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  1. Dav1d

    My annual 12V layout

    I have a much smaller layout that takes me about 3 hrs to set up. You did well to set all that up in 16 hrs. Lots of people ask how long did it take to build? - you build it over years - it's the setting up that takes the time. Taking it down also takes a long time - but not so long.
  2. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Has anyone converted the trolley to run with a 9V motor? I assume the only reason they don't recommend the 9V motor is that the wheels are far apart and with Power-up one pair of wheels is replaced with the Power -up motor with only one pair of motor wheels removed. 6437134.pdf (lego.com)
  3. Dav1d

    12 Volt River Port

    This is fantastic, great how the trains and building all fit together.
  4. Dav1d

    Getting started with 12 volt trains

    There is a small mistake, the same station is shown twice, 7822 rather than 7822 and later 7824. The Bricklists from Brickset : LEGO trains sets from the grey era (77xx and 78xx sets) | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database and All the LEGO trains from the Grey track era give most of this information - you have done it in a Video format. Not sure if you included the push along & 4.5V train sets as they could easily be upgraded to 12V.
  5. Dav1d

    9V motor post 'lockdown'

    Tried running the motor again this morning before cutting - ran perfectly. I have a number of 9V motors and run different ones - some must be run more than others, some must hardly ever be run - I have never experienced this before. Did find this with 12V - they ned a push to get them going if they have not been used for a while. Thanks for your help.
  6. Dav1d

    9V motor post 'lockdown'

    Cannot see any visible cables/contacts. Bit frightened to take the motor apart. These look like the best tutorials. 10153 9v train motor engine disassembly — Brickset Forum Repair Guide to Lego 9v Motor Sputtering (funnyjunk.com) The first says you can take it apart using tooth picks rather than cutting the tabs - are there any photos or videos of this? Is there any other advice.
  7. I was at my first LEGO train show for over two years. After lying in a box unused for this period one of my 9V motors didn't work. For the last 30 years I have never had any problem with them. Today I have set it up at home on a circle of track and after giving it a push, it eventually has got round the track and now runs slowly with a 'chugging' sound. Does it need oiling or cleaning or something? I have never taken it apart so am reluctant to do that.
  8. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I think the post showing the Metroliner 4558, Freight Rail Runner 4564 and Santa Fe Super Chief 10020 were examples of realism. I suppose 'realism' is relative - it is a toy built from LEGO where correct scale doesn't really work. It was sets 4559 Cargo Railway and 4565 Freight & Crane railway 4560 Railway Express where the realism took a dip.
  9. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I had initially thought it was flex track - so hopefully there will be no more of that. I also wondered what the 'railway stables' is - I assume it should be translated to 'siding'.
  10. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Is the front/back of the loco the same as the front of 60197 Passenger train?
  11. There was an interesting article about Torben Plagborg in the 90th Block magazine telling his story at LEGO and the introduction of the 9V trains. A few items are of particular interest: In the mid 1980's when the future of trains were in doubt, in his his own time he built 25 different locomotives to show managers from all over the world that interesting trains could still be made. They spent a lot of time developing larger radius curves, but in the end because children's rooms all over the world are not too big they had to stick with the current radius. He wanted to make trains as realistic as possible, others wanted the opposite, fortunately he won. (You can tell when he left with the imaginary 4559 Cargo Railway & 4565 Freight & Crane Railway). .
  12. Dav1d

    Indoor train layout ft 60197

    It was clever how you kept the camera just in front/behind the moving train.
  13. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Release date is 1st June
  14. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I have been looking back to LEGO train leaks in 2018. On 6th January 2018 there were very fuzzy pictures. On 30th April there was as small picture of the cargo train on the cover of the LEGO magazine. On 12th May there were some poor quality pictures from a Russian Toy Fair. On 23rd May the first official images appeared. On 1st July they were launched. This year LEGO appears to be keeping a tight lid on leaks. I assume LEGO will not be appearing at a Russian Toy Fair (I wonder what their policy is on trading with Russia?).
  15. Dav1d

    LEGO Trains 2022

    A few years ago on a trip to Billund I spoke to a train designer and said I hoped to see a small train like the ones shown above. I was told children prefer big trains - I was quite disappointed. There is now a new train designer, so we will wait and see....