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  1. Dav1d

    Pictures from Torben Plagborg - 9V system

    Sorry, I still cannot see the 90 degree crossing. I can only see one straight rail.
  2. Dav1d

    90th Anniversary of the Lego Group / Fan Vote

    I couldn't work out where to vote. I logged in ....
  3. Dav1d

    Pictures from Torben Plagborg - 9V system

    Where did you see this? Interesting to hear that the main reason for changing from 12V to 9V was because of Dust. I did find that I had to run (push) the 12V train around the track a few times to burn the dirt off. I would have thought that safety (12V to 9V), simplicity (one piece rather then 5 piece track) and realism (no centre conducting rail) would also have been factors. Also interesting that the choice of Amtrak colours was a deliberate choice - I'm sure that's what made the set so popular.
  4. Dav1d

    Semaphore Signals

    Here are two simple semaphore signals.
  5. Dav1d

    My own railroad: ideas welcome

    Building A Lego Model Railway - Part 1 - YouTube I have just watch the first part and it is very good. His 1/4 scale mock up was excellent.
  6. Thanks for posting the review.
  7. Dav1d

    Edinburgh Tram 8404 MOC

    Here is my Edinburgh Tram from the tram from set 8404 Public Transport Station. I had previously modified it for a 9V motor, here I have added white & dark red bricks and my own stickers.
  8. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Well said.
  9. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2021

    It should be allowed. If they are rubbish we need to know, if they are good we need to know There is a lot of discussion on BlueBrick software, TrixBrixs, BrickTracks etc. - all of which are not LEGO, but are important to us. I want to know if TrixBrix is good. BrickSet does a review of Communist 'LEGO' which is very interesting. If The LEGO Group are not up to the job of producing items we want, why should other be stopped?
  10. Dav1d

    7938 MOC

    Here is the previous version of the train.
  11. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I wouldn't buy it but I was surprised to see that it is motorised.
  12. Dav1d

    7938 MOC

    Here is my updated version of 7938 Passenger Train from 2010. Previously I had added a white stripe & old train 2x3 train windows. Now I have changed the front using the design from the Tram in 60097 City Square from 2015. Maybe I should have used yellow bricks on the front. Sorry, I was going to include an image, I got it down to 6KB but still would not load.
  13. Dav1d

    12v- general discussion

    The 12V system is great and I was very disappointed when it was replaced with the 9V system. But the 9V system is much easier to use, for example the track is just one piece rather than 5, and the fact that changing the points isolates the track (with 12V you need two sets of signals). The 12V system has some advantages the sets seem to be have been designed as a system that complement each other. The electric are mixed - you end up with too many wires all over the layout but the remote controlled points, levelling crossing, uncoupler, signals, etc. are all clever. I still run my 12V trains but with a 9V motor.