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    Blue Mountains, Australia
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    My Names Keetong<br /><br />I very much enjoy my lego. I swing towards City, Creator and Castle, the three C's as I like to call them. I tend to swich between them every so often, like 3 months ago it was Castle 2 weeks I was into my City and now I'm very muched involved in my Creator(laugh as much as you want, they've got sweet pieces you can't say no to that)<br /><br />My City is pretty limited I've got nearly all of the construction sets they've released(gets annoying after a while, your going through your lego box and I'll I kind find is stupid yellow), a few police and thats it. <br /><br />I'm planning to convince my parents to go halfs on the modular sets. I've wanted them for so long and I did a bit of research today and it just makes me want them more.<br /><br />My Castle was pretty fun to collect, well to a certain extent because I bought all of it on the same day, mainly because they had 20% of lego at BigW. I've made a few mocs for castle which, were pretty fun to make.<br /><br />Well it comes to speaking about my creator well this has got to be the best part of my collection. I can get over all the little contrations which they get into these sets, not to forget the details. <br /><br />My Star Wars collection, well I genrally only buy these for the minifigures and a few nice peices. I have to admit some of these sets have high playability levels<br /><br />Anyway till next time, Cheers<br /><br />P.S If you ever get in the isolation chamber listen to the admin and moderators


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  1. keetong

    Hi from Scotland :)

    Welcome aboard buddy Yeah I know where Perth is, my grandma use to live there. Your poi looks awesome Anyway I hope you enjoy your stay
  2. keetong

    Ideas for new City sets

    I personally feel that there are many opportunities still to be explored. Most city sets are vehicles which kinda of gets repetitive, yes it is all right to a certain extent. It just gets to flooded sometimes. City really does lack in the buildings development of a city, yes I realise we have the great and wonderful modular sets, but there are still some people who don't wish to empty their pockets for such a sum. Post offices, schools, shopping centers are all parts of our daily life, yet we see TLG are reluctant to explore such areas. We see sets like the minifigure collection set that are the building blocks of cities only seem to have a life away from it. I love the idea of the camping you guys have brought up it really brings images of possible MOCs to my head, though will probably never be built because lack of bricks A brown bear sounds awesome, another reason for TLG to bring back the model for the polar bear. Anyway on a full note I can't wait to see what occurs... Hopefully its not a disappointment.
  3. keetong

    REVIEW: 7206 Fire Helicopter

    The set looks awesomely designed. The colour co-ordination they have used really makes it stand out. Along with the addition of the new 1x3 tiles, this season of lego is looking great. Great review buddy it really shows us some great points of this set.
  4. keetong

    Train Parts Needed for Pick A Brick

    Talking about part 44569. Low-Side Car I like it
  5. keetong

    What's Next for Lego Trains?

    Oh sorry, I did a search for something like this but I couldn't find it. Thanks
  6. keetong

    Train Tech Building Contest

    Are we allowed to cut piping?(for railings(lego piping)) Are pippings allowed to be on the outside of the 8 stud minimun?
  7. keetong

    What's Next for Lego Trains?

    With the addition of the Emerald Express, I was wondering what you guys hope the future will bring? In my opinion I'm hoping for new monorail sets and a whole lot of trains. Just to keep you thinking, remember we had a vote for TRU exclusive set.(the city one) Remember the second option. Look at the second option
  8. I'm also new to trains where do I get the trains for my signiture?
  9. keetong

    Rail Crossing: The Forgotten Piece

    Is this piece a difficult part to add to a layout?: It tends to be easier if you have a lot of other train tracks Do smaller layouts NOT afford an opportunity to use this piece?: Yeah unfortunately its true Have you used 4519 in your layouts?: Yes but not with two intersections Is 7996 Rail Crossing for R/C Trains a better rail crossing?: I don't own a R/C so its hard to say How well do you like this track piece?: 3/5 I really think its a piece thats only useful in large displays.
  10. keetong

    Train Tech Building Contest

    Thanks to everyone that helped in the extension of the competition,I now have to much time on my hands.
  11. keetong

    Steam vs Modern

    I agree with you on both points. Thats just given me some great ideas I guess it depends how they are displayed. Just imagine putting a steam train in a city, its liking putting a kangaroo in the ocean.
  12. keetong

    Steam vs Modern

    Well I'm kind of new to trains, I only stared about a week ago and my first impressions of trains are great. So I've been trying to build both types of train and it came to my knowledge that I prefer Modern. So here's my question, steam or modern?
  13. keetong

    Suggestions & Membership

    Oh its not as annoying anymore, anyway I'm quite enjoying the new Train Tech Forums. Thanks for anyone that helped.
  14. keetong

    Noir Mafia: Day 3

    Vote: Jerry / JimButcher I'm sorry but I have to do this.
  15. keetong

    Train Tech Building Contest

    Just a quick question are we allowed to have bars and things hanging out?