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  1. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Looks like a good time for an adventure!" Zoltan said. Zoltan signs up for Quest 70 and 71.
  2. Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Zoltan upgrades his (WP:3) ball and chain to (WP:4). He is now broke. 40-40=0 gold left
  3. Members on the map

    Add me from Sydney, Australia.
  4. Heroica RPG - Marketplace

    Zoltan sells his useless Longsword (WP: 3) and Shield (SP: 2). 15+10=25 gold Zoltan now has 40 gold.
  5. What to do when bored?

    On weekends I sleep up to around 11 am. You're right, I just looked at it and it seems like a fun thing to waste my time looking at.
  6. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Thanks for the shield, pleasure to do business with you."
  7. I'm living in Australia but I'm Chinese. I will never be living in China for sure.
  8. Routines You Have While Building Lego

    Here's my routine: 1. Tear open box. 2. Tear open the bags of contents. 3. Tear apart the instructions manual. 4. Start building something random which is not even associated with the set.
  9. You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    when the bank calls and cancels your credit card. when everything around you looks like a world built out of lego. when you count every single brick of lego you own only to find out that you forgot about all the Star Wars sets. when you see your first lego brick.
  10. What to do when bored?

    What would you guys do when you're bored? When I'm bored I go on EB and start posting and sarting new topics e.g. What to do when bored? I just want to know what other people do for fun besides playing with lego.
  11. What's in a name ???

    My name is completely made up and I have no idea where the inspiration came from. Some people think it's Lieutenant Pro or something but I honestly have no idea.
  12. Reptiles as pets?

    That Boa looks pretty menacing to me, but that's probably because I have no guts.
  13. Fake ninjago

    Isn't it illegal for BOLE to copy the LEGO logo design?
  14. Favourite Actors and/or Actresses

    I love Morgan Freeman in any movie.
  15. Pokemon

    My favourite pokemon would definitely be Shedinja although I also do like Arcanine. IMO Black and White were horrible, they just didn't seem appealing to me. I was a bit disappointed .