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  1. stan_the_man

    UK Deals

    John Lewis have the HP advent calendar at half price, £14.99
  2. stan_the_man

    [MOC] Walt Disney World skylines

    Damn, just as I brought the instructions and almost sourced the parts for the 4 park icons lineup you now release these amazing skylines! Looks like I need to get to buying some more bits
  3. stan_the_man

    [MOC] Disney World Skyline

    I only have a good eye because I'm trying to get all my bits from the UK, and no UK sellers have it, so I thought I'd have a look where you used it and lo and behold spotted the unicorn on the castle I shall amend my bricklist wanted list now I think
  4. stan_the_man

    [MOC] Disney World Skyline

    Sorry, another question. It looks like you have the pearl gold screwdriver as a turret on the castle in the main skyline, but then a pearl gold unicorn horn in your standalone castle picture. Are these parts interchangeable?
  5. stan_the_man

    [MOC] Disney World Skyline

    I wonder if you have any thoughts as to updating it now they are (finally) getting rid of the leave a legacy monoliths and are bringing back the awesome glass fountain statue
  6. stan_the_man

    [MOC] Disney World Skyline

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate how you've tackled each one, and also the fact that they are in scale to each other. It was just a thought really
  7. stan_the_man

    [MOC] Disney World Skyline

    I know I'm dredging this post up, but I wondered if you had any thoughts about making the tree of life more 'bulky' if you know what I mean? You have nailed the other icons, but to me the straight trunk looks a bit off. There is this one I saw on Lego Ideas, although it is a slightly larger scale as it seems about 8 studs wide, but it looks more like the actual tree. I am in the middle of buying all the parts from BL to hopefully build this one day so would love to see this modified slightly before I finish getting all the parts
  8. I did the dual rear wheel change and used black panels instead of red when I built it a second time, and made the doors open, looked a lot more stealth. I'm not that good at modding though so didn't tackle anything else :D
  9. It goes on the door of the boom arm cabin to give it more shape, you can see it in this picture:
  10. The pagani zonda is a great C model for the 8070, it's the first thing I made after buying it. If you don't have any extra parts, you will need to buy some extra bits. From memory its another diff plus 3 gears, XL motor, IR controller and reciever, and a 9 long black beam to make the suspension sit right (but it works ok with the 7 long you already will have)
  11. The most expensive bit I found was the red flat panels, had to order 4 from germany on bricklink as no-one else had them, apart from that I had most parts from the last 2 years worth of bigger sets (i.e. 8043, 8070, 9398, 9397 etc), I also had to get an XL motor from lego direct
  12. The Lego site doesn't have a discontinuing warning on it, so you should be ok for a while. They usually give a few months notice when they are getting to the end of production
  13. I had the same problem with the yellow panels on the arm of 8043 - 2 panels were normal yellow, but 2 were lighter and almost see through. Haven't found much difference with any other colours though
  14. Rebrickable also has a handy ID guide for all parts, especially if you search for the 8258 model and see the full list of parts (with pictures)
  15. Was just going to post this myself! I was looking all through the manual and boxart to see where there should be lights, but was stumped! Seems strange to put them in the manual without some text or something saying they should only be for the B model