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  1. CA Magon

    REVIEW: 6259 - Broadside's Brig

    As sharp as always, Boomchil.
  2. CA Magon

    Hi from France !

    Bienvenue ! Les compatriotes sont toujours appréciés !
  3. CA Magon

    Teaser: there's something on the horizon... what can it be?

    Better dead than redcoat...
  4. CA Magon

    Official LEGOLAND Pirates - Stop Motion Video 1989

    Very nice ! Old school pirates are the best ! Thank you very much !
  5. CA Magon

    The loss of HMS Bounty and 2 missing crew

    Poor ship, poor crew members... Mother nature is always stronger... Are there news of the two sailors ?
  6. CA Magon

    Newbie from France

    Bienvenue sur Eurobricks ! C'est bon d'avoir quelques autres Français avec soi !
  7. CA Magon

    REVIEW: 6249 - Pirates Ambush

    Indeed... Fortunately, sets of the following years were more detailed. But in fact, as a child and a Lego builder, we had to put some more details by ourselves !
  8. CA Magon


    I had many occasion to see La Recouvrance last year in Brest so I can say that your MOC is very well made ! I love the way you built your cannons ! In fact, ships from the Iris class were prepared for 16 guns but it was unusual to carry them all. Most of the time, there were from 10 to 14 guns (12 pounds) or 6 to 8 carronades (24 pounds). They also had many missions, such as carrying the mail, patrolling around merchant ships and fighting against slave merchants... Thank you for this beautiful sight !
  9. CA Magon

    REVIEW: 6249 - Pirates Ambush

    Good review ! That bring back memories... Even if, as you say, there are many strange things such as this red brick and th prison without floor.
  10. CA Magon

    minifig vignette

    Very nice scene ! Looks like the last ranger is thinking "did I just see something moving inside this tower?" !!
  11. CA Magon

    Turtle bay

    Very nice island, amazing details ! I especially love the skirt getting dry...
  12. Can't wait for Smaug too...
  13. CA Magon

    Helm's Deep expansion [MOC]

    Great extension ! I love the caves and the different rooms you made.
  14. CA Magon

    HMS Surprise WIP

    For the first one, using small wings as plates can be ok ?... it depends on your angle For the second problem, if you increase the angle between the deck and the stern bulkhead, you can replace the part in the corner by a 1x2 pillar. Sorry, I have trouble translating my idea...