Emperor's mom is born. 4.5: Emperor kills Darth Vader. Luke Skywalker: Abandoned on Tatooine as a baby, Luke's life has been a struggle. He worked day and night for his uncle. he was soon being hunted by imperial forces after blowing up a droid with important schematics inside him. He seeked help from former Jedi Ben Kenobi. Together they met up with Han Solo and Chewbacca. They fled to Dantooine, there they found a large base full of rebels and dissidents: The Rebel Alliance. Ben taught Luke the ways of the force and the history of the Jedi order. Their lessons were cut short as the imperials found out about the base. Vader sent thousands of Stormtroopers to the base, killing over half the rebels. Luke, Chewbacca and a handful of rebels managed to escape, but Ben was killed and Han was captured and taken to Cloud City. The rebels flew to Hoth to build a second base, but Luke and Chewie made their way to Bespin, but were almost shot down by a space pirate. The pirate turned out to be Han's fiance, Leia. The three musketeers rebels fell right into Vader's trap. Luke bravely fought Vader's forces, allowing Chewie, the rescued Han and Leia to flee to the rebel's space fleet. With only a dozen stormies left Luke had almost won, that was when he arrived. With one quick sweep of his hand, Vader pushed Luke off the landing platform, he watched his son fall to his death with no regret. Leia Organa Like Luke, Leia was abandoned on Tatooine as a baby. She was taken in by an elderly lady who looked after here until Leia was 19. This was when she met Han. One thing led to another and they ended up getting engaged. A month before the wedding and Han was doing his last trip, smuggling two Jedi to Dantooine. Leia had heard about the assault on Dantooine and immediately went in search of Han. She found two others looking for him. Thinking they were just after him for the bounty she tried to destroy their ship, but soon found out who they were. Her, Chewie rescued Han from the clutches of Vader, but Luke died buying them time. His death ignited the assault on Endor, were the Empire defeated the rebel waves and crushed all resistance. Han Solo: Your usual Smuggler. He fell in love with Leia at 23, 6 months before smuggling Ben and Luke to Dantooine. The base was attacked a week after they arrived and Han was captured and taken to Cloud City. He was rescued by his best friend Chewie, Leia and Luke. Everyone managed to survive 'cept for Luke. He fell to his death. Chewbacca: Han's best friend, Chewie is one of the strongest humans on Tatooine. He accompanied Han to Dantooine. He managed to escape during the assault, but Han got captured. He and Luke went after Han, but were almost shot down above Bespin. The attacker turned out to be Han's fiance, Leia. The three of them rescued Han, but Luke was killed by Vader. Rebel Trooper: Many who joined the Rebel Alliance were made into soldiers. They were trained to fight the imperial forces uses any way possible. These were the main fighting force on Dantooine and managed to hold off the imperials long enough for a third of the rebels to escape. They were slaughtered when the AT-STs finally made their way to the base. Rebel Snow Troopers: These Rebel trooper are trained to fight in snowy planets. Although they mainly use their guns, they have been knew to threw snowballs at imperial forces. They were mainly used in the rebels second base on Hoth. They turned out to be great fighters, killing the imperial scouts with ease. The main attack force proved trickier, many rebels were squished under the feet of AT-AT's. The battle of Hoth was a disaster for the rebels. Rebel Jungle Trooper: These soldiers, trained for jungle/forest combat, were used in the Rebel's final battle. After the death of Luke Skywalker the rebels knew it was time to act. They sent 500 jungle troopers to Endor to attack to Death Star, a huge round tank that self destructs, taking the planet with it. The mission was an epic fail. 500 rebels went, 1 survived, but that was only because he got lost. Rebel Saboteur: Pilot, engineer and saboteur all rolled into one highly trained rebel soldier. Darth Vader: Darth Vader is the third most feared being in the galaxy (After the Emperor and Wicket). He's injuries were causes by the Emperor himself. Vader had left the toilet seat up when the Emperor's mom was visiting. Stormtrooper: The backbone of the Empire, Stormtroopers are armored troopers used in most imperial assualts. The Emperor 'accidently' blew up Kamino after Lama Su called his mom a whore, this forced the Empire to use droids, not clones. Boba Fett: Boba's father, Jango, was killed by the Republic after he'd given them what they wanted. After that Boba swore revenge. He attacked 23 imperial bases before being captured. He was then forced to work for the Empire, attacking rebel bases instead of imperial ones. Shadow Guard: These elite guards can be used anywhere from the Emperor's throne room to the front line. Cold Assault Trooper: These cold assault troopers were first used in the battle of Hoth. They seemed fairly equal to the Rebel's snowtroopers, but still managed to win (With the help of 20 AT-ATs!). Imperial Officer: These are the guys that lead the assaults when Vader's too lazy to. Enjoy! Not my best I know, but I still had a lot of fun making them and rewriting Episodes 4-6. :)
  9. Commander Tac

    The Dark Knights

    This is what I've been building up to, a custom squad! I don't usually customize, but I have to admit it was fun and I'm pleased with the results. Custom stuff: Custom cross made out of 1x2 tile, painted AMA visor, painted BA chainblade, custom goggles made up of normal goggles and a 1x1 tile and most of the faces have cuts on them. Larger versions available on Flickr.
  10. Commander Tac

    Cyborg Hardsuits

    It's made by Hazel.
  11. Commander Tac

    Cyborg Hardsuits

    Brothers 'till the end... Based on the Peteframe.
  12. Commander Tac

    The Force Unleashed: Abetor

    On the jungle planet of Abetor a Jedi knight is starting to piss off the imperials. Vader has sent Starkiler to dispose of him. He disguises himself as a jungle trooper and makes his way through an underground base in the capital, Elkatar. An officer called spots him and all hell breaks loose... Meh, after seeing the new TFU II trailer I wanted to build a TFU bignette. It all started with Starkiller's badass pose and that crater he made using a 'Force Slam'. Overview. A close-up of the crater, disintegrating blaster and dead troopers.
  13. 3 points to 7. Zombie Entry by Delatron. Brilliant idea and extremely well executed.
  14. Commander Tac

    Cyborg Troops

    Just playing around with my parts. :P Customs used: BA M41A Pulse Rifle, BA M84 Stun Grenade, BA Ammo Clip, BF Headlamp and AA GOW Armour.
  15. Commander Tac


    Sorry, I thought it was more Apocalypse/Modern than Sci-Fi.