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  1. X-wing to Viper MKII

    Is it true the the Viper MKII (from the original BSG series)is based off of the X-Wing from ANH? The front looks partially similar but the main thing I noticed is how the cockpit blendes into the engines. They appear to be copies of eachother (correct me if I am wrong)
  2. Hello Nuggets!

    Thank you! I hope so as well. The only problem would be the price for the blocks as we would have to order the parts. Good Hunting, Linux_Man_85 *the correct colored parts
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good pieces that would serve as a good base for my Viper's engines. My original idea was to use the A-wing's engines and have them back to back, but I did not have a sufficient quantity of them and was unsatified with the results. Any help or input would be greatly appreciates. Good Hunting, Linux_Man_85
  4. Hello Nuggets!

    Hello Nuggets! My friends call me Linux_Man_85 (they actually dont but thats besides the point) I am a huge fan of BSG and am very excited about episode 3 and 4 of Blood and Chrome! I am currently building a Viper MKII from the origional BSG series. I aim to eventually build the Battlestar Galactica with my good friend from school. Good hunting, Linux_Man_85