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  1. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Here is the picture of the train from Brickset.
  2. Dav1d

    small hopper wagon moc

    Very nice, how do they empty? They look a bit like the hopper wagon from set 4564 or the hopper wagon 10017.
  3. Dav1d

    [MOC] DB Class V60 Diesel shunter

    It would be great if LEGO were to produce small trains like these.
  4. I find the image to be too black to make out the detail of the model. It is a fantastic model but it is hard to see it clearly. I haven't used the software so I can't give any advice. I could hardly make out there was a description sign.
  5. I'm an 'old timer' and I still use Track Designer. Here is my design - trying to follow your instructions and fit on a 1.2 x 2.4m board. As you can see there is a small 'gap' in the track 0- but is shouldn't matter. It is not very 'L' shaped. As it says there is a 4 stud border - if I had the track right to the edge I may have been able to fit more in.
  6. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I was told that the reason they stopped showing alternative models on the box is that they kept on disappointing customers who phoned up asking for the instructions for the alternative models. They decided it was better not to show them. A lot of work goes into creating instructions. It is a pity, as they were there for inspiration.
  7. Dav1d

    Train Shed & Layout

    I see it was a way of using flexi - track.
  8. Dav1d

    Has anyone bought 9v track from okbrickworks?

    When I look at the 4DBRix website, I can only see plastic track https://www.4dbrix.com/products/train/ I thought only FxBrix were making 9V track https://www.fxbricks.com/
  9. I have been thinking for sometime of buying TrixBrix Boom Barrier Combo but I haven't found any reviews by users. Has anyone bought this product - did it live up to expectations? Boom Barriers Combo (trixbrix.eu)
  10. Dav1d

    60052 MOC

    Here is my MOD of the Blue loco from set 60052. I tried to build it using only the bricks supplied with 60052 but gradually I used more. I happened to have two spare 2 wide blue train windows. I like these small locos - they are hard to do without a 9V train motor.
  11. Dav1d

    Yamanote Line E231-500 series

    Is the station roof made from brick separators?
  12. Dav1d

    Mattzobricks Train Automation

    Did you cut your track. How did you get the 4 passing loops on the right side of the top left circuit?
  13. Dav1d

    Hogwarts train - tracks?

    You then get on oval of track, a motor & controlled (and an extra train).
  14. Dav1d

    Making good use of 1x3x3 windows: historic liveries?

    I entered "old-style-looking electric multiple units" and selected images and got a lot of pictures. Maybe you need to narrow down your search. I often find looking at model railway catalogues helps. Hornby Catalogue Bachmann Europe plc - model-railway/branchline -> Multiple Units
  15. I prefer 4563- I like the small red loco. It's a pity we don't get small locos any more. I also like the wagons.