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  1. I fell in love with the design of this house and decided to model it in Lego via LDD. I used architectural drawings and photos from their website along with Google Earth. Block Count: 5635 Model Weight (via LDD Manager): 27.22 lbs./12.34 kg. Functional items: - All Doors/Walls operateable (although I had to recolour the doors and use the colour select tool to select/move them) - Sunroof are see through ans allow some light in and can open for air. - Solar panel can turn to track the sun Non "Functional": - All but one chimney is not lined up or linked to any kind of structure to simulate a air flow ( One is lined up with the fireplaces and has extra pieces to simulate a flume) Changes to design. The biggest and most obvious is the large rear door. In reality it is a large one piece roller door. Since nothing in the Lego universe comes even close to that as far as I know, I created a tri-hinged door that can go up and then slide back into the structure. Issues: There are 133 blocks that do not exist in the colour combinations picked. I chose the colours to accurately model the building as close as possible. It my 1st big project I've posted although I have many more on my drive. Here are 2 pics: One is fully open and the other is fully closed As promised in another thread here are the LDD files for submission. Also open and closed: The files were too large to upload so I am linking them from my website Open: Closed: Feedback is always appreciated.
  2. Actual building the model will be hard it currently over 5200+ pieces. To make the colour accurate, pieces used cannot be procured in that colour. So building it IRL will be difficult to say the least.
  3. No, of course the source file will be posted. My Originality is a bit lacking, I have always been the improver type. If anyone can improve on mine, I encourage it so long as improvements are shared.
  4. Just an unusual styled house from a European architectural firm. The model is about 95% done and I will finish it 1st, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to step on any proverbial toes. I've read the rules and I couldn't find and didn't find anything saying no it cant be posted. I just wanted to ask for clarification.
  5. Is there any problems or issues if I were to post a model I created in LDD that is based on a real life structure? I don't wanna violate any rules here so I'm asking first.
  6. It not like that at all, I'm building with IRL in mind (would like to build IRL eventually) but my design is currently dependant on a large section of root that in real life would be lattice supported with reinforced concrete. Translated i dont think the structure of lego and the lack of different materials would allow it. I'm currently desgning and when completed will rebuild areas that wont meet gravity laws and load bearing walls
  7. Simple question for you all.... When everyone here is building in the virtual world, say either LDD or LDraw, are you building it so that if translated to real life it would stand the test of time or any designs (or all) built to stay virtual? I.E. no definition of gravity or structural integrity under its own weight. Reason I ask is that I'm building a large design, and I'm not sure the structure could handle real life. The roof I'm not sure if it will hold and possibly cave in simpley due to lack of skeletal structure. Just wanted everyone thoughts. ....and yes once it's done I will post to the forum :)
  8. I got a question for everyone here, What is the biggest model anyone on here has created? Reason for my asking is that I am creating a large building and LDD is slowing down big time without hiding sections. Just a question to see of others have had inpiration of grand scale. I will try posting the completed model if will allow the size and my completer don't crash from the size.
  9. Thank You everyone for the help after sorting through parts for a hour and I was getting nowhere. I hate asking what probably seems like stupid questions ( I.R.L Lego I'm not a newb lol ) I do have another question that i've been working on for 2 hours. How does someone make a looped chain go around the the gears ? I realize that like the piston and cylinder they have not reference connection point, but I have aligned the gears and the teeth but can't get them to mesh andhte flex tool wont flex a chain. I have included a file with the Links and the gears im using. Again Thank you all identify.lxf
  10. I am making a vehicle using the large motorcycle wheel in LDD and this piece bolts to the wheel itself with the 3 Spokes, but I can't figure out the other end mount piece. Can anyone help me? I am attaching a file with the piece. LDD Manager calls the piece Technic, Steering Portal Axle, Hub I attached it to a wheel for reference (the blue piece) I cant find the block to attach the other end. identify.lxf
  11. Sorry to ask again, I am trying design a custom engine and wanted to khow how does someone position the pistons inside the cylinders. I want to change the angle and wanted to know how to position the piston inside on different levels? (TDC vs BDC vs in between)
  12. Thank you very Much yeah ive speant a good hour on just that issue Again Thanks
  13. Hi Thanks for the quick reply. To answer your questions: 1) What software are you using? Lego Digital Designer 4.3 Windows 2) Exactly which parts are you trying to fit together? Plastic Motor, Piston Plastic Motor, Crank Plastic Motor, Main Rod Plastic Motor, Crank/Cross Plastic Motor, Cylinder Attempting a V8 3) What have you tried so far? I have got the piston to fit into the cylinder for assembly, but I cannot set connect the main rods up because the cylinder stays at TDC and I can't align the crank pieces. 4) If possible, please share your file. Right now the file is messy (Stray pices and test assemblies ) I will clean it up and submit it if I can figure out how Ford GT V8.lxf
  14. Hi newbie here to Lego Digital Design, 'Im trying ot build a V-8 motor and I cant get the piston to go into the cylinder. Is there a way to do this? any Help would be very appreciative