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    Review: 21121 Minecraft Desert Outpost

    Was I the only one who saw the box and thought it must come with 1x6 or 1x8 tiles for the water? As for the set itself, at least it gives young builders a decent number of basic bricks, but it's expensive for a parts pack. Not a set I would buy.
  2. Nintendawg

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    My Myer only had 1 Palace left by the time I arrived and it was only 9:15. The $159 Palace cinema box towers over the $179.00 Detective office so I can see why that's the better seller.
  3. Agree 100% with your data analysis. Good figures, absolutely AWFUL distribution numbers. Roman Commander is the only fig in this set that needs to be a six of.
  4. Nintendawg

    Buying parts from the Customer service

    I believe the intent is probably to only provide a handful of replacement parts to a set you already own. Lego should really clarify exactly what this can and can't be used for though. I've seen confusion and arguements about it on 3 different Lego fan forums.
  5. Nintendawg

    USA Today Video/Article on LEGO investing

    It's a bit misleading showing a UCS X Wing as an example. Someone casually skimming through may assume 5x the profit in 4 years is now possible or even the norm. Which it certainly is not.
  6. Nintendawg

    LEGO Castle 2013

    I did get a bit of a Knights Kingdom feel from some of the sets. But I will reserve my judgement until I see better pictures atleast. I would have personally preferred a continuation of Kingdoms.
  7. Nintendawg

    REVIEW: 70100 Ring of Fire

    The transparent pieces that make up the ring of fire look useful. The rest isn't very interesting to me. As has been said, it's an easy to get minifigure, which lowers it's appeal. Good review whitefang. I do have a further question about the speedorz. Does the bottom of the speedorz scrape along the floor? It looks like it would scratch up your Lego pretty quickly if it does. PS. I would refer to the thing that starts the speedorz as a pull cord or zip cord. But maybe Lego have an official name too, I'm not sure.
  8. My favourite of the wave too! The white wing pieces would be really cool to create some sort of archangel. The new pieces on the wings of the aicraft are really nice too.
  9. Nintendawg

    Review: 70004 Wakz' Pack Tracker

    Can't see myself buying this one. Not really my sort of set. I don't like the plastic wheels The minifgures are nice though. Really like the new little wing pieces. Kids seem to love those firing cannon things. My cousins were obsessed with the one in my Lunar Limo. Far better than the flick firing kind.
  10. Nintendawg

    Aussie sales! Share the news of LOCAL sales!

    My Target has also put out hobbit sets over the last week. $19 for the little gollum set is expensive, but wargs for $99 seemed borderline offensive to me. I was also at Myer today. They had the 20% off toys/Lego going. I originally went there looking for the Winter Village Bakery advertised for $69.99 but they appeared to be already long gone. Epic Dragon Battle was at $150, but again, no stock at my Myer. So I settled on just buying an NRG spinner for this mornings shopping.
  11. I think it's only ridiculous for more modern stuff, where the seller is clearly try to "manafacture" a collectable. Brickenvy seems to be at the forefront of this madness allowing you to buy an afa graded Ewok Attack! On an old set though, 20+ years old I see it in a totally different light. If it were cheaper and didn't involve international postage both ways, I've got a few that would be nice to protect properly. But I see them more as custom case makers than actual graders. Thats the main part I care about. Also acrylic sheeting (perspex) is more expensive than I and many others may have expected. It's more expensive than glass and could be very pricey if you wanted a nice thick sheet that could do all 6 sides of a 1000+ piece lego box.
  12. Nintendawg

    People are bidding TOO HIGH on my Lego!

    Good ideas ^ In future I will be sure to include the box dimensions and weight.
  13. Mods please move this for me if I have posted in the wrong section. I have sold a few Lego sets over the year on Ebay but this is the first time I have been worried about the outcome of the auction. I listed the Minecraft set 6 days ago and people have goon crazy. I realised this is currently a high demand set, but it has gotten ridiculous. Over 40 watchers and bids beyond $160! I think it must be parents buying for gifts or something. Either way I do not believe that is a fair price. The set is a tiny little cube full of tiny little pieces. I personally wouldn't pay over $40 for it. I think buyers must not have seen it in person and are expecting something much more substantial for that amount. So what is the buyer going to think when the tiny little package arrives in the mail? Im worried they will leave negative feedback. So has anyone here sold one of these before? And do you think it is ethical to sell an in production set for over 3 times RRP?
  14. Nintendawg

    LEGO Castle 2013

    Well even though I own a few LOTR sets myself, I really don't like the theme because I see it as responsible for the "death" of Kingdoms. Not only that, it represents the decline of unlicensed themes. Even though thats how I felt, I wouldn't just go into every LOTR thread and tell them how bad there favourite theme sucks. Nobody wants to hear that.
  15. Yes, posters here often mention the inflated RRP's @ TRU. Before buying any set I check shop@home Australia, then shop@home USA and finally TRU. But the Australian RRP's are so ludicrous that TRU's bumped up RRP + postage is still cheaper! Skyhawk uploaded the image. It's in the 2nd reply.