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  1. I have finally completed it! Only issue is that eyes looks a little cross-eyed, but hey different posture from red and green. Picture is at bricklink forum (100k limit here is too small) Bricklink post also has details on parts changes if you wanted dragon in same design.
  2. EB Xmas Raffle 2013: Now on!

    Wow that is a nice surpise! :) Thanks Copmike, and great entries everyone! :)
  3. Runaway Train Diorama

    It can be easily slightly modified for Back to future III scene. :D Just need figs from that set.
  4. EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    Not my best but hey it's 100% Lego, and hangs well even with odd "string" setup. :)
  5. Dark Red Hands - Bulk?

    If you can afford, maybe whole minifigs that has those hand colors?
  6. BL thread is about to expire so pasting copy of that post here. Interesting. I heard of certain acrylic liquids that can fix some parts condition like scratches and such. I also decided to buy fairly worn parts from seller to fix to fix it up see if I can get it to great condition as possible. Note: This is NO reflection upon seller I bought those from. He exactly noted what condition it was and I got exactly what I expected. The windows was in decent but worn condition, at "raw" one is decent condition and other 2 had been bit discolored and somewhat "sandpapered" as you can see effect on paper behind it. There is also couple heavier than fixable scratches. After I used metal polish, then removed as much polish as I can and cleaned it, condition of parts was much improved. there was lot of micro-scratches after it but usable condition. Lot of discolor went away and pretty lot of "sandpapered" look went away too. Light reflection is worse I could get it to show up. (I wish I took better picture of that as by time I thought of it, I already dropped it into next step) The plate was in decent but well used condition, but I cannot polish it due to number of studs and difficulty on wiping polish off afterwards. Brasso probably will do better as it's more cleanable. After I left windows and plate in floor polish solution for couple minutes and dried it in few steps (very carefully as dust or fingerprint could mar it!) on wax baking paper. When it was dry enough (around 3 minutes) I got paper and dropped parts on it from inches off to shake off droplets. After 10 minutes I flipped it to other side and let it dry for other 10 minutes. Novus is recommended by other people but I used pledge floor polish which is also acrylic liquid. As you can see, results is pretty decent. You can see quite a bit of micro-scratches and few remaining deeper scratches. However, this liquid has altered refraction so it is not really visible when held in room without light refection or held up with light shining though it to your eyes. This is small improvement after metal polish. Notes on this: 1: If I ever decided to sell those (yeah right!) or any other parts done like this, I would disclose it. 2: Floor polish step is easy to make mistakes on. If there is dirt, it will be under very thin coating so it cannot be removed without metal polishing all way down again. Very good cleaning is recommended! You can only touch parts of part drying in this coating where you don't care what those parts looks like. I used sides of windows and plate. 3: Second step of floor polish (or Novus) really isn't very necessary unless transparent color cannot be polished via metal polish. Plate was massively helped by this.
  7. J-27 (Mech MoC)

    I suggest you to strunk down pictures. Simple yet awesome though.
  8. Just an old Animation.

    I guessed it was some ancient camera and was right. I'm amazed how good animation is considering setup.
  9. MOC: HB-10 Firebat

    /me likey
  10. Just an old Animation.

    Positives: Animation is VERY smooth. Nice job! I guess it was animation test so there don't seem to be any story but nice art nevertheless. Cons: BAD focus and lighting.
  11. Melting LEGO

    Nice! I was thinking about doing something like this for custom items.
  12. Febrovery - Radar Rover

    Agreed. :)
  13. MOC - Mobile Space Crane