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    LEGO: Classic Space, Futuron, Blacktron I+II, Space Police, M:Tron, Space Police II Ice Planet 2002, Unitron, Spyrius, Exploriens, UFO, Insectoids, Life On Mars, Mars Mission and Space Police III. Oh, and I like LEGO Star Wars too...


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  1. REVIEW: 7052 UFO Abduction

    Certainly the first true LEGO flying saucer released in a while, and with more versatile parts than the UFO theme one. For those who don't have much display area (such as myself) or enough money left for the Mothership, this is a nice smaller option.
  2. The internal LEGO Colour scheme

    Correct, the same color as the vast majority of our windscreens is what TLG labels "Tr. Brown".
  3. Review: 7066 Earth Defence HQ

    The HQ truck has a build style strongly reminiscent of 80s-early 90s Lego Space themes. It looks equal to the 6986 Mega Core Magnetizer, but more substantial in its body. The fighter is the second highlight here and nearly perfect in its execution, I would buy 5 or more of these if TLG offered them seperate (next wave maybe?). Anyhow this set's getting bought the moment I see it on the shelf, and may buy another before its discontinued! Now if only it had trans-yellow windscreens, guess we have to wait for another theme.
  4. 2011 Alien Conquest

    Guess it was too expensive to mold them in the additional red, yellow and white colors. At least we can take the heads and helmets from these figs and put them on the 7914 Mandalorian bodies, should give them somewhat more of a military look. But WOW! What a theme shaping up here, a worthy successor to SP3 imo...
  5. Galaxy Patrol

    Still would like to see this see the light of day in some form. If we don't have a proper Space theme for some time, perhaps in Star Wars as some unknown Republic Cruiser? Could TLG be saving this one for a reboot of something Classic? Now I'm sure this mech could be re-themed somewhere...
  6. Space set for 2011

    Or we could combine City Space and Star Wars to make our own Sci-Fi Space theme. Although I still wish for something like Ice Planet or Spyrius.
  7. Space set for 2011

    If there can be no Blacktron/Space Police....then Ice Planet, Spyrius, Unitron, Exploriens or even something original I'd be interested in. What sets I'd like to see: Large base. Large ship. Mid-size ship. Ground vehicle or mecha/walker. Smaller sets (fighters, robots, rovers, scooters etc).
  8. Lego Doctor Who Petition

    This would make for an awesome UK exclusive theme. But the franchise never realy made it big in the States, so I don't know if TLG could justify the economics of it. Classic Space was on store shelves when Doctor Who was in its North American heyday, but even then was commercially and popularly overshadowed by Star Wars and Star Trek. Awesome idea in itself however.
  9. Space Police III in 2011?

    At least they did from 1978 (Classic Space) up to 1999 (Insectoids). Since Mars Mission landed in 07, TLG has been pretty good to keep something in the Space realm on shelves. Lets hope they keep being good for us in 2011, even if it were a minimal 4-5 set mini-theme.
  10. Space Police III in 2011?

    As cool as it is in most regards, I think its time to let Space Police III go on its way. But I'm altogether for a new Blacktron line in 2011, as there's a past connection to Space Police and was arguably more popular, if not the most popular sci-fi space theme apart from Classic Space.
  11. Futuron Cargo Carrier LDD WIP

    KurttKrueger, oh how did you install those wonderful parts (windscreen etc) on your LDD? It obviously requires some kind of third party extension download. I'm seriously out of the loop, I need help... Fine ship however, I'm MOCing something similar (Galactic Enforcer mod) in real brick here at home...
  12. Condor Dropship

    Tis proof Blacktron can still work in our present day. I can see alot of kids (and others) buying this thing if LEGO brought it out. The MX-71 never looked better.
  13. The Best Spaceship Released By LEGO

    I struck out on a 6985 once before too. Then I heard of the upcoming 5974 Galactic Enforcer, and I must say it fills the bill for a large non-Star Wars type space cruiser in the tradition of the Cosmic Fleet Voyager. I also think its better than the 6984 Galactic Mediator, which I have. But the 6980 Galaxy Commander is the one ship that remains closest to my heart, and I'll keep it forever.
  14. The Best Spaceship Released By LEGO

    I like scooters from every space theme. Not very fulfilling as far as build challenges go, but their simple, charming and very swooshable. Best of all their cheap way to get minifigs. Very first one was the 885 Space Scooter. The Space Police III version is the 'Raptor' that comes in the 5969 Sqidman Escape set.
  15. Just a little spaceship I built, many years ago...

    A very unique spacecraft, and quite a MOC for its time. Looks to be a mix of late Classic Space and Futuron, so it would put it in around 1987. Did you have any original Blacktron? I still have all of my 6954 Renegade, but the kit was a U.S. only release from what I can gather.