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  1. Carousel

    Pirates Teamwork Contest - Voting Topic

    Good luck peeps Entry 3 - 3 Points Entry 5 - 2 Points Entry 4 - 1 Point
  2. Carousel

    LEGO Ambassador Project: Design a NEW Pirate Sub-Theme

    I can lend my services, probably in the writing and graphic design departments. I can do photoshop for chocolates. I think we need a concise project list of things we really want in our proposed Pirate theme. Feel very free to add your own points and edit mine: Sets that hold unanimous appeal to both adults and children. Pack a generous amount of nostalgia & detail into these sets, yet don't skimp on the kid's features, for they are what ensures the product's success. Factions that are largely autonomous from the dreary stereotypes of good/evil (much like Chima, minus the disgustingness). Interesting combinations of factions (i.e. Pirates, Islanders, Bluecoats). Tasteful box art with a definite feel of the original Pirates theme that also has a 'wow' and 'cool' factor for the children. Have similar set aesthetics as the original Pirates, yes, but don't be entirely limited to such. I think wandering off the beaten track is called for occasionally. Have a polished, balanced and engaging narrative. Well devised, with good value sets throughout the different price tiers. I'm thinking a merchant/civilian figure or two in there somewhere amirite. We can have as many wowzer cool beans ideas as we want, but it has to ultimately appeal to the kids. That's what makes or breaks this idea.
  3. Sozzles I seem to have run out. Anyhow, when should we expect to see the Lego Movie Minifigure Series on le shelves?
  4. Carousel

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Robin has a new torso. Cool beans.
  5. Have a good time building it! It does appear Target has another 20% off sale approaching (the exact date I am not sure) as I received a catalogue today, so I'll get the Asylum then.
  6. Ah okay. There's no way in hell that I am paying $250, so I think I will just wait around until the Christmas sales and buy it at my local Target, at a reduced price. Anyhow thanks!
  7. On a side note, would anybody know where to get an Arkham Asylum Breakout, even better if on sale? I've heard Target is the go, but I'm not sure whether they have any stock. Anyhow, I'd like to know thanks.
  8. Gather round peeps. Whilst browsing the Toys R Us catalogue, as one does, I saw a juicy deal worth noting. Toys R Us are offering 4 Lego Minifigures for 12 dollars. That equates to $3 a pop, which is basically US pricing! I for one am certainly heading in Toys R Us' general direction armed with some money. Also, the deal begins on Wednesday the 4th of December and comes to a close on the 18 (also a Wednesday).
  9. Carousel

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Scuba Batman has blue eyes and what appears to be a scuba mask beneath the cowl. The details aside, it's nice to get a different costume variation of Batman! The Penguin set is shaping up to the best small superheroes set to date; it's a overall great package. The Manbat set is fairly meh, I care not for Nightwing and this lacklustre vehicle/facial expressions, I have enough of that black suited Batman, and Manbat is nothing special (probably pick him up individually). The helicopter is pretty nice though, I'll give it that. Currently, I think I'll just get the Steam roller and Penguin sets, and skip the other two. I'll definitely be picking up the new Riddler via bricklink though!
  10. Carousel

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    The Penguin set *calling it now* looks to be the best small Super Hero set to date. Fingers crossed we get a unique Scuba Bat-suit and at least a different variation of the Penguin's face. Regardless, there are many nice little features in the set, specifically: - There are two of those relatively new flat 1x1 round printed 'eye' pieces on the Penguin vehicle. - There is a small gem on the white outcrop seen between the two robotic penguins. - The Penguin's floaty Penguin vehicle sports two lovely flick-fire missiles. - Both robotic penguins hold a TNT piece and both sport what appears to be a antenna on their heads. - Batman has the scuba tank piece originally (?) from the Aqua Raiders theme. - The Penguin looks to have a remote control, for his penguin minions, in his hand. - Lego has finally started using the the new DC logo + branding. That was me being a sad person for the day, but anyway, I do look forward to the set!
  11. 20% off all Lego at Target from the 10-16 of this month (October). A notable set on sale is the King's Castle, priced at $99 opposed to the normal $124.
  12. Carousel

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Definitely my favourite modular to date. The parts usage and variety is spectacular - all those feathers, olive green bricks, the interesting new plant pots, the scooter, everything! Some little things to note: - It appears we're getting grapes in a (new?) shade of purple. - A bucket handle is smartly utilised for the scooter kickstand. - There is a new printed round 1x1 dial on the stove. - The lamps next to the tables on the ground floor (inside) possibly look to be a combination of a new round 2x2 tile with a central stud + a clear wine glass + the new half-sphere bowl. - The printed menu tile reads: Hors Doeurevs (which after a quick Google search is French for a first course), then Entries and finally Desserts. - A generous collection of green and translucent bottles. - The use of some of the Castle gates (the ones found, for example, in 70402 The Gatehouse Raid) to create the vegetated awning that covers the outside dining area at the front. - The waiter uses a shield piece as a tray. Anyhow, an all round absolutely fabulous set. I'll most likely be braving the inevitably absurd Australian pricing to get this gem. There hasn't been a large set this compelling for quite a while. Lovely.
  13. Carousel

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Well with that hair, whatever the colour, disappears any hope of her having at least a conventional cape. That aside, thanks for the photos. Batgirl's torso is really growing on me, now that I can see it properly.
  14. Carousel

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    As much as I yearn for Lego to explore and expand upon other DC Universe villain possibilities, I'm very happy with this third variation of the Joker. The minifigure as a whole is a lot better than the original, for me at least. The suit looks quite proper and slick, is more detailed and has a far nicer colour scheme (I really, really like the Joker's checked vest in blue). The bow-tie is much more tasteful, as is the overall look of the suit - it's a lot more formal. It just, for some odd reason, feels like the better fit for the Joker. I also appreciate the new potential for a third exp<b></b>ression (although it's not a very universally applicable one), and of course, the purple fedora is very welcome. I'm excited for when the pictures of the other actual sets hit though!
  15. Carousel

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    I really hope that we get an alternate, more neutral face for the Penguin. Nevereless, I'm really eager for the supposed Penguin set. As for Batgirl, she appears to be a really well crafted minifgure (particularily that Cowl/hairpiece!), although I'm not to sure if I like the overcomplexity of her torso print. The fact that she doesn't have the infamous hero 'white headband' is a huge bonus. The moulding of the eye holes on her cowl in particular are very similar to that of the Flash's helmet, I've noticed. I like Batgirl better though, especially since she doesn't suffer from a large bulbous head like Lego's rendition of poor old Flash. Anyhow, a very good addition to the DC Super Hero lineup.