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  1. legobanker

    [MOC] Powered Boxcar (Power Functions)

    Very nice design. I have something similar that I use for my Santa Fe engines. I'd be interested in giving your model a try. Are the instructions and parts list available for download?
  2. legobanker


    Welcome to the club! It is an honor to have someone of your knowledge and expertise join our group. I am eager to see your setup once it is done. Be sure to post pictures and videos of your handiwork. Brian
  3. legobanker


    Welcome the the club! There's great conversations, tips and lots of photos. Everyone is friendly, and willing to help. Be forewarned can be very addicting. Enjoy your time here. Brian
  4. legobanker

    MOC - Train Control Station

    This is very nice!
  5. legobanker

    1900's steam loco and cars

    Another nice build! The cars look like 6 wide or are they 8? How about the engine? And to piggy back on JopieK, is the engine setup to run power functions or does the tender hold the power functions. Keep up the excellent work :-)
  6. legobanker

    Working Hopper

    I am interested to see what responses you get. I have wanted to build a power plant that has its coal delivered by rail. During the offloading process, the hoppers go through a series of stations that automatically open the doors to allow the coal to dump underneath the tracks where it is scooped up and loaded onto conveyor belts to the silos. I'll be watching this with interest.
  7. legobanker

    (MOC) (LDD) Boxcar

    Another nice build. Keep this up and you'll force me to start making orders on BrickLink lol.
  8. legobanker

    (MOC) (LDD) Skeleton Logging Car

    Nice build. Are these 6 or 8 wide?
  9. legobanker

    (MOC) Hopper car w LDD .lxf file

    Nice design. It's good to see you trying to bring the price point down. I lile the fact that its a hollow build to cut down on weight. I have several builds going on and have been raiding my BrickLink store for parts lol. I'll revisit this in the future.
  10. legobanker

    2018 Lego Trains

    I saw a couple of videos on YouTube that were leaked photos. I am going to buy at least one of each train themed set this year! I can't wait :-)
  11. legobanker

    (MOC) BNSF ES44AC locomotive with .lxf

    Wow! An awesome build in 6 studs wide! Excellent work :-) The wheel sets move well, and it handles the curves quite well. I'd be game to build it, but I have other projects on the back burner as it is now. I'll revisit this soon. Again...congrats on am awesome build. The baby needs to make an appearance at a Brick show...or on LEGO Ideas...hint hint.
  12. legobanker

    PF powered wagon

    Very nice! I have something similar to go with my two Santa Fe engines. It's a box car by Tim Gould if memory serves me correctly. I have two PF train motors, IF receiver, rechargeable battery box and a reverser swith in the boxcar. Works great. You could always double the lenght to make a setup lile mine. I like how you used panels, as that reduces the weight. Again, a great moc!!!
  13. legobanker


    Very nice find. You've got some nice trains there. Before'll find a way to make space lol.
  14. legobanker

    (MOC) Tank car with LDD .lxf file

    Those are pretty impressive. Are they 6 studs wide?
  15. outstanding build. The details...are perfect. I know several of my non AFOL train friends would love to have their hands on this! You should submit it to LEGO Ideas. Maybe they could come up with a line of UCS Train sets. Congratulations on the build and keep them coming :-)