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    When did Lego Star Wars actually start? found more content:
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    [MOC] AAT

    More pics at: Lego AAT MOC by Alper I., on Flickr Lego AAT MOC by Alper I., on Flickr Lego AAT MOC by Alper I., on Flickr Lego AAT MOC by Alper I., on Flickr
  3. I've had the idea of making the model of Colin Cantwell's concept X-wing model for quite some time, and as soon as I saw the new contest, it became my opportunity to make it finally: Ref: which is based on Lucas's original sketch from 1974:
  4. not a real rumor but the new pieces on the Mighty bowser got me thinking that a new Naboo Starfighter might be on its way? What do you think:
  5. Artizan

    The Clone Trooper Command Station (set 40558) problem.

    In the Czech Republic, I had no luck finding this set anywhere, online or in store, I got back to Turkey now to find out that it has not even entered the country borders. Luckily the next advent calendar will include the clone commander so that will be a way to grab him.
  6. I think the way you would get super accurate AT-TE feet is if they make a UCS one. I actually like it a lot, it is kinda weird not to include obi-wan with it but I guess they thought obi-wan is in way too many sets this year. My only complaint would be getting the spider droid instead of a crab droid.
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    Updating Your Minifigs

    I can imagine why he would want even more shoulder armor.
  8. Haha yeah, it is hard to notice Vos in the scene when you are not looking for him. I think I have seen hand in fish mouth used in castle mocs but I am not sure.
  9. C-3PO kept his silver leg throughout the whole trilogy though. we first saw complete golden 3po in ROTS and then in TLJ.
  10. you know, this set kinda suggests that the "epic rematch between Vader and Obi-wan" was this and they will not engage each other again in the show.
  11. Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. The idea to create angled walls came when I was trying to incorporate the planet piece, as it was taking up almost more than half of the space (planets are 11x11), the result was satisfactory for me too.
  12. I just updated the first post with additional pics of Opee with jaws closed, also made a mini Gungan sub for it to attack. Thanks!
  13. Thank you, yeah I am quite proud of the droid myself:) The hardest one was the Wookie as it is hard to come up with something unique when you can't add much to the head mold, but adding Mando's arms with weapons and armor, also the Cap. Tarpals' leg piece helped. For the Duros, I was actually going to use the Gladiator helmet but decided against it because it would have made his face almost invisible.
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    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    My entries so far: (will update with more later)
  15. yeah I can't see anything but a ninja turtle with that character but all great otherwise.