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  1. EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Yay, cool stuff so far. Here is my contribution to the raffle. It should be an interpretation of a swedisch Darlana horse which fits perfectly into a christmas tree as I think (at least the colors). I am willing to build it in real (and also actually use it as an oranment) but I think I might need some more parts, so this is it for now. Happy brickmas I wish us all good luck for this raffle
  2. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I, and especially Nessa, will be inactive for some time. I have certain plans for her advanced class but that needs time. Until then just think she is going reeaalllyyy sloooooowly back to the hall... But don't expect too much though
  3. "Oh, I just saw I already got the gem in my pocket. Must still be a little blind. " She paused. "Dear fellow quest mates, I thank you for your company. Drey, we will see us on the next quest, will we? " Nessa waved goodbye to Soryx, Borris and the rest of the gang as she made her way back to the hall. She really could use some rest now. A shadow followed her. Sneaky, not real but still there. A glimpse of blue and red. Hard to see... but still there... OOC: Thank you CMP for this quest, it took a while but it was worth it at all! I'd also like to thank my fellow questers (especially Vash as for he is my stalker )
  4. "Fine, we made it!" Nessa walked over to Pretzel looking at the gloves. "They look nice... if noone minds, I'd take one of them." She lowered her voice. "Do you think I might get that garnet?"
  5. Although Erik landed a devastating blow on the Novice the enemy still stood. So Nessa took aim for the Novice from the back.
  6. "Wow, great blow Erik, from what I was able to see from here. Another one for the mark it is." Nessa waited before she continued. "I don't feel so well. Does anyone mind if I take one of those potions?"
  7. "Sorry Pretz, it's quite bright here."
  8. "I'll take on Acolyte Novice B." Nessa said as she readied herself in the back.
  9. "I sense your angel showed up, Monk. Right? So everyone on the disciple I say." Nessa tried to fetch an arrow. By this all of them fell out of her quiver onto the ground. She growled, took one, and threw it in the direction of the disciple.
  10. "Fine. Oh and in case you all didn't notice: I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" Nessa said as she stumbled over some bricks on the ground nearly loosing her balance. OOC: did anyone realize that we are on this quest for over 4 months?
  11. "Ok here is my plan. I stand in the back and throw a bone on Acolyte C. If he is dead or targeted I will use a potion on myself. And if Sylph comes up with his flowers I'll attack Acolyte A. Now what do you think?"
  12. "Monk? Is that you? I still can fight!" Nessa said as she swung her crossbow through the air in the back coming close to Acolyth A.
  13. "Who said that? Come here and you will get some!"
  14. "What? Wait! I can't see anything! Help me!" Nessa shouted as she moved uncoordinated over the battlefield.