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  1. legobanker

    [WIP] Hogwarts Express Custom Carriage

    Wow! That car looks awesome. If you ever sell the instructions, let me know. I have been wanting to add to my Hogwarts Express as well. Keep up the excellent work. Brian
  2. I really like this design. I like how you made up your controllers with the tires and 2x2 rounds:-)
  3. legobanker

    [MOC] Train Station From the set 75954 and 75955

    I'm in love! Excellent MOC you got there.
  4. legobanker

    [MOC] Buffalo Creek & Gauley 2-8-0 #13

    Very nice build! Awesome detail work
  5. Thanks! Some very nice mocs. I appreciate that you have models in 6 wide.
  6. legobanker

    Trans Europ Express (TEE) VT 11.5

    Wow! I am VERY impressed. Nice layout, unique design and some awesome trains!
  7. legobanker

    Trans Europ Express (TEE) VT 11.5

    Nice train 😁 I'd love to see some video of your layout. Looks pretty nifty.
  8. Very nice! Can you provide a link to purchase the instructions 😁
  9. legobanker

    [MOD] 10020 EMD F7 Union Pacific

    Nice build. These are 6 wide? I like the b unit. I'd definitely be interested in the LDD file.
  10. legobanker

    [MOC] Diesel British Rail Class 04 Shunter Inspired

    Nice build. Is this 6 or 8 wide? Any plans on offering the instructions?
  11. legobanker

    [MOC] Powered Boxcar (Power Functions)

    Very nice design. I have something similar that I use for my Santa Fe engines. I'd be interested in giving your model a try. Are the instructions and parts list available for download?
  12. legobanker


    Welcome to the club! It is an honor to have someone of your knowledge and expertise join our group. I am eager to see your setup once it is done. Be sure to post pictures and videos of your handiwork. Brian
  13. legobanker


    Welcome the the club! There's great conversations, tips and lots of photos. Everyone is friendly, and willing to help. Be forewarned can be very addicting. Enjoy your time here. Brian
  14. legobanker

    MOC - Train Control Station

    This is very nice!
  15. legobanker

    1900's steam loco and cars

    Another nice build! The cars look like 6 wide or are they 8? How about the engine? And to piggy back on JopieK, is the engine setup to run power functions or does the tender hold the power functions. Keep up the excellent work :-)