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  1. Empire911

    [MOC] ISD Chimaera

    Well that is the best model of an Imperial Star Destoyer ever! A joy to watch, I really love it! Great job and keep on building!
  2. Empire911

    Lego autographs

    Well Ian McDiarmid aka Emperor Palpatine signed a picture for me who says "for Empire911, from Emperor Palpatine" and I asked him if he likes LEGO, and being a figure and all that stuff. He didn't sign a figure but still, it has a bit of LEGO Star Wars involved in it
  3. Empire911

    Battle of Hoth MOC (WIP)

    Thanks Lobot to check it for me, I also took a look at some pics but indeed not much to see. I will wait with the walls of the snowspeeder hangars and look at the x-wing ones first, the inverted slopes of 3 bricks high are not that cheap! Today I opened the piece above the main doors to lay an electric wire for the lights in the rooms. I also started to build the holders for the wires on the walls
  4. Empire911

    Battle of Hoth MOC (WIP)

    Yes, I will think about the LED lights for the landing lights. I started to add some wires on the walls, wires ordered on: http://www.blokbricks.com/contents/en-us/p22.html And I looked for the inverted walls of the hangars of the x-wing's. Question: are the walls of the snowspeeder hangars inverted to?
  5. Empire911

    Episode VI - Pit of carkoon - Sarlacc Diorama

    Very impressive and realistic MOC, great job When are those Star Wars days in Germany?
  6. Empire911

    Battle of Hoth MOC (WIP)

    @Robianco: I see which youtube video you are referring to, I remade the idea of the corridors/chambers in the walls. His MOC of Hoth is stunning. @Lobot: The things you say are problems that I saw to, but for example the walls of the x-wing hangers is something I can not just re-do. I can mod it later so I maybe don't have to break the whole section off. @Lobot and Only Sinner: The landing lights are easy to change, but they won't be real lights. I'm working on putting lights in the corridors/chambers (pic will come soon). The walls will be added with wires and rock formations in the future.
  7. Empire911

    Battle of Hoth MOC (WIP)

    Hello to all, In the beginning of 2011, I started to build my biggest MOC ever: the Battle of Hoth with the Echo Base. As you will see it is still far from ready but I what to share this with you guys as a WIP. What I want to hear are comments to improve the MOC, so that I can make it better or more like in the movie. Two AT-AT's of cavegod's design are still to come. Thanks and I hope you like it Here are the pics: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=537082 Cheers Empire911
  8. Empire911

    What does everyone like to do with the Lego sets they buy?

    In the beginning I bought every set that came out and I build them all. Since LEGO came with the Clone Wars series I stopped buying everything and I only buy the UCS sets. The other boxes are now remade and stocked on my attic.
  9. Empire911

    UCS Speeder Bike

    Yes, this is indeed very impressive. Nice idea for a real set! Good work!
  10. Sir, Empire911 reporting for duty. I will march everywhere, fight everyone and build everything you command.
  11. And what If we are on holiday during a challenge?
  12. Sign me up as an Imperial Stormtrooper, generic avatar please. Thank you!
  13. Empire911

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I don't think that they are hints because the room was also used for other lectures, and the cutouts didn't change. But indeed it could be, ...
  14. Empire911

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Picture of the lecture, just for fun