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  1. Artizan

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    My entries so far: (will update with more later)
  2. I present to you the finest selection of the arena fighters, better known as the Gladiators this galaxy has ever seen! The idea came from the 2003 Clone Wars cartoon, but there are many other mentions of gladiatoral games in the Star Wars universe. Sekt is a Trandoshan hunter, who found that his hunting skills would be more useful in the Arena. His arm was torn off by a Wookiee, but that didn’t stop him from the fighting, he just replaced it with a bionical arm attached to a spiked ball. Odoo of Clan Jiwo has a different mindset than most other Mandalorians, for him the armor is not a necessary part of his identity. He melted down his Beskar armor to craft a vibro-axe and replaced it with a lighter armor for higher mobility. Warrful was a slave who caused much trouble for his former masters who had to sell him to a gladiator arena. After many fights with his bare claws, he bought his freedom and a pair of traditional Ryyk blades. Fad Nexus understands that the gladiator games mean entertainment for the crowds rather than mindless bloodshed, thus he chose a non lethal electrostaff but still has to protect himself with an energy shield from others, who do not share his views on killing. L9-L9 is a gladiator droid model, armed with a pair of flame throwers which keeps him safe from most of the meatballs who are usually armed with melee weapons.
  3. For this vignette scene, I chose the ending from Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, where Chancellor Palpatine and several Senators, including Bail Organa watch over the newly formed Clone army:
  4. For the vignette category, I decided to make the scene from Episode 1 when Jar Jar Bink throws a frog into Sebulba’s drink, then gets kicked by him and is about to turn into orange goo. One of the bar patrons gave inspration to the creation of jedi knight Quinlan Vos and later it made into the canon that it was actually him in this scene:
  5. I present to you my second creation for this category, again from Episode 1, this time the infamous aqua monster Opee that attacked the Gungan bongo sub in the film: The jaw can be closed if you remove the tongue and the fins have a little bit of mobility with the ball joint. Feel free to leave any comments, hope you enjoyed it!
  6. yeah I can't see anything but a ninja turtle with that character but all great otherwise.
  7. This build looks something that could be something that Lego gave us as an official set in 1999 or early 2000s, cool design!
  8. Artizan

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    Is there any allowance of overhang for the vignette category?
  9. Hello everyone, here's my entry for this year's contest. I always felt Kaadus are underappreciated and we haven't got an update Kaadu since 2000 so I decided to build one: (The hardest part for me was to go to Bricklink and check if the parts existed in the colors I used!) kaadu_01 by al is, on Flickr kaadu_02 by al is, on Flickr
  10. Artizan

    [MOC] The Silver Speeder & The White Witch

    the Silver Speeder is instantly recognizable, but I couldn't find a wiki page for the white witch except an episode of the series, also why is it called white witch if it's green and gray? edit: ok ok so I mixed up the vehicles.
  11. I think it is unfair to say OT, at least ROTJ, showed rebellion exclusively white males, first of all in this scene we see that the very top of the rebellion is a female, Leia is very important in the rebellion, there are at least 4 alien species, several black and asian rebels, including a high ranking general Calrissian. There are some cutscenes from ROTJ that had female pilots too.
  12. that would be great as I have missed the opportunity to get that promo minifig a few years ago.
  13. since no one is doing it yet, I will be the scapegoat and be one to complain about colors again. Are people who choose colors for minifigs color blind? What were they thinking making Paz Viszla's armor color sand blue? It is dark blue on screen and on promotional material? how hard is it to match it? And armorer definitely needed a cape piece.
  14. Gunship in ep3 has ball turrets too, in fact it just looks the same from ep2.
  15. TLG's choice to make AOTC clone commander bright orange and Mortar trooper the regular yellow is really confusing.