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    LEGO Cuusoo projects of interest

    This Ghostbusters one is a must. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/36088 It's 3k away from reaching 10k
  2. Jables Swan

    Super Hero Caption Contest! Week Two

    "The last son of Krypton is here to teach you that sharing is caring kids."
  3. Jables Swan

    Super Hero Avatar Contest

    The Cyborg Mummy. The time travelling Egyptian mummy that is packing heat. He hunts down criminals with little regard to the laws of man. He is more of an anti-hero and vigilante but he only attacks criminals.
  4. Jables Swan

    Super Hero Caption Contest! Week One

    "Holy purple shorts Batman! Why are you blowing kisses at the Hulk?"
  5. Probably the only 2 that interest me.