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  1. Legan

    Lego Death Star 10188 - Pics at last!

    It very very cool set! I must buy it!
  2. Legan

    Battle of Hoth Midnette

    Very good work, but too small.
  3. Legan

    Vote for a new LEGO Star Wars set!

    I vote for Palpatine's Arrest. It should seems to me it to be very interesting set, not so big and not so dear with a lot of minifigures.
  4. Legan

    ... Legan

    Thanks you for advice and for warm reception.
  5. Legan

    2008 Picture thread

    Thanks you for a photo. From these sets most of all AT-TE, V-19 and The Homing Spider-Droid are pleasant to me.
  6. Legan

    ... Legan

    I and -Dark Lord- are Brothers. You are right, the assortment of the European shops essentially differs from ours. To us do not deliver exclusives and some greater sets. And the prices essentially above European. To me 13 years on June, 10th were executed. I hope
  7. Legan

    ... Legan

    Greetings to all! My name is Alex. I live in Moscow. My favourite series Lego are Indiana Jones, Star Wars and City. Unfortunately I have only one set from a series Indiana Jones as this series do not deliver to Russia. Still I have enough greater collection of Lego Star Wars and a little sets of Lego City.As I have many sets from other series Lego. Though I not so well speak on english , I would like to find here foreign friends - fans Lego.