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  1. 6kyubi6

    Expand the Winter Village Contest V – Winners!

    Congratz Emma and Cara!! And congratz to all the particpants you all did a great job Thanks Eurobricks, it was a lot of fun!
  2. 6kyubi6

    Expand the Winter Village Contest V – Voting

    3. Ranger Elegos - 1 5. sweetsha - 1 11. jaredchan - 1 12. rustony - 1 26. Cara - 1
  3. 6kyubi6

    Winter Village: Reindeer Barn

    Sorry guys, had to remove my photoshoped fake box cause of the rules. You can still see it here:
  4. 6kyubi6

    [MOC] Nora VV

    Thanks everyone :D
  5. 6kyubi6

    [MOC] Galaxy Squad - Space Splitter

    Job well done my friend ;)
  6. 6kyubi6

    Winter Village: Holiday Cafe

    Nice architecture and love that fire place :))
  7. 6kyubi6

    Winter Village: Christmas Frozen Fountain

    Looking good my friend :)) Great job all around!
  8. 6kyubi6

    Winter Village: Winter Fun Fair

    What a beautiful fun fair!! and mechanical too, love it! That wack a mole is genius man. Great job on all those neet details all around. :thumbup:
  9. 6kyubi6

    Winter Village: Santa's Storage Unit

    Good one, love the colors used on that nice tow truck ;)
  10. 6kyubi6

    Winter Village: Lighthouse

    Really nice, love the idea ;) great job on the snow too! The 1x1 bricks used for the christmas lights might be a bit too big for me, I would have used 1x1 round plates instead but hey wonderful job all around :)
  11. 6kyubi6

    holiday characters Expand the Winter Village Contest V

    Oki entry posted http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=103659 Please tell me if everything is oki with the rules, I don't want to get disqualified for something I might overlooked, thanks!
  12. 6kyubi6

    Winter Village: Reindeer Barn

    Hello everyone, so here is my entry for the "Expand the Winter Village Contest V" I present to you the "Reindeer Barn" well everybody needs a home sweet home so why not build one for our dear reindeers. In this set you'll find: A barn 4 reindeers: Rudolph/Comet/Dasher/Cupid A cute pine tree 2 snowman 5 minifigs Here is the back of the Barn: The reindeer are resting and are wainting to get feed You can go check some more pictures here: http://brickpirate.n...hp?f=33&t=16449 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE and I hope you'll like my little Barn
  13. 6kyubi6

    [MOC] Micro Enterprise

    A Technic, Pin Connector Round with Slot with a 1x1 round plate and a Container, Bucket 1 x 1 x 1 Handle