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    Reader of comics, player of video games, builder of Lego, (kind of) :D


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  1. hush

    MOC Duck Season

    love this little moc , would fit right in to any amusement park lay out .
  2. hush

    [MOC] Cheese Shop

    I love this , would love it in my city
  3. hush

    [MOC] CC house

    Love it this would look good in any city , nice work
  4. hush

    Ballabreek 2015

    As always cool little way to do the updates , love it
  5. hush

    Ballabreek 2015

    Love the updates the story gives a real sense of being there , loving what you do look forward to more
  6. hush

    MOC-Rescue Helicopter

    Very nice once again
  7. hush

    MOC-Prinoth Bison Snow Groomer

    Love all the detail in such a little model , very nice
  8. hush

    South European small town

    Very cool moc
  9. hush

    (WIP) Superman's Tomb

    Love the use of the duplo figure , looks really good
  10. hush

    [MOC] Minecraft Layout

    This looks fantastic , my son and I love it
  11. hush

    [MOC] Avengers Tower (Modification) Full Size

    Great moc , best I have seen so far :)
  12. hush

    [MOC] BatCave by LeaG

    Very impressive , i am very jealous
  13. hush

    MOC: Gotham City - The Batcave

    I love this moc looks fantastic , can't wait to see what else you build.
  14. hush

    MOC - Comic Book Store

    Wooow i frequent this comic shop and you nailed it my man even the Mitch and Troy figures, have you shown the guys at the shop yet ?
  15. hush


    Man this is looking fantastic , look forward to seeing the town grow :)