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    [MOC] Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing

    Fantastic. It's bigger than I thought it would be and I love the way you've done the wing decoration.
  2. yogurt

    [MOC] RZ-1 A-wing interceptor

    I was really disappointed in the official A-wing, yours is so much better (and doesn't need stickers ) I love the Y-wings, you've even managed to get the astromechs facing the right way. I also like the use of the classic space cockpit canopy on the X-wing, it looks so much better than the one Lego uses and I've often wondered why lego doesn't use that one (ok it's still not perfect but without making a new piece I think this is the closest).
  3. yogurt

    LEGO Castle 2013

    The stairs are a good feature. Something that lego often forgets about. I like the more spartan, military style of this new castle, the last one had several design flaws that would have made it easier to assualt .
  4. yogurt

    LEGO Castle 2013

    I like the look of the castle design, the two tiered gatehouse and buttresses do a good job of breaking up the big grey wall problem. I don't like the dragons head on the catapult and the red and black colour scheme is poor. The bad guys shield design looks ok but the Lion shield is awful (why they've resurrected the worst shield design I don't know). The rest of the castle has the usual play features, secret door, catapults etc that I would expect but I'm not a fan of the blue decorative pieces on the walls (the red used on the last castle looked much better). I don't know if its just the photograph but something looks... well wrong, about the horse and it's barding. I'm pleased that they've included a knight as well as the king, and hopefully there will be two horses for the royalists (I doubt there will be though). However the set has the usual problem of not enough minifigs and the ever present factional imbalance of the good guys outnumbering the baddies. It'll be interesting to see what changes they make for the final version.
  5. yogurt

    Cuusoo Lego Star Wars TIE variants

    That looks fantastic. It looks like the new cockpit piece works better on the TIE/in that the standard TIE. I hope your cuusoo project is succesful.
  6. yogurt

    Legends of Chima 2013

    I'm annoyed that they've put the same two characters, Razar and Rizzo, in the Eagle Interceptor and the Chi Raider.
  7. yogurt

    Favorite Elf Figure

    I wouldn't line them all up like that. It makes the cmf one look like he's got jaundice
  8. Excellent. You've really captured the style and feel of the Winged Hussars. Well done.
  9. yogurt

    Ninjago 2013

    Yeah it would have been nice if the rear of the little mech had been snotted, but its hard to really complain with such a cheap set.
  10. yogurt

    Space Marines!

    You'd have to make sure Quasar isn't Trademarked in some countries as it's the name of a Laser-tag company in the UK.
  11. Do you mean Dol Guldor?
  12. yogurt

    Legends of Chima 2013

    I think it's just two detatchable mini-vehicles on the Croc boat. I've been trying to work out whether they've used a floating hull on it.
  13. yogurt

    LEGO Castle 2013

    I was never a fan of collapsing structures as a kid, Lego is a construction toy so if I wanted to represent battle damage it was fairly easy to do so.
  14. yogurt

    Space Marines!

    I suspect that Games Workshop doesn't trawl sites like this or the 1000's of projects on Cuusoo, but probably does keep an eye on which projects reach the review stage.
  15. yogurt

    Space Marines!

    There is actually a company that's fighting this issue out with Games Workshop.