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  1. Mine too. I think this is a great opportunity to kick off an annual D2C Castle series, just like we get the annual modular building, winter village, Ninjago City expansion, UCS Star Wars, etc. Even if it's years before we get a proper full Castle theme, an annual big set would make me incredibly happy. Hopefully the sales of Medieval Blacksmith and this set (not to mention the Creator 3-in-1 set) send LEGO a message that this would be an excellent idea.
  2. Rather than one set featuring a mix of the classic themes, what they should have done is one set for each of those themes (might as well throw in BIONICLE too at that point, I grew up with those sets lol and I know a lot of other people also have nostalgia for them). Although as a castle fan I am very happy about this if the rumor turns out to be true. But I'd take one set from one theme over a kind of legacy set combining themes. Anyway, back to the castle of it all, I hope the success of the Medieval Blacksmith set, the 3-in-1 Creator castle, and this if it turns out to be real will convince LEGO that a full Castle theme would sell really well. Or even if they don't do a full theme, an annual D2C Castle set would be pretty sweet to see.
  3. Phyre

    [MOC] Onward Into The Sierras

    This might be one of the best microbuilds I've ever seen. It's incredible that such tiny pieces can create this powerful of a scene, full of detail and beauty. I especially like the way you did the clouds.
  4. Phyre

    How to transport/ ship minifigs.

    If they're going to be in the car with you, I wouldn't think you'd need anything too elaborate to transport them. I would recommend putting them in individual small zipped baggies and throwing them in a box with as much bubble wrap/packing material as you feel necessary. Again, since you're driving them yourself I wouldn't imagine you'd need that much, just enough to prevent them moving around too much. Then just make sure the box doesn't get crushed by anything heavy in the rest of your luggage. As far as an MOC, I'm not really sure what you'd be looking for; any MOC as I'm imagining it would be more dangerous since any minifigures could easily fall off whatever they were standing on during transport and get jostled around amongst the other parts of the MOC, potentially incurring damage. Better to package them individually in those baggies, as they wouldn't be moving around much or rubbing against other pieces which might damage them. When I order or ship minifigures through Bricklink, myself and other sellers typically always send them in those zipped bags, usually in a bubble wrap padded envelope. I wouldn't think anything more than that would be necessary to protect your collection.
  5. Both would be really cool, but I think the first option is more likely since it's a LEGO anniversary and not a CMF anniversary (and even when we've had actual CMF anniversaries, they haven't given us redone figures). Either way, I'm just excited we'll have another regular series and more potential for new fantasy/castle/historical figures.
  6. Makes sense with all the new Disney+ Marvel content due next year (plus Hawkeye, which didn't get included in the first batch). That's assuming this potential Marvel series is another Marvel Studios series. If that is the case, it makes me wonder if there will now be annual Marvel Studios minifigures series specifically based on the TV shows.
  7. Not sure about some of the other names either. Chili Costume Fan? Raccoon Costume Fan? What exactly are they fans of? The costumes? Also surprised the Acorn Guy/Forest Spirit got named "Forest Elf." That name makes me think of something much more classic fantasy oriented, along the lines of LOTR or the series 3 Elf (or series 9 Forest Maiden). Space Creature is also an odd choice, although I guess they don't have many options left after already using Space Alien, Classic Alien, etc.
  8. Us fantasy fans have been significantly deprived in recent years. Only 1 fantasy and 1 historical fig in series 21. Series 20, which had four more total figures, only had 1 fantasy and 2 historical. Series 19 similarly had just 3 fantasy related figures. Series 18, being a costume themed series, didn't really have any, although the dragon and unicorn costumes did present some useful pieces to create fantasy minifigs. City/town/present day fans have had the overwhelming majority of figures in the CMF line recently (and honestly since the beginning of the line, roughly half or more of the figures from each series could fit into a city/town/present day theme). Not to mention there is an actual City theme that produces sets every single year. Fantasy fans haven't had a proper theme in years. Let us at least have this! I agree that the Snow Warrior is an odd choice, but the possibilities are endless to use him and his pieces in fantasy creations/collections, and I would much prefer an odd, unique fantasy figure than yet another modern day town minifigure. The same goes for sci-fi/space figures. While I am not as interested in those as I am in Castle and fantasy stuff, the same things I just mentioned go for fans of Space. There is no current Space theme. The CMFs are the only way to get new space and sci-fi related figures for the time being. Edit: also, the number of costumed figures is getting ridiculous. We already had a full series of mostly costumed figures. There is no need to have any more than 1 per series, especially with each series only containing 12 minifigs now.
  9. I'm really hoping for 16 minifigures, and hopefully a bigger variety that includes a lot more non-City related figures. The more historical and fantasy figures, the better! But my biggest hope is that they stick with the bags and don't go to boxes, because that would be awful for most of us collectors who use the touch and feel method.
  10. Phyre

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't sure as I had never heard of it before, and when I looked it up all I could find was that it was a holiday in The Witcher series. That said, it still gives me Halloween vibes even if it's not actually a Halloween MOC, and I love everything related to the season of fall no matter which tradition it comes from lol.
  11. Phyre

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    I love this so much! As a fan of fall/Halloween and medieval stuff, especially when it comes to LEGO, everything about this is incredibly appealing to me. I love all the minifigs too, especially the guy with the scarecrow hat and Jedi robes.
  12. Phyre

    Odds of Vintage Car returning?

    I agree with the others who have posted. I doubt this one will be released again, although I was quite surprised to see the Christmas Carol set return. The Vintage Car was advertised as a free gift for the full month of January, and I had hoped to score one through LEGO but by the time I placed an order on January 29th, they were already out of stock. Not sure at what point in the month they went out of stock, but obviously I waited too long. Ended up getting one on eBay for $13.50 (USD) plus shipping. It's a great vehicle, goes great with the modular buildings line and the vehicles that have been included with those sets. If you want one, I'd definitely recommend getting it online now while it's still at a reasonable price, as I doubt LEGO will produce it again.
  13. Me neither lol, just did a quick search to find some examples and came across that one. You're welcome though! Definitely some incredible designs!
  14. It's not designed to be combined the way the Kingdoms Joust set was, but you certainly could buy two sets and modify them to fit together that way. My MOC skills are not at a level where I personally want to try doing that, plus I quite enjoy the way the castle looks on its own. Edit: the biggest issue is that it's not symmetrical like the joust set, so to combine two you'd have to do some pretty significant modifications to one of them, or else start from scratch using the pieces from two (or more) to create your own version of the castle. People have done MOCs using multiple copies of the set to make a fully enclosed castle, I just did a quick google image search and found one. If you search for "LEGO Cinderella Castle 360," you'll find some pictures. Most are of the same MOC, but it looks like there might be a couple other ones there too you can check out.
  15. Phyre

    Ideas for Raised Baseplate?

    I've got one of those as well after I took apart the set it came with. It's just been sitting around but I really want to get into MOCing and I think I may use it to practice rock building techniques, and if that goes well I'll incorporate it into a larger build. I'd like to keep the path intact or at least use it as a basis for a new path so I'll have to make sure my rocks don't infringe on that area too much.