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  1. Chocolatecake

    Catching Butterflys

    That is a very cute little vignette.
  2. Chocolatecake

    EB Xmas Raffle 2015-Your ideal Christmas tree - Winners

    I recieved mine some days ago, so now I'm one of the cool kids now with Super Heros minifigures. Thank you for the work you have put in to it Mike.
  3. Chocolatecake

    EB Xmas Raffle 2015-Your ideal Christmas tree - Winners

    I won - on the first day *huh* What a pleasant surprise, didn't expect to be a lucky winner third year in a row. Thank you Mike (and rest of EB) for the raffle.
  4. Chocolatecake

    Eurobricks Event 2016 - Information Topic

    quite tempting, better figure out the finances.
  5. Chocolatecake

    Why is LEGO now being made in China?

    I have had problems with some cheeseslopes that cracks and then the variation in colour, but that are the only two things I have noticed.
  6. When it comes to my christmastree I prefer a tree decorated with a star in the top and decoration that are in every colour of the rainbow. I might get a tiny tree in a pot from IKEA this year (and then give it to my sister and brother in law after christmas..)
  7. Chocolatecake

    Lego Scientific Research Institute

    What a nice set-up, the only thing this chemist is missing is the fumehood But it feels so familiar and bring back memories from my years at university. Keep on MOC'ing
  8. Haven't been around for a couple of month and thought that my batch was lost, when some idiots blew up my mailbox 6 weeks ago. But now I see that I might get the prize in the next week (if the danish postal service will...) Thanks copmike for your work, putting all those pieces in bags, writing adresses and licking stamps ( ).
  9. Thank you EB for having another Xmas raffle, and winning was a bonus . I am impressed by all the entries and all the creativity. Have a happy new year my fellow AFOL's
  10. Chocolatecake

    [MOC] Japanese garden

    You have done it again Cecilie! Never disappoints and clever use of the latter, had to re-read it and look at the photo again to find the latter - very ccreative use of them.
  11. What I really really really want for christmas is a job. And this is my sigfig holding a contract in her tiny yellow hand.
  12. Chocolatecake

    MOC: Modular Shell Gas Station

    Oh wow, just wow! It truely looks like at gas station and the amount of details impresses me. So keep on building.
  13. Chocolatecake

    MOC: Historic House

    Oh.. the roof, I understand you - been there and it is really a pain in the... Your result is really good, well executed and I think: why didn't I do that? So keep on MOC'ing.
  14. Hmm.. It's not more messy than if you like Star Wars, Chima and Agent, they have all minifigures shaped minifigures. I don't know how stores in the UK looks like, never been to that part of Europe. But here the minidollsets are places next to minifiguresets. In TRU Friends are placed next to City and Princess next to Creator. They are not placed next to Barbie, Monsters High and other dolls. Same goes for the supermarkets, LEGO has their own area. They did a lot of test on girls in the targetgroup and the dolls were a winner, and if minidolls are what makes little girls wants to play with construction toys, why should we as AFOL complain? The other day in TRU, I heard a Uncle tell his girlfriend about the Disney Princess set his nephew loves and which Friends set the boys has on his wishlist along the minifigureset.
  15. Chocolatecake

    REVIEW: 71007 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 12

    First: Thank You WhiteFang for another great review. Even though it's a not a city-heavy serie, it offer som great parts that can be city-fied. The face of the piggy guy looks like it would suit kid-minifig and the wizard is what I imagined Dumbledore the first time I read the philosopher stone. I'm glad LEGO returned to the regular series, with figures there are easier to mix and match.
  16. And I don't get why Friends are so special that it needs it's own place, great MOC's wont get the same attention if it's keept away from the themes they would fit in, just because there are minidolls instead of minifigs. I like how the Eurobricks looks like, it's easy to navigate, and there are only a few subforums that don't have daily activities.
  17. So it's only building when it's minifigs even though it's pretty easy to swap the minifigs with minidolls...
  18. @SMC What forum should a building go, if it's Friends minidoll building? Friends because of the doll og building because it's a building? Same if you build a spacestation with Friends as someone did just recently? Space or Friends?
  19. Nobody here thinks it could be the new elves theme?
  20. Chocolatecake

    LEGO City Problems/Rant

    There are still Creator and Friends that have the houses and shops that fits into the sitytheme.
  21. Chocolatecake

    Town square, slight factory error.

    Yes, new pirate stuff is coming next year. Head over to the pirates forum
  22. Just realised that I have been part of online communities for 10 years now, which also means I have som experience with several forums. Eurobrick is one of the best, thinking of how big it is an how many different nationalites we are. I don't mind Moderators closing and merging topics or removing photos. With so many users, some forums will have fresh topics that goes 2 maybe 3 pages back because of reviews, MOC's and MOD's. The language part, not having english as a native tongue and I don't like the idea of going that road where your english should be almost perfect - I have been on a community like that and it wasn't fun! I like Eurobricks - most people are polite and behaving mature.
  23. Chocolatecake

    Town square, slight factory error.

    Haha... see it as you won the lottery, because as TheLegoDr says, it's all done on a machine, so there must have been a hook stucked somewhere from another batch of minifigures. But contact LEGO costumerservice anyway, then LEGO knows that it can happen.
  24. Chocolatecake

    The Blame Thread

    Haha... true
  25. Chocolatecake

    The Blame Thread

    Finally! I have build mine too. There were missing parts, but most of them could be replaced with yellow bricks from my collection of yellow bricks (those basic brick boxes are quite useful ) Oh... And I build it on day that is just as grey, wet and cold as the days in Billund.