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  1. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Tell it like it is sah! I looked in that cart and couldn't even tell if there was a Bluecoat in it! The wide sea has produced stranger, fouler things than trolls... *nods sagely* Like Bluecoats! Thanks much! Too right it's fun! Thanks!
  2. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Thank you sah! *salutes* Just doing my duty (and having some fun with it to boot ).
  3. Nich Artri

    Enemy Ace in No-Man's Land

    Exceptional work! Best MOC I've seen all day!
  4. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Oho! Thanks much comrade in claws! Glory and honor to the Redcoat Crab Battallions!
  5. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Brute force to those who deserve it! After all, the nefarious Bluecoats in my tale strong-armed their way into an empty bar, terrifying man and women alike. Men of honor do not let such things slide. Plus...ya know...stout. Thank you much!
  6. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Thanks matey! 'Tis appreciated.
  7. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    'Twas our favorite bar and Private Twofarthing wanted his stout, the poor lad. Besides, ye're a bunch of blue coated blackguards. Thanks much!
  8. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    Glad you liked it! I actually mashed this together in Photoshop and the font I used was called TF2Professor...I thought it would fit a comic style' date=' but it looks to be a tad bit jumbled in retrospect... Arr...we don't be needin' them to fight for us, they're just answerin' the call of the Crown and Cannons. A redcoat's a redcoat no matter the size, mate. Thanks much, 'twas a blast!
  9. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Entry

    In Which Our Red Heroes Performe Most Amusing Hijinks. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. Nich Artri

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    Name: Nich Artri Allegiance: Redcoats
  11. My entry for the Bricks in Motion Twenty Four Hour Animation Contest. I feel so accomplished. One full day. One liter of Mountain Dew Code Red. Two Landshire sandwiches. Numerous bodily aches. Zero hours of sleep...if I wasn't a true brickfilmer before, I am now. Nothing notably good technically as far s I'm concerned and some of the voicework needs improvement. Ah well... The theme of THAC 7 was The Unexpected. I feel I succeeded in that task. Be surprised, watch the film!
  12. Nich Artri

    REVIEW: 8683 Minifig series 1 -

    Lego has targeted my love of collecting affordable awesome things...sorry anime trinkets your taking the back burner to random Lego minifig bags this year! >:3
  13. Nich Artri

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Argh! The sugary-ness of it all! Who could think that cold, logical robots could drag a "D'aaaaaaaw!" outta me! >_<
  14. Nich Artri

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Finally! Some SPIII love! And featuring one of the best little Lego sets I've seen in a while! On another note, imagine my surprise when this morning I saw this on MS Paint Adventures! Moving up in the world KDog!
  15. Nich Artri

    Rengade Runner v.s Cross Bone Clipper

    Although I've never seen this set up until today, I vote Cross Bone Clipper! While the color scheme and design may be considered &lt;insert that tiresome argument&gt;, I say it's unique and gives the ship character! Also, it kinda has a One Piece feel about it, and lord knows I'm an anime fan (Funimation please, not that 4Kids garbage version). Now, to hunt one down! Yar-har!