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  1. I really love that Friends space shuttle set. Quite funny how we a couple of years ago in another thread mentioned the possibilities of the Friends theme going to space
  2. BeO

    Stolen Aerial Intruder

    Definitely a fun mix, what a mashup of stolen modules would look like! Will we see more of the space pirates' armada in the future?
  3. Baseplates lost their appeal when the space crater plate was discontinued But on a more serious note, new roads would be great. The simplicity of combining road base plates can't be denied, but the versatility separate roads could bring to the table makes up for that in my opinion. For those who use their modular buildings in a city setting, why don't you try building the houses on any of the modular plates that you usually see in community builds? Sure it takes a bunch of pieces you might not have to build these 'standardized' plates, but in the long run it is absolutely worth it since it makes it easier to combine, and rearrange, the modules when following those guidelines. IMO. And it will be easier to participate with your builds at an exhibition, in case you'd like to try that sometime
  4. Earlier this summer when getting my car inspected, they found that the headlights didn't auto adjust their level due to a broken level sensor at the rear axle. Of course this had to be fixed, with a new inspection within a months time. Back home I could see that it was just a plastic link with a ball joint at each end that was broken, not the sensor itself. Contacted Mercedes to get a new plastic part. I was not surprised when they told me that the plastic link couldn't be bought as a spare part, but it was included if I got a new sensor for somewhere between €250-300. Ridiculous. I started looking around for used ones, no luck there. Then I searched the local hardware stores for parts, figuring that two ball joint heads with a threaded metal shaft between them should do the trick. Again, no luck. Eventually I found ball joint heads online, but delivery got messed up so bad that I was at the very last days before I had to get the car inspected again and still had no parts. In my desperation, I got a 92013 brick and tried it on the ball joint on the sensor. And it fit! The biggest problem was that I couldn't build a complete replacement part that was sturdy enough and at the same time make it fit in the limited space between the rear axle and the sensor/sensor holder. Bummer! Eventually, I got the parts I ordered the day before the last possible inspection date, and the new part I put together will for sure never break. But I really wish I could've seen the car inspection guy's reaction if he'd found Lego pieces there instead :)
  5. BeO

    [MOC] TIE DReI

    This is a very early TIE Fighter model, the TIE DReI. Seen here in the colours used by the infamous sith lord Bha-Ron the Red. (this is what happens when someone asks me what mix between a TIE Fighter and the Red Baron's Fokker Dr.I would look like)
  6. BeO

    [MOC] TIE DReI

    I make a MOC and there's a storm brewing in the teacup, fascinating :) First of all, we're talking about a WWI aircraft, produced somewhere between 1917 and 1918. Fascism wasn't a thing yet. Second point, von Richthofen painted his aircraft red because he felt like it. Really. Read up on it. Fascism still wasn't a thing, not even in Italy. Third point, the black cross (not iron cross, two different things) was in use on German aircraft (and other military vehicles) pretty much up until West and East Germany realised the silliness of being a divided country and finally united again. That's some 30 years ago. Nothing fascist about that. Fourth point, and a bit more serious. If you let some backwater inbred group of people decide what is and what isn't allowed to use (in this case, red/white/black in combination) they're making an impact on regular society, something they really want to do. And we don't want them to do that. Some other gaggle of racist idiots use old norse runes as their symbols. Should I just give up an important part of my nordic history, just because they think runes look kewl on their flags? Nope, not me. I decide what I want to use, and I don't intend to let groups of mentally and morally challenged bell-ends stop me. Neither should you :) A small edit: I made a more... Friendsly... version that perhaps won't cause such a ruckus. It's even got a friggin' dolphin on top of it! (It's a joke!)
  7. BeO

    [MOC] TIE DReI

    Of course they are disturbing, we're talking about a sith lord But seriously, they are there as a reference to both the red Fokker Dr.I von Richthofen flew, but also Legos original Red Baron set, 10024. I'm not in any way sympathizing with the powers behind the german war effort. This is just a mix between a famous historic triplane and a fantasy vehicle and should not be taken seriously in any way, and it's definitely not made to offend anyone.
  8. BeO

    BrickheadZ Sadako

    Very nice build :) Ringu is certainly a classic by now, and Sadako is one of my favourite horror characters.
  9. BeO

    When Should Ninjago End?

    I don't mind at all if Ninjago keeps selling. When buying used Lego, usually just lots of pieces in a big box, I've stumbled upon quite a few Ninjago sets over the years. And after building them I must say that I really like them. Very inspired designs where the creators could do pretty much what they wanted. Lately I've bought both the Ninjago City and Docks, new but on sale, and had lots of fun assembling them. My 5 year old daughter also like to play with them, but the Ninjago population was quickly replaced with her Friends and Elves figures instead :) Also, a local store here with a big Lego section usually have a couple of mid-range Ninjago sets for sale, perhaps 40-50% off, so they become pretty nice parts packs for my other builds :)
  10. Elves in space! Surely that must be the next step in the evolution of the theme Two models are from the Classic Space range, the third you might recognize from another space theme. My biggest problem now is that I have more ideas than I have bricks in the right colours I don't think my daughter want me to take apart all of her sets.... Scooter01_s by BeO Johansson, on Flickr Scooter04_s by BeO Johansson, on Flickr SE918_02_s by BeO Johansson, on Flickr This_Is_Elves-Fighter01_s by BeO Johansson, on Flickr This_Is_Elves-Fighter02_s by BeO Johansson, on Flickr This_Is_Elves-Fighter04_s by BeO Johansson, on Flickr Let me know what you think :)
  11. And here we have 6830 Space Supply Station The original (and best!)
  12. Alright, back to basics with a very small build. 6815 Hovertron is the newest member of the Space Elves fleet
  13. Here's another one I put together the day before an exhibition we had here in Sweden. This time it's set 75218 that got a remake. I used the instructions for the original set, but I had to modify it quite a lot to be able to use the colours I wanted. Some parts of the ship could've been done in a better way, but I was short on time Space Elves X-wing by BeO Johansson, on Flickr The cockpit window and the rubber bands are the only parts I had to borrow from my 75218 X-wing. I hope you like it
  14. The space engineers have finally completed their latest project, the LL 75181 BTL-L1 Y-wing Starexplorer with detachable exploration/research module. The Y-wing is heavily modified in the rear to make room for the docking port and necessary reinforcements. The docking system is based on a design used on several older space ships in our fleet. The new module has room for two researchers. On the outside you can see the foldable antennas, an extendable air lock and a small transport ship. Inside you'll find all necessary functions for extended research missions. New adventures await us, beyond the stars! It's considerably smaller than LL 10179...
  15. Thanks for your comments and suggestions :) I very much appreciate them. For some reason I find it easier mixing themes in new ways, compared to coming up with an original design of my own You see my previous attempt at this in my other Flickr album, again a theme mix. But it's fun doing these mixes The Friends series have some smaller sets with science elements, the next step could very well be an astronaut training set followed by a proper rocket/shuttle mission set. I don't think girls are any different than boys in many ways, and a well designed space-themed Friends set could very well be loved by many girls (and boys for that matter). Yes the windscreen was pretty much what I had available, there's a windowless TIE Advanced in my bookshelf right now (there's five different TIE models stacked above each other in my ... ahum ... TIE rack ) I like your suggestions. It's easy to replace the coloured parts on the ship to match the windscreen of choise. I'll get them next time I make a BL order, better to try them all out. Could use two more dragon wings as well, they are supposed to be of the same colour
  16. I'd love to do some of the ground bases. And of course 924 and 928 We'll see what I can put together with what I have.
  17. A valid point, and something I thought about as well. I did several versions of the ship in before settling for this one. If you look at the three classic ships, 918, 924 and 928, you see that horizontal surfaces are gray and vertical surfaces are blue, in general. There are exceptions of course :) And when I applied that to the Falcon, it looked like the Star Wars Falcon with blue details. Not very inspiring at all. So I simply inverted the colour scheme, horizontal surfaces blue and vertical surfaces gray. Again, in general :) So there is an idea behind the way it looks, not just blue added everywhere I did try out adding more gray on top, but the visual shape of the Falcon was lost when doing so which I didn't like at all. Also, there's quite a few examples of mainly blue vehicles in the Classic Space theme later on, mid-80s, like 6951 and 6985. So I'm not too far off if one look at the Classic Space theme in general and not just pre-1980 I decided pretty early on to not limit myself to the first CS-years, so you can find quite a few details on my ship that I've borrowed from various Classic Space sets, also later ones. The design for the robot for example is from a pretty rare set, 1968, from 1985. But I do value your input, I'm always open to suggestions and new ideas :)
  18. Hello Space enthusiasts! Here's a MOD I've been working on for quite a while. It started out as a regular 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon Bricklink project, but turned into something a bit different somewhere along the way. LL10179_001 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_004 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_c02 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_036 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_m04 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr LL10179_s04 by BeO Johansson, on Flickr For more pictures, and my comments on some of the details on the ship, follow this link to my Flickr page for the model: LL 10179 on Flickr I hope you'll like it. Comments are more than welcome :)
  19. Quite surprised to find The Brothers Brick also feature MODs, but I don't mind (are they lowering their standards? ) LL 10179 on TBB
  20. BeO

    Display for Star Wars UCS sets?

    Don't forget to browse the IKEA Hacker website for inspiration. There's plenty of nice ideas over there.
  21. BeO

    R-Type Battleship

    Very nice indeed, and a fun source of inspiration :)
  22. BeO

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    That's a great set, a must in your collection if you like the Classic Space theme. But unless you're fortunate enough to get hold of the parts in used Lego lots in the local ads, I'd recommend you to just buy a complete used set in nice condition on Bricklink. Some of the special, and also not so special parts are quite expensive if you want them in decent condition. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble, and some money, just buying a complete set. Just make sure all parts are present and in good condition. That TV antenna for example is very often missing a spoke or two. Baseplates tend to break or have stress marks. Minifigures, the gold on the logo easily wears off but there's plenty of them still around with good print. Trans-yellow pieces can be worn and scratched as well (to me, that kind of wear tells me that the set was played with a lot. Some kid loved it 'to pieces' and that I think has a value in itself. Not so fun for display though ) In short, expect some wear since it's an old set, but make sure the rare/expensive parts are present and in good/decent condition. Remember to also look for set 928, it was called 497 on the US market but most other places it was 928. Good luck in your search, I really hope you'll have a complete version some day soon :)
  23. Yes that's in the pipeline. Will try the easiest way first, Dymo-tape I have it printed now, white text on clear tape, but haven't gotten around to trimming it to the pieces yet. Will probably look like sh- ... eh, not good at all
  24. Thanks @Bob De Quatre, appreciate it Will give it a shot!
  25. BeO

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    And the thread about Future Star Wars Sets is also full of minifig discussions... Is there no place where I can read about future ships, vehicles and so on without having to sift through pages of new Stormtrooper prints, wishing for characters that had three seconds of screen time in some spin off series and such? One thread and one thread only is about wistful minifig dreams. Keep it there. Please. The thread is nine years old, you can't have missed it. Here -> /sorry for the OT, rant over