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  1. Phyre


    Yes, definitely! I was a frequent participant in the best CMF game, and Castle is my favorite theme, so yes, yes, yes!! I hope you get enough votes to do it!
  2. Phyre


    This lineup would make me soooo happy. So many monsters, fantasy, and historical figures. Think I may steal some ideas from your list... Here's mine. I'm pulling from my own list of expected/desired minifigures, the designs we've seen, and some of your guys' suggestions: 1. Beekeeper - I thought of this one several years ago, it's just the type of figure that would be expected in a CMF series and I'm surprised we haven't gotten one yet. 2. Firefighter - I know, there are plenty of LEGO firefighters already, but never have we had one in the CMF (and we've had cops, knights, spacemen, and all manner of classic figures redone for the series, but no firefighters yet... it's time). 3. Golem - Long overdue. Needs to happen. 4. Groom - We had the bride in Series 7. A groom is way overdue. 5. Female Hippie - Another Series 7 figure who is long overdue for an opposite-gender counterpart. 6. Shepherd - Been on my list for a while. 7. Scientist - Inspired by Albert Einstein, we've seen designs for a figure like this, and we've already seen other CMFs clearly based on specific historical figures or characters. 8. Drummer - I'm a drummer, and we've already had several guitar players CMFs, it's time for them to get a rhythm section! 9. Basketball Player - It just makes sense, one of the few sports missing a CMF representative. 10. Undead Warrior - Like from Alex Boudon's designs... I have wanted this figure so badly since those designs circulated. 11. Dark Elf - Also from Alex's designs. 12. Voodoo Doctor/Witch Doctor - Would be awesome. Enough said. 13. Snowman - This is one I'm specifically stealing from Robert8. Fantastic idea, should have happened long ago. We need a snowman with a face! Even the snowmen from the winter village sets don't have faces! 14. Monster Bride - Seems to be a popular choice, and one that makes a lot of sense. 15. Alien Spaceman - Nearly every series has had a representative from the Space them, so why not an alien that has teamed up with the Spaceman and Intergalactic Girl of previous series to fight the evil aliens and wears a spacesuit with the classic space logo (maybe a red, green, or blue suit since I don't think those colors have been used for Space figures in the CMF series yet). 16. Pumpkinhead - What can I say, I love monsters and fantasy. This is one monster that is easily customizable with all the pumpkin minifigure heads LEGO has made over the years, but one that has never been made as an official minifigure (not counting the Headless Horseman from Scooby-Doo). I'm picturing a more traditional scarecrow design with a pumpkin head.
  3. I'm also a Castle/Fantasy fan, so I'd love to see some more fantasy monsters like a Golem or an Ogre.
  4. Phyre


    I love it! Outstanding build, very cool army too!!
  5. Phyre

    (MOC) The Elvan Seaport of Elvadion

    Wow, that is simply stunning. I think the mini-dolls actually look fine with it. What would have been weird is if you had had mini-dolls and minifigures lol. But I like the use of minfigure accessories on the dolls. Overall I am just in awe of the whole thing, it's beautiful.
  6. Phyre

    Wurm Welcome

    That is... legitimately terrifying. Well done!
  7. I'd be down to do something like that and give Itaria a break! I love me some spreadsheets! If you guys want I can get something set up next week, maybe with a poll beforehand to determine the rules.
  8. I've got to support fantasy and vote for the Faun! Sadly he seems to be the underdog, which is quite surprising to me, I think he is a much better figure and given how close Elf vs. Scarecrow was I thought this matchup would also be very close. Ah well, Scarecrow is a fine figure in his own right. But maybe the Faun still has time to pull through!
  9. I have had a lot of fun with this game and I'm looking forward to the new one! I like the fact that you are pitting the best minifigures from the previous series against the new series... Will this be a regular occurrence whenever a new series comes out?
  10. I personally enjoyed the game, even if my Elf didn't win, it was still a lot of fun and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it! It's just a game after all, I don't understand why so many people are getting upset. I was a little disappointed the Elf lost, but hey it's just a game. Just because your favorite figure lost, doesn't mean you have to change your favorite figure. Have some fun guys and just enjoy the game! It's all in good fun, or should be anyway! If you're feeling negative or upset about this game, keep in mind that what you're upset about is which plastic toy is more popular than another one. Not really something worth getting worked up over in my opinion.
  11. There's not much theme diversity at this point anyway though. Fantasy and historical minifigures are pretty much the proven favorites in this game. The Diver I would consider historical, while Elf and Faun (assuming he wins) are fantasy. The last quarterfinal should be between the Bagpiper and Scarecrow, which are a little bit removed from history/fantasy, although the scarecrow could be considered fantasy depending on how you use him. It might be interesting to do another game where we pick a favorite minifigure from every theme (fantasy, historical, space, costume figures, city, etc.). The only problem might be what to classify as what, and how specific we want the subthemes. For example, some figures might be considered both fantasy and historical, or both fantasy and horror, etc. Also do we make a separate theme for Greco-Roman history and mythology that includes not only the Roman Soldier figures but also the Minotaur and Cyclops? Or do we group some of those into historical and others into fantasy?
  12. I actually disagree and think the opposite may be true. If the Faun wins, he could prove to be a big spoiler and take down the Elf. Both of these figures were long awaited releases and were so perfectly done when they were released that they exceeded expectations. If they don't meet in the next round then I bet the final will be Elf vs. Faun and it'll be a really close battle.
  13. Because the Musketeer was the first (and only) of his kind, features that awesome hat and rapier (first minifigure to include those pieces), and the Square Foot is essentially just a recolored Yeti. I like Square Foot, but the Musketeer is far superior. On that note, I love both the quarterfinalists in this round, but the Faun won out for me.
  14. It was a toss up for me. They both are great figures, but after considering useful parts I found the Knight to have more. The King has a great new crown/hair piece and a new cape piece. The printing is unique but nothing that special in my opinion. Head and beard are useful but nothing especially unique. The gold sword is pretty boring. Some sort of unique staff or scepter would have been much cooler. With the Knight, he admittedly has the now standard "bucket" helmet, and lacks a breast plate. However, his body and leg printing are pretty unique for a knight figure. His face is unique and could be used as some sort of ogre. He comes with a brand new insignia on the newer shield piece, and best of all, he is the first medieval figure to have an accurate mace! He also has shoulder armor, which is unique for fantasy/medieval knights. So for me, the Knight had more positives going for him than the King, and that's who I voted for. For the other matchup, even though I love historical and fantasy figures, the Roman is not my favorite, and I think the Hazmat Guy is much more of a unique figure. He's just excellent. Surprised he's losing right now but it's pretty close... hopefully he pulls through!
  15. This is very pleasing to my OCD functions and love of symmetry. Haha, I love it!