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  1. KurttKrueger

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    My local Sainsbury's restocked after selling out two whole boxes in about a week. Went back on Monday to find that they had put another box out. Finally managed to bag Apu after feeling through nearly the entire box. My set is now complete! No duplicates too!
  2. KurttKrueger

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    So far, I've managed to pick up 15/16 of the Simpsons set, with no duplicates. The distinctive heads combined with the fairly unique accessories, make them easy to feel for. Just need Apu to complete my collection!
  3. Slightly off-topic, but if anyone wants to say hi to me in game, I'm on the EU Red Eclipse server, character name Kurtt. Cheers, Kurtt
  4. Wow, great review! This has been one of my mopst anticipated ships since they announced they were doing SWTOR ships. I have every SWTOR set so far, so looking forward to adding this bad boy to my collection. Even the Jedi Knight's armour matches my in game Jedi! Is there any chance that you could post some side by side comparison shots with the other SWTOR ships, particularly the fury? Thanks! Cheers, Kurtt
  5. KurttKrueger

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    Bah, it's not available in the UK until August, according to Lego direct when I spoke to them earlier. Really frustrating, as I wanted Jor-El too... I'm assuming Lego.de won't ship to the UK?
  6. KurttKrueger

    [MOC]Defender-class light corvette

    Very nice. I'm a bit disappointed the official one didn;t show up today with the rest of the summer wave on Lego.com.
  7. KurttKrueger

    Best Super-Hero Set

    I'm loving the quality Super Heroes sets at the £19.99 price point. For me, my top 3 would be: Superman Vs Lex Luther (Great figs in this set) Spider-cycle Chase (Again, amazing figs) Mr Freeze Vs Arctic Batman (Once more, brilliant minifigs. I also enjoyed the Batwing set, as I loved Jokers chopper and henchman, as well as Hulk's Helicarrier breakout. I've yet to buy any other of the big sets, but they're on my wanted list, particularly the Quinjet, Batcave, Batmobile and Arkham Asylum. Cheers, Kurtt
  8. KurttKrueger

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Anyone know if the Jedi Defender will be released in the UK on the 1st June with the rest of the Star Wars Summer wave? Itching to order it, and would be even sweeter if I can get the Jor-El polybag along with it (I need his head to represent my SWTOR character along with the Zabrak Jedi's armour). Cheers, Kurtt
  9. KurttKrueger

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Wow. Just, wow. I've been waiting for this set. My main in game is a Jedi Guardian, so I'm super excited to see this ship. Also, an official torso for the Jedi Battlelord armour, which my character wears. I made a custom version with the help of one of the talented decal designers on this very site (see avatar), but so happy to get an official version.
  10. KurttKrueger

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    These look great. That Yoda and Dooku set looks good. Have we seen any official images of the Jedi Defender from SWTOR yet? Really looking forward to that set.
  11. KurttKrueger

    Legends of Chima TV Series

    I quite enjoyed it, and my 5 year old son certainly did. Don't go comparing a new series with only two episodes out the door with an established show of three season with a loyal fan base. We're dealing with young 'teenage' characters, much like Lloyd started out as in Ninjago (who's voice acting also sucks, btw, even when he's older and powered up). I can imagine that over the course of the series, we'll see the main characters mature and toughen up. What we've seen is the start of the conflict. Give it time to get going folks!
  12. KurttKrueger

    Review Review: 60016 Tanker Truck

    I've always liked civilian vehicles from Lego, but only ever bought one or two since coming out of my dark ages. The trucks and vehicles being produced by Lego over the last few years have really grabbed my attention, so I think I'm going to start buying them, starting with this one. I thank you for this review, my wallet and wife do not, however :)
  13. KurttKrueger

    Legends of Chima 2013

    Just picked up Ring of Fire this evening. A LOT trickier than it looks to get Razar through that ring, let me tell you! Cragger finally managed it though :P
  14. KurttKrueger

    Review: 70102 Speedorz Leonidas

    Nice review, and a great little set. My 5 year old son and myself have just spent a good half hour or so playing Speedorz before getting him off to bed. I'm ashamed to say he beat me twice! We're using the Ultimate Tournament set with Cragger and Laval. Great fun though. We shall definitely be getting more of these!
  15. Thanks for the review Oky, I'm looking forward to picking this set up. Here's hoping the rumour about the Jedi Defender for later in the year is true. I have to ask though, what server do you play on? I'm on EU Red Eclipse here.