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  1. is noting: Three years later I've finnaly made 10 posts and can now see my own profile.

  2. Anton Ymer


    What's with the trans blue parts in the pond? They are not present in the first few pictures, but turn up with the froggies later.
  3. Anton Ymer

    MOC: Hurricane Irene

    Very nice model. Are the shifting colours on the roof a result of highlighted reflections in the ABS, or did you paint them?
  4. Very nice! Excellent performance. I really like the neat belly and the way the motor works as an original motorblock.
  5. Anton Ymer

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    I bought the Unimog last week and haven't had time to build it yet (sorry* to say). Thank you all for the great inspiration you bring in this thread. * or maybe ashamed :)
  6. Anton Ymer

    MOC: Waldemar Walrus' Windmill

    Qute! There really should be more Fabuland around. :)
  7. Great modeling. Even though armored cares are pretty ugly as the go.
  8. Anton Ymer

    MOC - Bank

    Nice model, although I don't really like the stickers.
  9. Anton Ymer

    MOC: Cherry Picker

    Great work. I hope I get there some day.
  10. Anton Ymer

    What are you listening to?

    Latest Dream Theater album (since last friday it's been going round and round).
  11. Anton Ymer

    Back To The Future III - WW Category 3

    Nicely modeled. :)