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  1. theultimatetoa001

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017

    I haven't been following Lego news as frequently as I used to, so when I went to the local Lego store I was caught off-guard seeing for the first time (The price caught me off guard too). It looks absolutely impressive. Now all I need is the money to afford it.
  2. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    Man, I forgot this place exsisted. It's been forever since I've posted here. I honestly do like alot of the the set's this year, and think that most of the set's look neat, even the small one's. To go on a tangent for a bit, I honestly couldn't make a Technic M.O.C to save my life, and i'm pretty much a complete casual, which I think is why I always see these models as impressive and appreciate Technic sets, since they're something I could never do myself, so seeing others always be critical about these set's always confused me when I was younger and even now, since I don't really have the experience of building my own M.O.C's and knowing the complex intricacies of making a Technic model's like you guys do. I still however, feel as if sometime's people ask way too much of the Lego Technic team, and tend to write off certain set's they don't like as "a set you only buy for parts" before they come out way too often, despite the fact that although AFOL are definitely a majority of Technic's demographic, there are still a minority of younger fans like myself (By younger fan I usually mean around the 14-17 year old mark, with me becoming 18 in June) that may be interested in Technic set's as well, but don't want a set that is too challenging or is too expensive in the first place. I often feel that it's better to make my opinion on a set after it's release and after hearing people review the set and talk about what it's like, how well it's functions work, etc. For example, two things I really don't like in Lego set's are winches and stickers, for the reason mostly being that I am pretty poor at being precise, which makes it hard to place stickers and thread a string through the hook and winch and tying it afterwards. Despite that, I bought the 42052 after seeing it's reviews and I enjoyed building and playing with it. All that dumb ranting on my part aside, I'll probably get the 42070 since it looks cool in my opinion. The only thing I would probably want to add is LED's to the front headlights but that piece doesn't really have any way that you could attach the light's to it unless you placed some bricks behind it. Oh, and the teddy bear on the front is really cute.
  3. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2016 Discussion and Speculation

    Holy crap. I lost interest in Lego for a little while and when I come back, a whole bunch of new sets get revealed . I NEED to get that Bucket Wheel Excavator set.
  4. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2016 Discussion and Speculation

    I completely forgot to account for that possibility. At least there's still the bucket wheel excavator...
  5. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2016 Discussion and Speculation

    I'm happy that we'll be getting a poice cruiser set. (At least that's what I THINK it is) I hope it get's something other than just steering and an engine. Working siren lights and maybe even a spike strip would be awesome!
  6. theultimatetoa001

    42042 - Crawler Crane - General Discussion

    That video just makes me want it more.
  7. theultimatetoa001

    [REVIEW] 42008 - Service Truck

    As someone who own's this set, I believe that it's really good. You get a really good array of functions in a small space, with a solid looking outside. The functions work at good speeds, and don't have problems. I feel like everyone keeps criticizing set's like these for minor problems and making it a big deal. The only problem I had was the hook getting stuck on the pneumatics, but that's it. I swear, people here seem damn near unpleaseable. When a flagship set comes out, almost everyone calls it "crap" and nothing more than a "piece pack". Not every lego fan out there wants +1000 piece lego creations that weigh almost 3 kilograms with +6 functions. Some people (like kids and teens) just want a moderately big set that looks cool with 3-4 functions. These aren't high-end pieces of art for you people to criticize, there're god damn lego sets.
  8. theultimatetoa001

    [MOC] Airport Crash Tender

    This is absolutely amazing! WHY CAN'T THIS BE A REAL SET? I'd pay $1000 bucks to get it.
  9. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    Why should we ban him? He"s just stating his opinion, and he's not being rude about It.
  10. theultimatetoa001

    42042 - Crawler Crane - General Discussion

    I'm really looking forward to this set. The functions look great, the model looks amazing, and the use of blue is outstanding.
  11. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    While I do like the way pneumatics are used in this set, the hoses are just so clustered and ugly looking. Besides that, the rest of the model looks outstanding.
  12. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    Im really liking the new crane. The blue is used very well,and the crane shows that technic cranes don't need a hefty amount of rope to work. I will definitely get it.
  13. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    The crane set sounds like a good set. Just wish it didn't have/needed ropes.
  14. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    I have a question. What does it mean when an engine is V6 or V8? Is it the numer of pistons or is it something different?
  15. theultimatetoa001

    Technic 2015 Discussion and Speculation

    I honestly like the new Le mans Car looks over the preliminaries,but the name is dumb.Seriously,what the heck does 24 Hours Race Car even mean? Ps.I'm in LOVE with that 42038,so much ORANGE!