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  1. Maclaren Senna Sabre 1:10 scale. Just basic functions but with lever operated doors. Normal Senna built on this chassis coming soon. McLaren Senna Sabre by James Tillson, on Flickr McLaren Senna Sabre by James Tillson, on Flickr
  2. 1973 Ferrari BB built. It has Steering, suspension and a flat 12 engine. Doors and rear clamshell open. Pop up headlights are controlled by the gear stick. I used 42125 as a starting point but had to add a few parts (nothing rare or expensive). Lego Technic Ferrari BB by James Tillson, on Flickr Lego Technic Ferrari BB by James Tillson, on Flickr Lego Technic Ferrari BB by James Tillson, on Flickr Lego Technic Ferrari BB by James Tillson, on Flickr The chassis is 23 studs wide and will be used to make a Dino 246 and a 308 soon.
  3. I am a man of few words. I hope the models speak for themselves. All the info is in the first 3 seconds of the video. My B models out sell my MOCs by 5 to 1. Yes - they are all actually Ferrari Enzo.
  4. Instructions on Rebrickable https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-58893/JamesJT/mclaren-senna-42115-b-model/#details
  5. 8041 (or 42041) Tribute made from 42111. Includes suspension, steering, V8, tilting cab and opening doors. Instructions on Rebrickable https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-56096/JamesJT/racing-truck-42111-b-model/#details
  6. Renaultsport Spider from 42115. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-55364/JamesJT/renaultsport-spider-42115-b-model/#details Also looks better with 14 extra parts. Lego Technic Renaultsport Spider by James Tillson, on Flickr Lego Technic Renaultsport Spider by James Tillson, on Flickr
  7. It does but the blanking panels are in place. All GTO were like this. It is is possible to blank off the vent on my model too with 6x 60483. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of this.
  8. No Miura (yet). I made another classic Ferrari. I learned how a Watts linkage works too now! About 4 weeks.
  9. Based on Sterling Moss Ferrari 250 GTO chassis 3505GT. Includes 5 speed gearbox, live axle with Watts linkage and room for a spare wheel. Instructions on Rebrickable https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-54154/JamesJT/ferrari-250-gto/#details
  10. I made a 1:7 scale Dino 246. It is based on 42115 but with extra green parts and the wheels and hubs from 42110. It has a five speed gearbox with a H pattern shift. It is actually a 6 speed using the wave selector but with 1st gear blanked off. Instructions and parts list are on rebrickable. The extra parts are much cheaper from the lego website than on bricklink. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-52289/JamesJT/ferrari-dino-246-gtb/#comments
  11. Maybe do this one in red too? Dino 246 1:7 by James Tillson, on Flickr Dino 246 1:7 by James Tillson, on Flickr
  12. Smart Roadster made from just the parts in 42115. It has a De Dion rear axle just like the real thing. Instructions on rebrickable https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-49736/JamesJT/smart-roadster-42115-b-model/#comments
  13. It looks way better in red than white or black. I can't understand why lego don't make the arch panel in red. Dino and Stratos are related so it made sense to use that same chassis. Looking forward to seeing a complete red dino!
  14. I am going to try this with 42115 but it make have to be MOC rather than B model. Halfway through my second 42115 B model and I'm loving the new arches but lack of 7x3x2 lime panel is an issue. WHY can't we have a full palette in just one colour??? Thank you. I spend 80 to 100 hours making these models, I'm happy that you like and spent time looking at the details. Sorry about the front shell. I could have put the pivot point further forward but I could see the bracket and it spoiled the look My models never get many comments on Eurobricks but I rarely comment on others posts; It's karma! My i8 only got 2 replies. Let me know what you think of the gearbox. Its an odd one as half of it is transverse.
  15. Lamborghini Miura made from just the parts in 42056. Features Steering Suspension Transverse mini V12 4 Speed gearbox with H pattern lever Pop-up headlights Opening doors and clamshells. Instructions on Rebrickable https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-47261/JamesJT/lamborghini-miura-sv-42056-b-model/?inventory=1#comments