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  1. There has been a contest about tv series at my local LUG and one category was about building an important location within the series of our choice. I couldn't resist building for that contest and had to build one of the scenes I always wanted to recreate: The Breaking Bad Superlab. Most of you may know it, so I stop writing and let the pictures stand for themselves... Thanks for watching and commenting
  2. Disco86

    RL14 - Research Lab

    After the Silicon War it was nearly impossible to live on earth anymore. But the European Defence Alliance (EDA) already started searching for new habitats in the year 2093. Finally they discovered something in the Andromeda System. There was a planet, triple siezed the earth, that's surface was completely covered with rocks and a black liquid. The first chemical analysis revealed, that the black liquid had huge percentage of water in it and that the atmosphere was nearly full of carbondioxide. The EDA started the first settlement in 2099 on the planet, which was now hopefully called "Terranova". But if living on this planet could be possible was not proofed yet. First they experimented with growing trees and plants, these experiments where complicated but promising. They have not seen any alien lifeform yet, but they also did not know what may live on the nearby planets. So there was stationed a small starfighter of the Hunter Class at every research lab, to be aware of any foreign attack. Greets Disco86
  3. Disco86

    [M - A04] Infiltration

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code PB - WB - A04 Report: Infiltrating Kawashita base - Searching important informations - Reached gas facility Report: Secret mission - Enough spots to hide Report: Kawa guards won't see me - Seem to be inattentive Report End
  4. Disco86

    [M - D10] Asteroid field

    Identification Paul Bricktron Occupation Explorer Report Code PB - WB - D10 Report: Asteroids ahead - Switching to manual controls Report End
  5. Disco86

    [M - D10] Asteroid field

    Thanks for all your great comments ! Sorry for not commenting at others builds and being that nice like all of you, but I got a lot to build on my desk and not enough time these days. Thanks, this effect was made with Gimp, I unfortunately don't know what the effect is called in english.
  6. Disco86

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    Please transfer 133 credits to woofmcmoose.
  7. Disco86

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    Please transfer 40 credits to BigSal
  8. Disco86

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    I have checked the different scores and start to believe that stories are getting more important, am I right ?
  9. Disco86

    [M - C10] Snow Patrol

    Identification Paul Bricktron Occupation Explorer Report Code PB - WB - C10 Report Arrived at the planet Marden - starting exploration Report Snow-trike in action - perfect vehicle on that terrain - may test top speed later Report Need to be careful - detected Kawashita units in this sector - weapons armed Report End
  10. Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - CH2 - CATB Report: Unknown menace detected - Need to test new transport vessels - Surpising new design Report: Corporate identity included Report: Could carry up to 4 soldiers - Needs just one pilot - Modern navigation system - Developed for orbital transport Report End
  11. Disco86

    [Challenge 2] [Cat C] Armory

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - CH2 - CATC Location: Transport Ship B2 - Armory Report: Armor and weapons ready - cleaned and stored Report End
  12. Disco86

    [Challenge 2] [Cat B] The Spotted Orchid

    Your build has a cool classic vibe to it. Reminds me of Benny's spaceship transformed into Mantis style.
  13. Disco86

    Challenge 2: Unknown menace

    I amthinking about building a second ship, that may be more impressive. So I wanted to ask, if I may edit the complete post of my ship so far into a complete new one ? I also would like to use the transporter I already build in a weekly build after the challenge, if that may possible ?
  14. Disco86

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    Please transfer all my credits to MysticModulus Thanks !
  15. Disco86

    [Challenge 2] [Cat B] MTT- Troop Transport

    Thanks a lot for all your cool comments Yeah, I totally love to reuse and modernize any themes of my childhood.
  16. Disco86

    [M D-04] Radar Raid

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - WB3 - D04 Location: Terrial Minor Objective: Search & Destroy Kawashita communications Report: Explorer found radar station - starting attack Report: Enemy contact Report: Strong Defense - Elite troops in sight Report: Reinforcements incoming Report: Heading to destroy radar Report End
  17. Disco86

    [M D-04] Radar Raid

    Thanks for all your great comments. Was a joy building for MANTIS again, now let's start a spaceship As he already mentioned, the first version of this symbol was made by EpsilonEta. Thought it was awesome and so I made my improved version. Thanks, your basic version was really inspirational. First had problems to close the gap, but then I found one. The bottom slope is upside down and not connected. But it could be connected of you put it in front of a wall. The section over this is filled with vertical Studs and 1x1 plates.
  18. Disco86

    [Challenge 2] [Cat C] Armory

    Thanks for all your kind comments ! I have edited the picture now, so that you may see a little bit more, than on my previous picture
  19. Disco86

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    Please transfer 33 credits to Pangolinus
  20. This is my latest exhibition model, it was displayed at the Star Wars event in Legoland Germany a couple of weeks ago. For everyone missing it, I gonna show you these pictures. And you may read the backstory based on the comic "Crimson Empire". After Palpatine's takeover he built an elite exademy on the barren planet of Yinchorr, to train the best soldiers in the galaxy - The Royal Guards. Only the hardest could stand the training. In the year 4 ABY the Empreror himself and his scholar Vader visited the academy to put the recruit's abilites on a test. At he fighting pit named "The Squall" Vader was fighting against the best of class Burr Danid. Beating him was no problem for him, and instead of showing mercy, he pushed his opponent down the squall. Thanks for your feedback, greets from Disco
  21. Disco86

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Still missing my additional domination point, because of Domination for Dummies. And I was wondering how Danielle Long at 11th Julai could earn 3 additional domination points ?
  22. Disco86

    [M A-04] Outer Rim Base

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - WB2 - A06 Location: Mynderis Objective: Construct base - Prepare Rim Transport Report: Outpost construction ready - Harvesting Awesomnium Report: Spaceport ready for Rim travel Report: Warpship equipped and refueled Report End
  23. Disco86

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    In my opinion, the scoring examples are really well choosen by Dardanel. They show some irregulaturity. But we need to think about the judeges pumping out the points really fast. And then it could happen that one build has one point to much, another may be scored a little bit too low. And if you compare those it seems weird. But I prefer speed over quality in this case. Having the scores every tuesday is hard work and it is necessary to keep the things flowing. So I am totally fine with minor judging inacurracies. The only thing I wonder about, is that mostly Octan builds are rated too high...
  24. Disco86

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    Please transfer 121 credits to LittleJohn. Thanks!
  25. Disco86

    [M - B06] Exploration Lab

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - WB1 - B06 Location: Sorn Objective: Construct base - Explore wildlife - Research local resources Report: Underwater station construction ready Report: Laboratory ready for operation - scientists encouraged Report: Explorers ready for operation - scubas equipped Report: Found weird funugs plants Report: Taking fungus samples for research Report: First analysis of sample material - High Awesomnium percentage Report End